Super Easy Ways to Teach Your Baby to Play Alone and Be Independent

How to Teach the Baby to Play on Their Own?

Every year, as the baby grows up, parents face more and more duties, leaving no time for themselves. Many children constantly demand their parent’s attention, refusing to play on their own. So, how to teach babies to play alone?

Teach the Baby to Play

Why is it important that the baby can play on their own?

The game plays an important role in the harmonious development of the baby. With solo games for kids, children discover the world, get acquainted with new objects, experience new emotions, develop their intellect mostly through games.

The Baby’s development will be faster and better if the baby gains new skills through solo games without someone else’s help.

Independent play contributes to the development of the initiative in discovering the world.

How to teach the baby to play alone?

As the baby grows up, they gain experience, gradually moving to more complex games. When the baby is 2-3 years old, they start role-playing and you can encourage them to play solo games. Parents should create a specific environment for entertainment and make a separate room or corner for games.

Baby playing alone

Use these tips to help the baby to get independent gaming skills:  

  • Provide the baby with the necessary toys. You can bring pencils, plasticine, cubes, railroad.
  • Show interest in the baby’s activity. Ask them what they are drawing, what’s the name of the game they are playing.
  • Offer them some new ideas for new games: kindergarten or hospital role-playing with dolls, playing with plush zoo toys, playing car racing games.
  • Encourage games where the baby tries to copy adults: cooking, cleaning.
  • Don’t forget to praise the baby for a nice drawing or plasticine crafts.

Baby drawing

  • Avoid buying a lot of toys. Don’t sort them; let the baby play with various toys at the same time. Also, don’t play games, inappropriate to their current developmental stage. It can cause aggression and apathy because they don’t know how to play them.
  • Don’t force the baby to play alone right away! It would be best if you gradually increased the time for independent games. And don’t leave the baby alone for a long time.

The more time parents spend playing with their baby, the bigger the baby’s interest in independent entertainment becomes.

The skill of playing without parents’ participation is one of the steps of the baby’s future independence and that’s why you should keep learning about how to teach your baby to play alone sometimes. And parents should help the baby to become a self-dependent person.

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