34 Essential Tips For Nursery And Kids Room Wall

How do I refresh a baby room or set up a nursery without spending a fortune?

34 Essential Tips For Nursery & Kids Room Wall Decals

I was looking for all kinds of ideas: from rearranging the furniture to buying new pieces. No matter how hard I tried, one thing always remained the same – plain walls.

After hours of surfing the internet, I have decided to try wall decals and let me tell you that they are gorgeous! It is an easy way to add some color and character to the room without wasting too much money and effort.

34 Essential Tips For Nursery and Kids Room Wall

Nursery & Kids Room Wall Decor Ideas

Based on the most frequent questions, in this article, you will find tips and information as for:

  1. Tips and things to remember when applying wall decals
  2. How to apple wall decals on different types of surface
  3. Removing the wall decals
  4. How to clean vinyl stickers?
  5. Saving and reusing decals
  6. The lifespan of wall decals
  7. Types of materials for wall decals
  8. Troubleshooting

On this note, let us move on to the vinyl and everything you need to know about it. 


Applying wall decals may seem easy, but in fact, it is quite challenging. In order for you to do everything right from a first try, you will need to go through the following tips:

  • Make sure that the wall is completely clean. There must be no dust or other things that might protrude to put on the decal. Wipe the wall and give it time to dry.
  • Do not apply a wall decal to a newly painted wall. Paint requires time to dry completely. The amount of time you need to wait depends directly on the paint’s components.
    It would be good to wait for 14 days before applying wall decal, for they will not stick to a freshly painted wall. The wall might look dry to you, but it still may be “raw” on the inside. Therefore, it is advisable to give it some time. Note that Zero or Low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint needs 6-8 weeks to dry. If you apply the wall decal earlier than it is needed, it will fall off over time. 
  • It will take you some time if you apply the wall decal for the first time, especially if you are unaware of the “minor inconveniences” that might occur. Therefore, if you decide to apply them on your own, know that it can be time-consuming.
  • Textured or rough surface, silicon-based, wash paint are not recommended for wall decal. The wall decal will start to peel off with time from the surfaces like these.
  • Paint type is important. Matte paints are the best choice for wall decal.
  • Before applying wall decals, you should run a little test. Because decal possesses features of a simple sticker, you can put a regular sticker on the wall. If it sticks, then it is most likely that the wall decal would stick as well.


As we already know, the wall art stickers’ durability and quality depend on the type of surface you apply them on.

What Types Of Surface Are Wall Decal Good For?

The best surface for the wall décor stickers should be smooth, spotless, and weather-resistant. Painted walls, metal, and glass are perfect for decals.

What Types Of Surface Are Wall Decal Good For?

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What Types Of Surface Are Wall Decal NOT Good For?

Wall decals work for any surface that is smooth and has a light texture. At the same time, uneven and rough surface (stucco, sand paint, brick, porous aluminum, etc.) is not compatible with the decal. They might damage the sticker, or it simply will fall off with time.

Will Wall Decal Stick To:

1. Wood Paneling?

Because of the texture, wood is not the best choice. Wall decals cannot stick evenly to the surface that has cracks and damages. The surface needs to be even. 

2. Wallpaper?

You can apply wall decals to a certain type of wallpaper. You should also understand that it will be much more difficult to peel off the stickers from your wallpaper. In some cases, you can damage it. 

3. Glass Tiles?

Because glass is smooth and spotless, you can apply wall decals without any hesitation.

4. Surface In The Bathroom?

Bathroom tiles are spotless and smooth, but in this case, it is not the only factor you have to consider. The first thing you need to pay attention to is temperature. Aside from this, humidity also plays an important role.

Before applying wall decals in your bathroom, make sure that the walls are dry and clean. Only after this can you apply vinyl.

5. Surface Outdoor?

Wall decals are much like stickers. Very often, you can see them on the mailboxes and cars. However, there is a different type of vinyl, so if you want to apply it outdoor, you should consider getting decals for an exterior.

You need to understand that, although it is better than the interior wall decals, it still will not last that long. Due to the constant exposure to the weather conditions, it will last less.  


Sooner or later, the day will come when you’ll decide to remove the wall decals. Then, the questions like the following will be popping into your head: 

Can Decals Damage The Wall And Remove The Paint?

It might if you rip it off in cold blood. Therefore, you need to be very careful and peel it off at a snail’s pace.

This way, you can avoid damage, and the wall will look good. However, there still might be some chipping left, so be prepared to fix it.

In order to make the process easier and less damaging, use a hairdryer to make the vinyl more elastic, so it could come off easily, without causing any damage to the wall. Direct the hairdryer at the edges of the vinyl and start peeling it off gently. Repeat the same process inch by inch.

34 Essential Tips For Nursery & Kids Room Wall Decals

How To Remove Wall Decal From A Window?

  • Plastic card and a razor blade. You can use a plastic card and razor blade to remove the vinyl, previously warming it up with a hairdryer.
  • Window cleaner. Also, you can try using the window cleaner. Loosen the sticker on the one side, spray it with the window cleaner and start pulling. Repeat it until the sticker is off.
  • It will freeze the adhesive, and after you can start removing the sticker with the help of a razor.
  • WD-40. One of the best ways to remove wall decal from a window would be to use WD-40. Remove vinyl as you can and then spray the solution on the glass. Let it soak for a few minutes, and after wipe the window with the damp cloth.

How To Remove Wall Decal From A Wall?

Put a washcloth with hot water on the vinyl wall decal and wait a little bit. The heat will loosen the glue, and it will be easier to take it off.

When the heat starts to subside, remove the cloth and wipe the wall down using a scouring pad. Repeat the process until the vinyl is completely off.

How To Get Rid Of Residue?

If you follow the instruction, you will see that to avoid possible damage, it is best not to keep the wall decal sticker on for too long. In this case, you can use isopropyl alcohol (or any other removers) to get rid of a residue.

Also, you can make use of a nail polisher or water with soap. These can help you, as well.

tissue paper rolls and bottle of alcohol

Essential Tips For Nursery & Kids Room

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Right after applying vinyl or after some time, you might want to clean it. However, you have to be careful with what you use.

Use a sifting sponge with cool water. Do not use materials with ammonia or abrasives. These materials can damage the decal.


Unfortunately, you cannot reuse wall decals in most cases because they use their adhesive abilities after you peel them off the first time.

In case you want to save them, stick them to a freezer or wax paper. If you peel stickers off gently, they might get a second chance to live. In fact, you can use them for over two years.


Any material gets old, and it is normal wear and tear. However, some factors can either prolong or shorten the “life” of the wall decals.

How Long Do Wall Decals Last?      

Normally, they last around three years. However, if you apply them on a dry and clean wall at the very beginning, they may last even longer. 

Does The Temperature Make Any Difference?

Wall decals can withstand a temperature somewhere between -20° and +150°F.             

Can Vinyl Fade, Warp, or Peel?

Only harsh weather can make the decals crack, peel and warp. As long as stickers are not exposed to any weather conditions, they will stay intact.             

What Is Sun Fade?

Sun fades (also known as ghosting or shading) occur because of exposure to the sun. Sunlight causes paint to lose its intense colors, or in other words – fade. Everything depends on the intensity of the sunlight.

Vinyl stickers don’t let the sunlight go through and reach the wall beneath the decal. As a result, after removing it, you will notice that the color underneath is darker than the rest of the wall.

Sun fading happens to any type of surface; therefore, if you want to prevent this, try using water-based paints.


Wall decal is made from vinyl (known as vinyl cut decals), for the material is elastic long-lasting, and easy to apply. You can get custom wall stickers without any trouble. Just choose what you’d like to get.

They are a bit more difficult to produce because the process of printing ink color on colored vinyl is complex. However, the result is worth the effort!

The other type is mostly used on signposts and billboards. They are produced from household materials, and you can use them for more than eight years.

Wall decals are made for interior use. Protected from weather conditions, they can last for years.

What Is a Removable Vinyl?

Oracal 631 is a very common vinyl. It is easy to both apply and take off. Furthermore, it is easy to cut and self-adhesive.


There is always something that will go wrong. Applying wall decals is not an exception. Therefore, here are some answers to the most common questions about applying vinyl stickers correctly.

What If I Make a Mistake When Transferring Vinyl to the Wall?

It is not that big of a deal because stickers are removable. Therefore, you can fix whatever has gone wrong.

I Applied a Wall Decal, But It Is Peeling Off. What Should I Do?      

Always follow the manufacture’s recommendations. In case you see that the edges are peeling off, you can try using regular washable glue. It will reattach the sticker.


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Are There Any Other Options For Textured Walls?

In this case, you should get creative. Apply the wall decals to a board, a mirror, or anything your heart desires. After, put it on the wall and create your unique design. 

Would I Have Any Regrets For Using Wall Decals?

A big fat NO is an answer. Because vinyl stickers are easy to apply and take off, you can change them as often as you want.

They bring color both to the interior and exterior. Wall decals are unique and great addition, especially to a baby nursery.

Furthermore, you can get custom wall decals that will contain anything you want and fill the room with beauty and authenticity.

Troubles with Transferring Wall Decal onto the Surface?

Before transferring the vinyl onto the wall, feel the surface. It must be at room temperature.

If it is too cold, use a hairdryer to heat it. However, avoid overheating because it will damage the sticker.

Any type of residue, dust, grease, etc. can make a transfer hard. Hence, make sure that the surface is not wet and that the humidity level, in general, is not high.

Clean the surface and make sure that even cigarette smoke does not get there because even it can cause a build-up on the wall.

If the wall decal is compatible with your textured wall, you can use a hairdryer (on a low setting) to make it easier to apply the vinyl. 


Wall decals are the best choice to make the room look chic, fresh, and unique. Do not hesitate to try vinyl stickers and create a special atmosphere.

The tips above will help you make the process as smooth as possible. It indeed is an easy and convenient idea for both interior and exterior.

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34 Essential Tips For Nursery and Kids Room Wall

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