133 Pregnancy Reveal Quotes: From Heartfelt Moments To Seasonal Surprises

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is a life-altering experience, one that often begins with a thrilling secret—a positive pregnancy test. I can still recall the moment I held that test in my trembling hands, its two pink lines representing not just a biological event but the promise of a new chapter filled with love, laughter, and sleepless nights.

Pregnancy Reveal Quotes

It was a moment of profound joy and wonder, but it was also a moment of excitement mixed with a touch of nervousness. 

How would our families and friends react when we shared this incredible news? Would they share in our elation? 

Pregnancy reveals are a cherished tradition, a time when you let your nearest and dearest in on your precious secret, and it’s an experience that stays etched in your heart forever. 

Whether you’re planning your reveal or eagerly awaiting one, you’ll appreciate the power of the perfect words to capture the magic of the moment. 

In this article, we’ve curated a collection of heartwarming and creative ‘Pregnancy Reveal Quotes’ that will help you express the joy and anticipation that come with this incredible journey. 

Join us as we explore these words of love, hope, and excitement, designed to make your pregnancy reveal unforgettable.

Cute Pregnancy Reveal Quotes

As we navigate the wonderful world of pregnancy reveals, let’s begin by embracing the sweetness and charm that ‘Cute Pregnancy Reveal Quotes’ bring to this special moment. 

Just like in life, there are times when a touch of cuteness and playfulness adds an extra layer of joy

These quotes are designed to do just that. 

They infuse your pregnancy reveal with a heartwarming innocence that can melt even the toughest hearts. 

Much like the soft patter of baby feet or the first ultrasound image, these quotes capture the tenderness of the occasion. 

So, if you’re seeking a way to announce your pregnancy with a dash of adorable flair, these quotes are your go-to guide. 

1. “We never knew how happy a small pea could make us until now. Two happy hands and two happy feet is what we’re expecting.”

2. “We are soon going to form the precious bond between a child and his parents. Our baby’s arrival is due very soon, and we are excited than ever.”

3. “Heaven must feel empty as the most beautiful angel is here on earth, right inside my belly. Our baby’s arrival is due, and I would love for you to be a part of the celebration.”

4. “Till now, the love we had for each other was in our hearts. It is going to be in the form of a human being now. Yes, a baby is arriving soon!”

5. “Everyone will soon get to meet the sweetest angel that has been residing on my belly lately. We are finally going to have a child! “

6. “We have so much love in our hearts that we decided to take it one step further. We will soon be a mom and dad, and there’s a little muffin growing in my oven.”

7. “Happiness is going to live in every corner of our house as a little human is arriving soon. I couldn’t be any happier!”

8. “Although he is as small as a pea now, my love for him has already started growing in my heart. Yes, we are soon going to be parents, and our lives are going to change for the better.”

9. “Accepting the responsibility of being a parent has to be the most important decision of our life, but I am happy that we could do it. I cannot wait to hold the little one in my arms.”

10. “I’m going to be called a mom soon. I am happy that I made this decision because a little miracle will come with happiness in his first cry.”

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Quotes To Announce Rainbow Baby Pregnancy

As we journey through the beautiful world of pregnancy reveals, we arrive at a section filled with hope, healing, and a touch of magic: ‘Quotes To Announce Rainbow Baby Pregnancy.’ 

Just like the gentle arc of a rainbow after a storm, a rainbow baby represents the beauty that emerges after a period of darkness. 

Announcing a rainbow baby pregnancy is a moment filled with profound emotion and gratitude, and these quotes are here to help you convey that sentiment. 

They capture the unique journey of celebrating new life while honoring the one that came before. 

These quotes bring comfort and joy to a reveal that signifies healing and renewed hope. 

Join us as we explore this heartfelt collection, designed to announce the arrival of a rainbow baby with the warmth and love it deserves.

11.“It’s when a rainbow smiles that sadness is banished from the land – Anthony T. Hincks”

12. “I wish for my rainbow baby all the good that this world has to offer.”

13. “Life will test you, but remember, the test shall pass and soon you will have so much more to celebrate.”

14. “Love swoops down to Earth riding on the colors of a rainbow.”

Pregnancy Reveal Quotes

15. “Rainbow babies fill in the gaps, not wholly and perfectly, but sufficiently and beautifully.”

16. “Out of difficulties, we grow rainbows – Jean de la Bruyere.”

17. “I learned a lesson after having my rainbow baby; with loss, there’s always a window for hope. Never give up. Never lose sight of that hope. For life has a way of making things up to you after all.”

18. “Purple color lasts the longest in a rainbow. I wish for my rainbow baby all the purple hues of happiness in this world.”

19. “I wouldn’t have minded those rough patches if I had known you were my destiny all along.”

20. “Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me a beautiful rainbow on the day it storms again.”

21. “A comfort for my heart, a coolness for my eyes, you are my little sparkly rainbow!”

22. “A little wish for my little rainbow baby: I pray for roses and brightness to accompany you, wherever you go. I pray you meet the sweetest of people along the way. And I pray you add light and colors in the lives of those who are having it real tough.”

23. “Rainbow babies are proof that in this world optimists have a clear victory over pessimists.”

24. “How can I root for pessimism when there are rainbow babies in the world.”

25. “Life can hit you hard but the universe always has a way of compensating you.”

26. “What matters now is that you are here and you are beautiful, just like a rainbow.”

27. “How can we hope for a rainbow without enduring the rain first?”

28. “It’s true somewhere over the rainbow dreams really do come true.”

Pregnancy Reveal Quotes

29. “Darkness has always a light trailing behind it, never lose sight of that light.”

30. “In the grand scheme of things, you lose some, you gain some. Let not your spirits dampen because, after rain, there’s a rainbow.

31. “You are what I hoped for and so much more! You are what I dreamed for and so much more”

32. “Rainbow babies are born to the toughest of parents.”

33. “Skies were gray and now they are blue. Rain is gone and now we have a rainbow.”

34. “When something is taken from you, there is always something else given in its stead, just shinier and brighter.”

35. “After every hardship there is an ease, after every storm, there is a rainbow.”

36. “Sun shines brighter at this side of the spectrum.”

37. “Life was a rollercoaster ride until it was not. Here is to smoother and safer rides!”

38. “Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

39. “Just when we think we can’t have it harder, life surprises us with the best kind of surprises.”

40. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart – A.A Milne”

41. “Rainbow babies are born after hardships and deprivations. Just like a rainbow is born out of a storm.”

42. “Your light has lit up my heart and soul, spirit and body.”

43. “After every storm, there comes a rainbow.”

Pregnancy Reveal Quotes

44. “You are the rainbow that adds color to my grey sky.”

45. “When we lose one blessing, another is most often unexpectedly given in its place – CS Lewis”

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Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

As we progress through the world of pregnancy reveals, let’s shift gears and infuse a touch of humor into the occasion with ‘Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quotes.’ 

Life has a delightful way of serving up moments that make us laugh even in the most unexpected situations, and announcing a pregnancy can be one of those moments. 

These quotes, brimming with wit and jest, are your ticket to sharing your joy in a way that’s bound to bring smiles and laughter to your loved ones. 

From clever wordplay to amusing anecdotes, these quotes are designed to make your announcement memorable for all the right reasons. 

Join us as we explore this selection of quotes that will have everyone in stitches while they celebrate your upcoming addition to the family.

46. “Mini van coming [due date]”

47. “We’re adding another to our clan!”

48. “Looking forward to a new tax deduction in (year)!”

49. “I like big bumps and I cannot lie.”

50. “Shit just got real.”


51. “We’re going to need a bigger boat” – a quote from Jaws

52. “One of us is eating for two, while the other is drinking for two.”

53. “The battle for mommy’s attention begins (birth month and year).”

54. “Mom and Dad are getting us a human!”

55. “This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet!- a quote from the movie Juno

56. “Baby bump ahead”

57. “I cough, therefore I pee.”

58. “Looks like Netflix and Chill went a little bit too far.”

59. “(Insert husbands name) is going to be a daddy and I’m pretty sure it’s mine.”

60. “I grow humans. What’s your superpower?”

61. “Our secret is in the sauce.”

62. “Love makes the belly go round.”


63. “Losing a lot of sleep starting [baby’s due date]”

64. “Dinner for two…$80, Weekend getaway…$550.”

65. “Pretty soon, we’ll need a minivan…”

66. “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

67. “Oops, I did it again.”

68. “Guess what’s cooking in our oven? (Hint: it’s not cookies).”

69. “We’ve decided that we no longer want to sleep, have time to ourselves or have a clean house.”

70. “There’s nothing like a brand new pair of genes. That’s right, we are expecting.”

71. “It was all fun and games until I got pregnant.”

72. “Guess what’s cooking”

73. “Say hello to my little friend” – quote from Scarface

74. “What’s one more?”


75. “Best oops ever (with a picture of baby things).”

76. “We’ve been naughty!”

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Season – Themed Pregnancy Reveal Quotes

As we wrap up our exploration of creative pregnancy reveals, we’ve saved a delightful and fitting finale for you: ‘Season-Themed Pregnancy Reveal Quotes.’ 

Just as the changing seasons and holidays bring a unique magic to our lives, announcing a pregnancy with a season or holiday theme adds an extra layer of excitement and sentiment. 

It’s the perfect way to align your joyous news with the spirit of the moment, whether it’s the warmth of summer, the coziness of fall, the enchantment of winter, or the rebirth of spring, or even a holiday that holds a special place in your heart. 

These quotes are thoughtfully curated to capture the essence of each season and holiday, helping you share your wonderful news in a way that feels perfectly synchronized with the time of year. 

So, join us as we explore this collection of season and holiday-themed quotes, designed to make your pregnancy reveal a memorable celebration of the season’s magic and the joy it brings.

77. “Santa isn’t the only one coming to town!”

78. “Scariest Halloween Ever!”

79. “Our little turkey is on the way”

80. “We’re adding a little pumpkin to our patch!”

81. “Roses are red, love is sweet, our family is growing by 1 heart and 2 feet”

82. “No more silent nights for us!”

83. “Somebunny on the way!”

84. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice! Baby (Insert Last Name) Due (Insert Year)”

85. “Adding a little more love this year with baby (Insert Last Name)”

86. “Hold on to your peeps for Baby (Insert Last Name)”

87. “Egg-cited to say, we’re pregnant!”

88. “Not all valentines are delivered in February, Baby (Insert Last Name) arriving February (Year)”

89. “Fall is in the air and we have news to share”

90. “Bumpin’ around the Christmas Tree”

91. “Let it snow, while our family grows!”

92. “Winnie, I smell a child…”

93. “New Year, New Adventures!”

94. “Not smuggling a pumpkin this Autumn!”

95. “Our lucky charm is arriving (Insert Year)”

96. “Call us extra lucky!”

97. “Gobblin’ because I’m already wobblin’”

98. “Our little valentine is on its way.”

99. “Going batty for our new baby!”

100. “A Little Boo is Due!”

101. “Grateful for Baby (Insert Last Year) Due This Thanksgiving”

102. “Our little shamrock is on the way”

103. “Trick or treat, our family is growing by two feet”

104. “Leaves are changing and so is my bump!”

105. “Something spooky is brewing…”

106. “Poppin’ bottles of a different kind this year”

107. “We’re lucky to say a little rainbow is on the way!”

108. “The more the merrier, and we’ll be extra merry!”

109. “One more reason to be thankful this year”

110. “A little snowflake is on the way!”

111. “Baby is coming”

112. “Pass the gravy, we’re having a baby!”

113. “O’ Baby, We got lucky this year!”

114. “Love is in the air, and we have new to share.”

115. “A new little bunny is on the way!”

116. “Baby (Insert Last Name) will be home for Christmas!”

117. “Hip, hip hooray! Something sweet is on the way”

118. “Ice, Ice, Baby!”

119. “Egg-specting more Easter blessings this year!”

120. “Add another gift to the tree, new baby makes three!”

121. “A little pumpkin is on the way!”


122. “We’re Egg-specting This Spring!”

123. “Get ready to “fall” in love with baby (Insert Last Name)”

124. “Our little love bug is on its way.”

125. “Roses are red, Violets are blue, This February, Baby (Insert Last Name) is due.”

126. “One more reason to be merry!”

127. “Let the shenanigans begin!”

128. “We’re extra thankful this Thanksgiving”

129. “What could be better than a pot of gold? A new baby to have and hold!”

130. “The best gift of all is arriving this Christmas!”

131. “We’re expecting a wee little one!”

132. “We found a little pot of gold!”

133. “Santa is making a special delivery around Christmas time!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can pregnancy reveal quotes be used for announcing a pregnancy?

Pregnancy reveal quotes serve as heartfelt messages to share the joyous news of expecting a baby. They can be included in social media posts, cards, announcements, or even shared verbally to family and friends.

What makes a pregnancy reveal quote special?

A well-chosen pregnancy reveal quote can convey emotions, excitement, and anticipation in a concise and touching manner. It captures the essence of the moment and adds a personal touch to the announcement.

Where can I find unique pregnancy reveal quotes?

Various sources offer pregnancy reveal quotes, including books, online forums, social media platforms, and dedicated websites. You can also create your own by personalizing meaningful words that resonate with your feelings.

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