Cookies Policy


Welcome to Mighty Kids Academy. We are committed to providing you with the best possible online experience. We use small text files known as “cookies” and other similar technologies to enhance the functionality and performance of our website while respecting your privacy.

This Cookies Policy is designed to inform you about what cookies are, how we use them, and your choices regarding their use. We believe in transparency and aim to provide clear and comprehensive information about our cookie practices.

We value your trust and are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. We encourage you to read this policy carefully to understand how cookies are employed on our website to provide a seamless and personalized experience.

Definition Of Cookies

Cookies are small electronic and text files placed in the visitor’s system when visiting a website. These files contain information about the user’s visit and are stored in the user’s web browser. Cookies serve various purposes and are used by websites to remember user preferences, track user behavior, and provide a personalized browsing experience.

Purpose Of Cookies

Cookies serve several purposes in enhancing and optimizing your experience on our website. Firstly, they enable us to personalize your interaction with our platform, ensuring that the content you encounter aligns with your preferences and interests. It helps us to personalize, enhances user engagement, and ensures that you find the information you seek more efficiently.

These cookies play an important role in remembering your preferences and settings, making your return visits more convenient. Whether it’s your language preference, login credentials, or shopping cart items, cookies help maintain continuity in your online sessions.

Additionally, cookies allow us to gather valuable insights into how users navigate and engage with our website. This data helps us improve our content, user interface, and website functionality.

Types Of Cookies

Cookies can be categorized into various types based on their purpose and functionality. Here are the main types of cookies:

Session Cookies
These are temporary cookies stored in the user’s browser only for the duration of their visit to a website. They are often used to maintain session information, such as a shopping cart’s contents, and are deleted when the user closes their browser.

Persistent Cookie
Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies remain on the user’s device even after they leave a website or close their browser. They have a set expiration date and can store information such as login credentials or user preferences for future visits.

First-Party Cookies
First-party cookies are set by the website the user is visiting. They primarily enhance the user experience by remembering user preferences and login information.

Third-Party Cookies
These cookies are set by domains other than the user is visiting. They are often used to track user behavior across different websites and deliver targeted advertisements. Examples include advertising or analytics services like Google Analytics.

Secure Cookies
Secure cookies are transmitted over encrypted connections (HTTPS). They ensure that sensitive information, such as login credentials or payment details, is protected during transmission.

HttpOnly Cookies
HttpOnly cookies cannot be accessed through client-side scripts like JavaScript. They are used for security purposes to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Same-Site Cookies
Same-site cookies enhance security and privacy by restricting cookie sharing between websites. They can be set as “Strict” (no sharing) or “Lax” (limited sharing) to control cross-site requests.

Functional Cookies
These cookies are used to remember user preferences and choices, such as language or customization options. They improve the user experience by tailoring the website to individual preferences.

Analytics Cookies
Analytics cookies collect data about how users interact with a website. They provide valuable insights into website performance and user behavior, helping site owners make improvements.

Marketing Or Advertising Cookies
These cookies track user behavior and interests across websites. They are commonly used for targeted advertising. These cookies allow advertisers to deliver personalized ads to users based on their browsing history and preferences.

Essential Or Strictly Necessary Cookies
These cookies are crucial for the basic functioning of a website. They may include session management cookies, authentication cookies, and security cookies. Users cannot opt out of these cookies if they want to use the website’s core features.

Performance Cookies
Performance cookies help website owners understand how their site is performing. They collect data on page load times, response times, and other performance metrics to optimize website speed and efficiency.

Duration And Expiry

There are various cookies, and each one has varying durations. The expiry of these depends on how they are set by the website and the user’s web browser settings. Here are the main categories of cookie duration:

Session Cookies
These cookies are temporary and exist only for the duration of a user’s visit to a website. They are stored in the computer’s memory and are automatically deleted when the user closes their web browser. These are often used to store temporary information, such as items in a shopping cart or login credentials during a single session.

Persistent Cookies
Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies have a specific expiration date set by the website. They remain on the user’s device even after the browser is closed. These cookies are used for long-term purposes, such as remembering login information or user preferences for future visits. The duration of persistent cookies can range from days to years, depending on the website’s settings.

Third-Party Cookies
The duration of third-party cookies, set by our platform other than the one you are currently visiting, varies depending on how the third-party website configures them. Depending on the third party’s objectives, they can be both session and persistent cookies.

It’s important to note that users can control cookie expiration to some extent through their web browser settings. Most browsers allow users to delete cookies manually or configure settings to delete cookies after a certain period automatically.

Privacy & Data Protection

Our commitment to privacy and data protection is our first and foremost priority at Mighty Kids Academy. We collect and use your data transparently and only for legitimate purposes. We take all essential security measures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access.

We would like to clarify that we do not sell your data to third parties. Our Cookies Policy governs cookie usage, and we comply with relevant data protection laws. We do not knowingly collect data from underage children.

In case of a data breach, we immediately respond as soon as possible. Trust and data security are our priorities, and we strive for a secure and privacy-conscious online environment for our users. You may have a look at our privacy policy for a brief overview.

Cookie Policy Updation

We are committed to maintaining transparency in our practices, including our Cookie Policy. As part of this commitment, we periodically update our Cookie Policy to ensure that it accurately reflects our data handling practices and compliance with relevant regulations.

We believe in keeping you informed about these changes, and we may use various communication channels to notify you of updates, including email notifications, especially when the changes are substantial.

We encourage you to revisit this Cookie Policy to review any updates. Continuing to use our website after any changes to the Cookie Policy will result in your consent and agreement to the revised terms.

However, if you are uncomfortable with the updates or do not agree with them, you can discontinue using our platform.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or want clarification regarding any update on this policy, we encourage you to write to us at [email protected].