Interesting Tips Parents Can Help a Baby Start Talking and Forming Words

How to Encourage the Baby to Start Talking?

Babies start talking at different ages. Still, parents worry if their child doesn’t talk by the age of 1,5 – 2 years. Why is encouraging speech in toddlers so important for them?

Encourage the Baby to Start Talking

First of all, they care about the opinion of others, relatives, family members. Parents see that other children of the same age as their baby can speak well or even read some poetry, but their child is quiet and is not trying to verbalize.

Norms are just statistical indicators. And even statistics are not precise. Today, a “norm” is if the baby pronounces their first words at the age of 1.5 – 2.5 years.

Remember that it’s difficult for the baby to start talking if they have a lack of communication with their most important people – their parents. 

Tips to encourage the baby to start talking

Create a positive environment for the baby

If the atmosphere is friendly, the baby will pronounce their first words faster. Learning something new must evoke positive emotions. React with a smile and praise every try of the baby to pronounce anything, even if the word didn’t sound clear.

Name every object that the baby plays with, describe your actions and actions of other people.

Baby playing with toys

Don’t put too much pressure on the baby and talk with pauses, treat it like playing talking games. The baby will have some time to analyze what you’ve just told them.

Use imitation words

to sleep: bye-bye,
it hurts: bo-bo,
the baby falls: bang,
to eat: yum-yum,
it’s rainy: drop-drop,
a dog: woof-woof,
a goose: ha-ha,
a frog: kva-kva,
a can: meow-meow,
a drum: bam-bam.

Choose five basic words which you’ll practice first, and use them a lot:

mom, dad, eat, drink, give. It encourages talking in toddlers faster.

Often use and demonstrate syllables with your child

aaa, ha-ha, yes, ma, pa. The baby can ignore repeating them at first but be patient and continue to train them day after day.

Don’t use baby talk but make your speech clear and accurate

Tips to encourage the baby to start talking

Don’t try to imitate the baby’s way of speaking but use words from the adult vocabulary. Of course, the baby won’t start pronouncing them correctly, but your speech will be a standard for them. The Baby’s correct pronunciation depends on how accurately you talk to them.

Encourage the baby to talk in different ways

Ask them questions, even if they don’t reply. The baby should realize that their words prompt you to actions.

For example, “Do you want this apple?”. Don’t rush to guess the baby’s wish immediately and wait for a kind of verbal reaction from the baby.

And then, you can give them the apple. In this way, the baby will learn faster as their words make you do something.

Create a rich speech environment

Communicate actively in the baby’s presence, invite relatives and friends. Let the baby hear how you talk to others more often.

Read books together, show illustrations, and discuss them

Baby reading book

Emphasize those books, which the baby likes the most. Read them many times and let the baby repeat words and phrases after you. Ask the baby to point at something in the book.

Tell and sing rhymes, songs, jokes

Organize games using imitative words: “how a cat meows,” “how a dog barks.”

Play games to develop motor skills

Such activities influence the development of speech a lot. For example, sort small objects together or play finger games.

Behave as if the baby can talk very well

Help a Baby Start Talking

Ask them for help. For example, ask them to bring something to you or say something to somebody. Ask the baby to complete a particular word or phrase.

Don’t leave the baby in front of a TV or with audio tales for a long time

Psychologists proved that the presence of an adult nearby is important for the speech development of the baby. It’s better to watch TV and listen to the audio together with the baby or at least be near them.

Don’t criticize the baby for being silent

Never tell them this: “look how this boy/girl can talk, but you don’t speak still!” or something like that. If the baby keeps silent, it doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the meaning of your words. And your irritation can make the situation even worse.  Encourage talking in toddlers with care. You’ll see, your inner confidence will create a miracle very soon.

If the baby is two but they still don’t talk or don’t pronounce the simple word “mom” clearly, it doesn’t mean that they have a developmental delay. It means that in this period, only the inner speech of the baby is active. Keep encouraging talking in toddlers, and you’ll get the results very soon. 

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