Modern Kids Playroom Ideas

Kids’ playrooms have come a long way. Once just a way to utilize extra space in the house, a playroom can now be an extension of your home’s interior design.

It can reflect the personalities of your children, or of your home, or, if you prefer, your modern playroom can simply be a functional play space. Here are some modern ideas for playrooms for kids of all ages.

Modern Kids Playroom Ideas


One of the most important elements of a kids’ playroom is the flooring. You want to make sure it is comfortable, of course, and easy to clean. While rugs and carpet can be more comfortable for kiddos to play on, that type of flooring isn’t always practical in a playroom.

Modern Kids Playroom Ideas

Opt for wood or linoleum floors, especially if you want something that’s easy to clean. Foam flooring is another type of flooring that is not only easy to clean but provides a nice, cushiony surface for kids to play on.

Usually available in pieces, you can purchase foam flooring for playrooms wherever flooring is sold, like this selection of Multi-Purpose, Multi-Color EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles available at Home Depot.

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Seating ideas for kids playroom

Modern Kids Playroom Ideas

Another important part of your kids’ playroom is the seating that you have available. Once again, you want to go for comfortable and functional seating your kids can enjoy.

Simple seating, like bean bag chairs, a soft fur rug, floor cushions, large stuffed animals, and small couches work well in kids’ playrooms. Check out this children’s sleeper, which can work as seating in the playroom and also for naptime, at

Furniture with Storage 

Storage becomes vital in a smaller playroom, and is crucial in any playroom, really, because who couldn’t use more storage? Choose ottomans with storage, benches with storage, and baskets that can stow away under seating to be creative in your playroom storage.

Crate and Barrel offers some modern-looking playroom tables in a variety of colors with lots of storage space underneath.

Bright Walls

Modern playrooms are bright, fun spaces that celebrate your child’s creativity. Make sure that the walls reflect that feeling. Paint the walls of your playroom with bright, colorful murals that align with your child’s interests.

Modern Kids Playroom Ideas

Common themes for playroom motifs include underwater, castles and princesses, or neutral, abstract ideas work well too.

Wall Decals

Another option you might consider when decorating your kid playroom walls are decals. These stick=on decals should also go along with your child’s interests and are available in a variety of styles.

They are easy to remove as your child’s interests change (or when the time comes to convert the playroom to another functional use). Here are some ideas for removable kids’ playroom wall decals that are available at

Hang Up Artwork

You might also want to display your child’s artwork in your modern playroom. Rotate it on a weekly or monthly basis, hanging up artwork from each child who uses the playroom.

Modern Kids Playroom Ideas

The easiest way to do this is to hang a wire clothes line, or use wooden hangers and thumbtacks, so that you can showcase and rotate new artwork frequently.

Cubbies and Storage Bins

You can never have too much storage or organization in a modern playroom. Think about using cubbies and/or storage bins to stash your child’s toys, books and games. These examples from and are easy on the budget and will give your playroom an organized, streamlined look.

Decorative Shelving

Modern Kids Playroom Ideas

If you are handy with the hammer, you might want to consider installing decorative shelving in your modern playroom. Many options are available, from free-standing shelves to floating shelves to bookcases.

Built-ins are all the rage right now in modern playrooms. Check out these playroom shelving ideas on Pinterest.

Chalkboard Paint

Walls can also be made into chalkboards easily using chalkboard paint. This gives your kids the creativity to come up with their own unique, colorful designs in their own playroom spaces.

Like a regular chalkboard, chalkboard paint allows you to draw on it, when dry, with white or colored chalk. It is also easy for parents to clean up. Chalkboard paint is fairly inexpensive and available wherever paint is sold (such as the Home Depot).


Cabinets are great for storage and to hide away messes quickly and easily in a pinch! Most can be easily installed (make sure to adhere all cabinetry securely to the wall to keep your children safe and to ensure that it won’t fall over on your kids!). Check out this selection of playroom storage cabinets at Pottery Barn Kids.

little girl playing

Reading Nook

The best kids playrooms also allow space for a reading nook. Floating shelves to hold books, fluffy pillows to lounge on while reading, blankets, and of course, plenty of books are necessary for the perfect playroom reading area!

Build a Stage

A small stage is great to have in a modern playroom, especially if your child is a budding actor, dancer or singer. You can build your own, or simply curtain off an area of your modern playroom using a shower rod and curtains to create a stage area.

Plenty of Tables and Chairs

Make sure that your modern playroom offers ample space for crafts, writing, coloring, putting jigsaw puzzles together, and playing games. Tables are the best choice of furniture for these endeavors. A variety of cute playroom tables are available through many retailers, including

Modern Kids Playroom Ideas

Include a Dress-Up Corner

If your children love to dress up, make sure that your modern playroom includes a dress-up corner. Again, you can keep this area separate from the other parts of the playroom using a simple shower rod and curtains. Add a metal hanging rack for clothing, and a mirror, and you have the perfect kids’ dressing area!

Allow Space for Naps

Modern Kids Playroom Ideas

Besides the furniture choices mentioned above, include a dedicated space for naptime in your modern playroom. This space should be conducive to rest and sleep, free from distractions that will prevent your child from settling down.

A large pillow with blankets, a nap pad, or a small daybed are perfect for creating space for naptime in playrooms.  Voila – you’ve created the perfect space in which your child will want to go to sleep for a few minutes or hours!

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Modern Kids Playroom Ideas