What And How To Play With Baby?

It is well-known that the best way to teach the child is to play games. Young parents face difficulties when they try to play with their baby (especially, if the child is under 1 year old), not knowing how to do it right. 


So, How To Play With Little Babies?

The best time to start playing with the baby is before they turn 1. Since birth, your child should hear you singing and laughing, your voice and sweet words. There are lots of games that will be interesting even for a newborn child: 

1. We are all familiar with the game of peekaboo

Hide your face with your hands, then show your face and say: “peek-a-boo”. This is the most common game for babies. Very soon, the child will begin to answer you. 


What and How to Play With Baby?

2. Promise yourself that you will talk to your child as often as possible

First of all, the child will get acquainted with your voice. If they answer, stop talking and listen to your baby. Then go on speaking again. The child will understand that you are listening to what they are saying. 

How and what to play with your baby

Then go on speaking again. The child will understand that you are listening to what they are saying. 

3. When the baby turns 1 month, you can give them safe toys and cards (better use black and white cards)

The toys should be colorful, made of fabric or wood, so the child can put them in their mouth and chew. It would be great if toys are of different shape and texture (for example, round and square, smooth and scratchy, soft and hard). It’s better to add new ones and change toys. Help your kid to identify and explore new objects. Children learn the surrounding through touching objects.

two girls plating toys

Also, it’s useful to have many musical toys and rattles with different sounds. Move toys closer to the baby and then move them away. It will develop their sense of hearing and will make them turn their head to follow the sound.

4. If you want to make your baby smile, the best way is to make faces

Roll your eyes, show your tongue, wink, or just smile at your child more often. You’ll see how excited your child will look at you. Some children, even at the age of 1 month, try to copy their parents’ emotions.

5. If your baby can crawl already, you can play with them the following game

Put your baby at a small distance from you and encourage them to crawl towards you. That’s a great way to improve their motor skills. Remember to change games often. Infant’s concentration lasts around 2 minutes. 

little boy on a deck

At first, playing games with your baby can seem a hard task, but in fact, it’s so exciting. Parents may think that they are doing something wrong when their baby doesn’t show emotions in return. 

But understand that children are different. And if your child is just looking at you, but not smiling, it doesn’t mean that they are not interested in what you are doing. Most likely, your baby is simply studying you and trying to understand what’s happening.

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What and How to Play With Baby?

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