Top 5 Uses For Baby Receiving Blankets

A receiving blanket is traditionally used for receiving the baby into the world; the first lightweight blanket a baby has. This blanket is an important part of the baby’s first hours, and if it is personalized, you will no doubt wish to keep it forever and ever. However, what do you do with it in the meantime? The fact is, it can be your super multi-purpose friend:

Top 5 Uses for Baby Receiving Blankets

1) The first most central use, is as a swaddling or bedding blanket for the baby. As receiving blankets are practical and light but good quality, they are great for long-term usage and will suit the baby until grown into a toddler.

2) As a receiving blanket is a smaller blanket and not heavy, it makes a great burp cloth or general wiping up cloth.


Top 5 Uses for Baby Receiving Blankets

3) Stuck short for a changing mat when another is not available? Look no further than your useful receiving blanket which will protect your toddler’s skin against an unsanitized or hard surface.

4) Out in the sunshine a sleepy baby can struggle. Avoid the sunshine in their eyes when in the stroller by tucking the receiving blanket around them. This will also protect their sensitive skin from sunburn.

Top 5 Uses for Baby Receiving Blankets

5) If you are breastfeeding in a public area, you may wish to cover over while feeding. If so, then your soft and light receiving blanket will be a perfect way to do this, while still allowing your baby to see and bond with you.

Receiving blankets are a gorgeous reminder of your brand new baby and nothing can be more special than a lovely keepsake of their first day. However, why not use this blanket practically and put it to daily good use in whichever way suits you best. See what ways you can find to get the most out of yours.


Top 5 Uses for Baby Receiving Blankets

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