230 Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Instagram: Sharing Your Joy, One Captivating Caption At A Time

This collection of Pregnancy Announcement Quotes for Instagram celebrates the intersection of technology and emotion. 

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Instagram

In today’s digital age, technology has woven itself into the fabric of our lives, transforming the way we share our most cherished moments

The arrival of a new member to the family is undoubtedly one of those precious moments. 

It’s a time when we can harness the power of social media to spread the news far and wide, uniting loved ones and friends from across the globe in our shared joy. 

Each quote is carefully curated to help you express the anticipation, love, and excitement of this extraordinary chapter as you share it with the world.

14 Sweet Pregnancy Quote Captions

I have personally walked the beautiful path of pregnancy before, and let me tell you, it’s a journey filled with sweetness, love, and cherished moments. 

It’s in the shared smiles with my partner, feeling the gentle kicks of my little one, and the eager anticipation of their arrival. 

In this section, ‘Sweet Pregnancy Quote Captions,’ I’ve handpicked quotes that speak to the warmth and joy I’ve personally felt on my own journey to parenthood. 

These words capture the essence of this incredible time, whether you’re sharing your pregnancy announcement with the world or savoring the intimate moments.

1. “Our greatest adventure begins (insert due date)!”

2. “Expecting baby numbers 1 and 2! Twins coming soon!”

First Pregnancy Quotes For Instagram

3. “Twenty fingers, twenty toes, all those wiggles coming soon! (Insert due date)”

4. “Looks like the stork doubled our order! Twins coming!”

5. “And then there were three! We’re parents to be! (Insert due date)”

6. “Being pregnant means every day is another day closer to meeting the love of my life.”

7. “Twice the blessing coming soon!”

8. “A new baby is such a wonderful addition to life!”

9. “Love my bump and all those wiggles! I can’t wait to meet my little sweet pea!”

10. “Twice the joy, twice the love. Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to meet you!”

11. “Ten little fingers, ten little toes. With love and grace, our family grows.”

12. “Twice the joy, twice the love, twice the fun! Coming (insert due date)”

13. “Enjoying the wiggles, looking forward to the giggles. Due (insert due date)”

14. “Can’t wait to meet our sweet baby. Coming (insert due date)”

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13 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Laughter is the best medicine, and when it comes to sharing the exciting news of your pregnancy, a touch of humor can make it all the more memorable. 

In this section, ‘Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions,’ we’ve gathered a collection of lighthearted and witty quotes that add a dash of humor to your special announcement. 

These quotes are designed to bring smiles, chuckles, and maybe even a few belly laughs to your followers.

15. “Feeling fat lasts for nine months, but the joy of being a mom lasts forever.”

16. “Not a waddle, just pregnancy swag!”

17. “Pregnancy: When one drink of water turns into three bathroom trips.”

18. “Pregnancy means getting company inside one’s skin.”

19. “We’re gonna need a bigger car.”

20. “Our home is growing by two feet!”

Pregnancy Announcement Quote

21. “Some people grow food. I grow humans.”

22. “They say pregnant women have a glow. I think I’m just sweaty!”

23. “Pregnancy: The roller coaster ride that has no seat belts!”

24. “Nothing like a brand new pair of genes!”

25. “Can’t wait to meet my new bestie! Baby girl coming (insert due date)”

26. “I like big bumps and I cannot lie.”

27. “No sleep starting (due date). Tiny human joining the family soon!”

28. “Now the kids will get to fight over who sits in the middle seat.”

29. “The battle for mama’s attention begins (insert due date).”

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15 Instagram Worthy Quotes For Pregnancy Announcement

Instagram, with its visual charm, provides the perfect canvas to paint your pregnancy announcement with style and creativity. 

In this section, ‘Instagram Worthy Quotes For Pregnancy Announcement,’ we’ve curated a collection of quotes that not only capture the essence of this special moment but are also tailor-made to accompany stunning photos and images. 

These quotes are designed to make your announcement shine on your Instagram feed, inviting your friends and followers to join in your excitement.

30. “Growing an angel.”

31. “A little bit of heaven fell from above.”

32. “We prayed for this moment.”

33. “I’m not fat, I’m carrying a survival kit.”

34. “The love of our lives is growing.”

35. “Bun in the oven.”

36. “#babyontheway”

37. “Guess what? We’re adding another silver spoon to the set!”

38. “worth the wait”

39. “The best things in life are worth waiting for.”

Pregnancy For Instagram

40. “#preggers”

41. “Coming soon!”

42. “Life is beautiful. Just got a little more beautiful.”

43. “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.”

44. “Expecting big things.”

15 New Captions Pregnancy Announcement

As we delve into the ‘New Captions Pregnancy Announcement’ section, it’s important to acknowledge that every pregnancy announcement is a unique moment, and the anticipation it carries is a fresh and exhilarating experience

In this section, I’ve carefully curated a collection of quotes that encapsulate the excitement, hope, and the prospect of a new family member

These quotes aren’t just words; they represent the renewal of joy and anticipation that comes with every pregnancy announcement.

45. “I can’t believe that our ‘someday’ has turned into our ‘finally’”….#Pregnancyannouncement 💞👶🤰

46. “We are so excited to meet you”…Pregnancyannouncement 🙈😍😘👶

47. “We’ve been keeping a secret!! We are expecting”…🤰💞👶🌼

48. “Waiting for my little camp!”🤰❤

49. “It’s a pink day…💞 #Pregnancyannouncement” 💝👶🌿

50. “We are over the moon to be growing our family and adding little on to the mix.”🤰👶💟

51. “Newest addition coming to our family”…🤰😘💓

52. “we’re ridiculously excited to meet this little man”….##pregnancyannouncement 💝🤰🌸🦄

53. “Every pregnancy and trimester is different and so mine”…#pregnancyannouncement 🤰👶💓

54. “so greatful for this blessing…#pregnancyannouncement” 😇 🤰🌼🌿

55. “It’s finally here”…. #pregnancyannouncement 👶🤰💟💞🧿

56. “Best Feeling ever”… #Pregnancyannouncement ❣️🤰🌼

57 “we gotta lil rascal on the way”….🐣🤰🌻👶❤️

58. “Guess the reason of my beauty…..💃 I’m pregnant,🤰 can’t wait to hold the little one in my hand”…. 🤱#Pregnancyannouncement ❤️👶🌻

59. “A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities”…🥰👶🤰💟💞

Pregnancy Quotes For Instagram

60. “thrilled to share that we’re expecting Baby”….👶🤰🦄💞

61. “we are expecting”….🤰👶❣️🦄

62. “This sweet family is growing.”

63. “Prayed, and HE answered”…#pregnancyannouncement 🐣🧿🤰💝

64. “Happiness is carrying a whole world inside me”…#pregnancyannouncement 🤰👶🌼🌿

65. “Can’t wait to see your little face”…#pregnancyannouncement 🙈🐣🤰💟🧿

66. “we’re having a baby Boo!!!” 😍👻😘

67. “We are having a baby”…#Pregnancyannouncement 🥳👶🤰

68. “Two miracles are coming….#twins #Pregnancyannouncement” 👶👶🤰☘️❤️

69. “Baby loading….”⏳🧿🤰🤱❤️

70. “MOM 👩 + DAD 🧔 to be”…🤰🤱😍❤️

71. “There’s a honeybar in the oven”…🍯🤰🐣🧿❤️

72. “We are so excited and can’t wait for the future ahead of us as a family of three.”👨‍👩‍👦💓🌻

73. “In full bloom”… #pregnancyannouncement 🌼🌿❤️🤰

74. “Soon to be THREE”… #pregnancyannouncement ❤️🤰👨‍👩‍👦👶🌿

75. “Patiently waiting for my to arrive Bundle of Joy”…#🤰👶🎉❤️

76. “Good News! Baby on board..”❤️🤰🧿🐣

77. “oh how we love you so much already”…#weareexpection 😍🤰👶🥰

78 “I never thought the love of my life would be Someone I haven’t met”… #pregnancyannouncement 🤰👶💞🧿

79. “I’m so greatful to get to be your mam”…💟 👶🤰🌼🌿 #Pregnancyannouncement

80. “Adding another pumpkin to the patch”….#pregnancyannouncement🤰👶❤️

81. “All I have to say is thank you God”…#pregnancyannouncement 🤰🐣🤱🙏😍

82. “Mommy to be”…🤰💞🤱🧿

83. “My greatest transformation… becoming a MOM!!”🤰❤️🌻

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19 First Bump & Ultrasound Instagram Captions

As I look back on the early days of my journey into parenthood, the first glimpse of a growing bump and the fluttering image of an ultrasound hold a special place in my heart. 

In the ‘First Bump & Ultrasound Instagram Captions’ section, we celebrate these initial milestones that fill us with awe and anticipation. 

Join me in exploring this section and discover captions that allow you to share the enchantment of these beginnings with the world.

84. “Partial eclipse of my toes.”

85. “Pregnancy swag.”

86. “Who knew that such small feet could leave such big imprints on your heart.”

Pregnancy Quotes For Instagram

87. “Might be baby bump. Might be burrito.”

88. “Here we grow again. (If this is not your first child)”

89. “My bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump.”

90. “The greatest feeling in this world is when you feel that there is life inside your womb.”

91. “Say hello to my little friend.”

92. “Oh my God, Becky, look at this bump.”

93. “I think we’re going to need a bigger car.”

94. “You can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby now.”

95. “It’s poppin’!”

96. “I’m in love with this human I haven’t even met yet.”

97. “Okay, who does Baby look like?”

98. “When people congratulate me, I like to say, “For what?” and watch them freak out.”

99. “I’m growing a person inside of me. What are you doing?”

100. “The bump made me eat it.”

101. “You can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby now…”

102. “Everybody leave me alone. I’ve had a busy day being pregnant and I have to do it again tomorrow.”

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21 Best Pregnancy Announcement Captions

As I think back to the day my husband and I gathered the courage to share our pregnancy news, I remember the excitement and the nervous anticipation that swirled in our hearts. 

We wanted a caption that would not only express our joy but also create a lasting memory. 

In that moment, I realized the power of the perfect words. Today, in the ‘Best Pregnancy Announcement Captions’ section, I’m thrilled to share a collection of captions that resonated with us deeply during that memorable time. 

These captions go beyond the screen; they encapsulate the genuine love, excitement, and shared happiness that announcing a new life brings. 

103. “I can’t wait to meet my newest family member!”

104. “Another bundle of joy is on the way. It still feels like a dream, but I know it’s real.”

105. “I’m so excited to share the news with you! I’m pregnant, and we couldn’t be happier.”

106. “I’m so excited to share the news with you. We’re going to be parents.”

107. “A little more than three months ago, we were given the most precious gift of all.”

108. “I’m so happy to share the news that we’re expecting. We’ve wanted this for so long, and now it’s finally happening.”

109. “We’re adding a new little pumpkin to our patch in (baby’s due month and year).”

110. “There’s a bun in the oven.”

111. “You’ll never guess what happened today! I found out that I’m having a baby girl.”

112. “We’re pregnant, and we couldn’t be happier.”

113. “I’m so happy to announce that we’re expecting our first child! We can’t wait to meet you.”

114. “We’ve been waiting for this moment since we found out we were expecting. My heart is full, and my life will never be the same.”

115. “After a few months of trying, we’re finally going to be parents.”

116. “Countdown. Baby #…”

117. “We are so excited to welcome our little baby into the world.”

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Instagram

118. “Expecting a little one.”

119. “The best news I could ever share with you is that we’re having a baby.”

120. “Baby number two is on the way.”

121 “Baby on board!”

122 “It’s a boy! We’re going to have another little man in our lives.”

123. “We’ve waited for a while to share our exciting news; it looks like we’ll be shopping for some tiny, little shoes.”

13 More Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions

While we’ve already shared some humorous gems to enhance your pregnancy announcement, the laughter doesn’t stop there. 

In this subsection, ‘More Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions,’ we’re doubling down on the humor. 

Because, let’s face it, announcing a pregnancy can be a perfect opportunity for a good laugh. 

These additional captions are here to tickle your funny bone and add an extra layer of hilarity to your announcement. 

124. “Eating for two.”

125. “This is the last one. Seriously.”

126. “We’re Adding A Pumpkin To Our Patch”

127. “We’re having a baby! Just don’t ask how many times we had to try.”

128. “We didn’t practice social distancing. Baby on the way.”

129. “More laundry expected (due date)”

130. “We’re going to have another mouth to feed soon”

131. “I grow humans. What’s your superpower?”

132. “Mummy has a bun in the oven. (With nuts)”

133. “Not fat. Just… PREGNANT!”

134. “Our world is being flipped upside down again! Baby on board!”

135. “We’re expecting – a human, that is.”

136. “Proof my husband isn’t shooting blanks.”

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19 Twin Pregnancy Announcement Caption Ideas

Expecting twins is like hitting the jackpot of parenthood! It’s double the love, double the joy, and double the excitement. 

In this section, ‘Twin Pregnancy Announcement Caption Ideas,’ we’re celebrating the incredible news of two little bundles of joy on the way. 

Whether you’re sharing the news with family and friends or the world at large, we’ve crafted a collection of captions that beautifully capture the uniqueness of this moment. 

137. “Twins!’ That means double the cuddles, double the kisses, and double the love.”

Pregnancy Quotes For Instagram

138. “My heart is exploding with love. I’m going to be a mom of two.”

139. “Two babies at once – we are so excited!”

140. “We are so in love with our little family of 3, but we can’t wait for the arrival of these two new additions.”

141. “Twice the opportunity for mischief, twice the number of kisses, and twice as many hugs.”

142. “I’ve been trying to keep this a secret for so long but it’s finally time to share the good news. We are pregnant with twins.”

143. “The best things come in pairs. We are expecting twins.”

144. “Hooray! We’re having twins!”

145. “When you find out you’re pregnant with twins, it feels like Christmas has come early!”

146. “Two little persons will soon be joining us in this world.”

147. “When you find out you’re expecting not one but TWO babies you can’t help but scream from excitement.”

148. “Our family is about to get bigger by four feet.”

149. “Our family is growing by two – can’t wait to meet our little ones.”

150. “I’m pregnant with not one, but two babies. How lucky are we?”

151. “Two little blessings on the way.”

152. “We’re expecting twins. Twice the blessing, twice the joy.”

153. “It was the best surprise ever when we discovered I was pregnant with twins.”

154. “Double the love, double the fun, twice as much happiness.”

155. “I’m so happy because my husband and I are having TWINS! We couldn’t be more excited.”

60 Amazing Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Announcing the miracle of pregnancy is a moment that fills hearts with wonder and anticipation. 

It’s the kind of news that leaves us in awe of life’s incredible journey. 

In this section, ‘Amazing Pregnancy Announcement Captions,’ get ready for captions that mirror the breathtaking essence of this unique milestone. 

These captions aren’t just words; they are a tribute to the extraordinary journey you’re embarking on. 

156. “Our little pumpkin is on the way!”

157. “The love in our hearts is about to multiply…baby [last name] coming soon!”

158. “Our family is growing, and we couldn’t be happier!”

159. “We’re adding a little kicker to our team!”

160. “Two hearts beating as one…baby [last name] coming soon!”

161. “We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting a little sidekick to join our adventures!”

162. “Our family is growing, and we’re excited to share the news!”

Pregnancy Quotes For Instagram

163. “Our family is expanding, and we couldn’t be more grateful!”

164. “Our family is growing, and we’re so excited to meet our little one!”

165. “We’re adding a little sunshine to our family…baby [last name] on the way!”

166. “We’re thrilled to announce that we’re expecting a little one to join our adventure!”

167. “We’re adding a new member to the squad, and this time it’s not a pet!”

168. “We’re thrilled to announce that our family is expanding!”

169. “I’ve been eating for two, but now it’s official…there’s a bun in the oven!”

170. “We’re excited to announce that our family is about to get a little bigger!”

171. “Our little secret is finally out…we’re expecting a tiny human!”

172. “We can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy!”

173. “We’re excited to share that we’re growing a tiny human…our biggest project yet!”

174. “Our family is growing, and our hearts are full of love…baby [last name] coming soon!”

175. “We’re excited to share that we’re adding a new little love to our family!”

176. “We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting a little one!”

177. “We’re adding a plus one to our table for two!”

178. “We’re adding a tiny human to our family!”

179. “Looks like I’m officially on the mommy track!”

180. “We’re thrilled to share that we’re adding a new little love to our family!”

181. “We’re over the moon to announce that we’re expecting a little bundle of joy!”

182. “I guess you could say we’ve been cooking up something special…baby [last name] coming soon!”

183. “Our love is expanding, and so is our waistline…baby [last name] coming soon!”

184. “I thought I had just gained a few pounds, but turns out it was a whole human being!”

185. “Our family is growing, and our hearts are full.”

186. “Our family is growing by two feet!”

187. “I’m growing a tiny human, but my love for pizza is still the same!”

188. “Our family is expanding, and we couldn’t be happier!”

189. “We’re expecting a little one, and we’ve already started the countdown to sleepless nights!”

190. “Our family is expanding, and we couldn’t be more grateful for this blessing!”

191. “We’re over the moon to announce that we’re pregnant!”

192. “There’s a little bun in the oven!”

193. “Our hearts are overflowing with joy…baby [last name] arriving soon!”

194. “We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting a little miracle!”

195. “We’re thrilled to announce that we’re pregnant and expecting a little one!”

Pregnancy Quotes For Instagram

196. “We’re excited to share that we’re adding a little one to our family tree!”

197. “We’re thrilled to announce that we’re expecting a bundle of joy!”

198. “We’re excited to share that we’re adding a new member to our family!”

199. “We’re counting down the days until we get to hold our little one in our arms!”

200. “We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting a little one to join our family!”

201. “We’ve been busy making a little human, and we’re excited to introduce them to the world!”

202. “We’re about to be outnumbered…baby [last name] on the way!”

203. “We’re expecting a little stowaway, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!”

204. “Our family is growing, and our hearts are full of”

205. “We’re excited to share that our family is growing by two feet!”

206. “We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting!”

207. “Our family is about to get a little bigger…baby [last name] arriving soon!”

208. “We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting a little miracle in [month/year]!”

209. “Looks like we’re upgrading to a family plan!”

210. “We’re thrilled to announce that our nest is no longer empty…we’re expecting a little birdie!”

211. “We’re thrilled to announce that our beer belly is now a baby bump!”

212 . “Our family is growing, and so is our laundry pile!”

213. “The best is yet to come…baby [last name] coming soon!”

214. “A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.”

215. “We’re excited to announce that our family is expanding…it’s like a pregnancy, but for our hearts!”

15 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Captions

As we reach the final leg of our journey through pregnancy announcement captions, we save the most adorable for last. 

In this concluding section, ‘Cute Pregnancy Announcement Captions,’ we’re all about celebrating the irresistible charm that accompanies the revelation of a new family member. 

These captions are like a sprinkling of stardust, designed to make your announcement not just heartwarming but downright cute. 

Join us in this last chapter, where we explore the endearing words that will make your pregnancy announcement as charming as it is enduring. 

216. “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord.” — Psalm 127:3

217. “Our home has grown by two feet!”

218. “2022, the year I grow a human but still cannot keep any of my plants alive.”

219. “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” — C.Sandburg

220. “Labor is the only blind date where you know you will meet the love of your life.”

221. “Look who decided to show up!”

222. “The wait is finally over !”

223. “For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you!”

224. “Meet the new love of our lives” ♥

225. “Every child begins the world again.” — Henry David Thoreau

226. “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” — James 1:17

227. “Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.” — Winnie the Pooh

228. “Player 3 Has Entered the Game”

229. “Your first breath took ours away.”

230. “It’s time for dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and endless love. Welcome (baby name).”

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we go for a candid or a staged photo for our pregnancy announcement?

It’s your call! Both styles work well. A candid moment can capture raw emotions, while a thoughtfully staged photo can add creativity. Experiment and choose what feels authentic to you.

Can we announce the pregnancy on Instagram before telling family and friends?

Absolutely, it’s your announcement! However, consider the feelings of close friends and family who may appreciate hearing the news directly from you before seeing it on social media.

How can we create a countdown theme for our pregnancy announcement?

Craft a series of posts counting down to the due date. Use creative captions like, “Counting down the days until our world gets a little bigger.

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