Child’s Development Phases: Growth Stages Every Parent Should Know About

Splashes of Development That Children Experience in the First Year of Life

After being born, each baby changes and adapts to a new environment during the first 12 months of life of the child’s development. It is sort of a rebirth, which happens seven times.

These are crises – rapid leaps in a child’s development. These seven crises last for some time and are scattered all around one year.

5th week

5 week baby - Child’s Development Phases

Somewhere around this time, the baby’s senses start to develop a little faster, and a kid starts to understand that there is something new going on around it. The child’s brain development fastens in this phase. The baby starts to feel contact with its mother better and seeks her attention in the best way possible – yelling.

8th week

The baby learns to hold its head up and turn it from side to side, depending on what attracts its attention (object, sound, etc.); it starts to jerk its hands and feet. Somewhere around the 7th week, the child’s head becomes bigger.

11th week

11 week baby - Child’s Development Phases

Somewhere at this point, a baby learns to use its body (stretch out its hands, grab toys, fold and unfold its legs). Early childhood brain development affects their emotions, behavior, and movement.

18th week

The baby starts to experiment. Whereas before a little one could fix its view on something, now baby understands that it can reach out for it, hold it, and even put it in its mouth.

26th week

26 week baby - Child’s Development Phases

This is a period of coordination. At this point, a little one becomes more movable. Mind that at this time, a child realizes what distance is. From this moment on, a baby realizes that the mother is not attached to it and that she can step further away. This terrifying information startles a little one, and it causes tantrums for the next few weeks.

37th week

Parents notice that a child starts discovering the world. A little one is interested in everything – from colorful toys to crumbs on the floor. Around this time, a child masters “tweezers grab” (starts to grab things with its index finger and thumb). In general, a baby groups things it sees and notices differences in its surrounding as the child’s development keeps going on. At this point, you can capture its attention with educational games: comment on things during a walk, talk to a baby, sing songs, play “hide and seek,” etc.

46th week

46 week baby - Child’s Development Phases

It is the last crisis a little one has during the first year of life. The baby masters the ability to build, model, and design things. It is a method of pyramid building.

Throughout the first nine months of life, the brain maintains its active growth and development. You can make this period very comfortable by letting a baby feel warmth, love, and being close to it. Therefore, the best advice for young parents would be to hold your baby more often, sharing hugs, and kiss a little one often!

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