Tired Of Cleaning? Teach Your Kids To Clean Up After Themselves In 5 Ways

How To Encourage The Baby To Clean Up After Themselves? 

Children understand the word “order” but not in the same way as parents do. Sooner or later, every parent faces the problem of teaching the baby to clean up after themselves. There are no exceptions. Luckily, there are many ways to teach your kids the value of cleaning up.

Encourage the Baby to Clean Up

Let’s have a look at several proven methods. 

Method 1

Teach your children by turning the cleaning into entertainment. Children adore transforming into new heroes.

It’ll be interesting to take out the garbage on their playing car, to play they are a housemaid, a yard keeper, or a dumper truck driver.

As a result, mom will get a clean room and a tired, but happy to play in adult professions child.

Method 2

Teach Your Kids to Clean Up

There is no sense in constantly repeating “collect your toys” because the baby perceives it as a kind of noise. It’ll be more effective to come up with some visual or acoustic “reminders.”

When the baby hears a particular song or sees special objects, they recall that they need to clean up.

Of course, parents will do a bigger part but, at least, they won’t be that nervous about cleaning up after themselves.

Method 3

Stimulation. Probably, it’s the most effective way to encourage the baby to keep things clean and tidy.

Promise to give them something desirable if they clean up after themselves without reminders.

You can promise to go on rides, buy a new toy or a favorite treat, it doesn’t matter. Children clean up more willingly if they are going to be rewarded.

Method 4

How to Encourage the Baby to Clean Up

Involve your pets in this process.

Hide their favorite toy and tell the baby that your cat or dog took the toy to play with and accidentally lost it. Emphasize that it wouldn’t have happened if the toy was not lying on the floor.

Children are owners, and they hate thinking that someone else can get their toy. So, it’s possible that next time the baby won’t forget to clean up after themselves.

Method 5

Competition. This method always works as a stimulation to get a surprise.

Divide the room into parts and organize a competition of who cleans their part faster.

A desire to be always first is subconscious. So, they’ll join the game for leadership with excitement.

The process of teaching small children new skills should be interesting. Even if something is not done right, don’t shout at the baby. The egocentrism of all children makes them obey only in two cases: either they want to be rewarded, or they are afraid of being punished.


So, a carrot and stick approach works. And parents should learn how to use this feature of the baby’s psyche. Be careful, but patiently and regularly create conditions where the baby has to do something that parents ask of them like cleaning after themselves. Spent effort and patience will definitely lead to success.

What did you think about our ideas to encourage the baby to clean up? Be sure to tell your friends and give us your opinions! Also, don’t forget to check out our other related articles.

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