5 Best Ball Games To Play With Children


Having a lot of fun is so easy with a ball, but after you have had as much fun as you can with a kick around game of soccer, it is worth thinking about some of the other games you can try.  After all, with a ball, a lot of people can have a lot of fun. Give all of these a try:

1) Simple, but Catch is a great game, especially if each time someone catches the ball, they have to complete an action or say a fact about themselves, or tell an embarrassing story.

2) Piggy in the Middle is great, especially with three people. You can play it with a few more, but you can’t play it with less. The two (or more) people at each end try to throw the ball to each other.

The single ‘piggy’ in the middle tries to intercept and catch the ball and when they do, the person who threw it becomes the piggy.

3) In a big group, a good game is seeing who can throw or roll it the furthest. It is good to mark this if possible so if you do have some golf tees or pebbles you can write an initial on this would be useful. If not then the people could stand where their ball had ended up.


4) How long can you ‘Keepy Up’? You keepy up a ball when you can bouncing it from knee to knee and keep it up in the air. How long can you do it for?

5) Have a relay race. Split into two teams and stand on one line with another 10 meters away. Each person in the team needs to run up and do a return circle to come back to the team and pass the ball to the next player.

The team to have every member back first wins. If there are an uneven number then one player needs to go twice. Ensure there is an even split of younger and older players in each team.

A ball is a great item to get everyone moving and running around. It certainly keeps everyone busy!

5 Best Ball Games to Play With Children

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