Top 30 Timeless Southern & Country Baby Boy Names

Looking for a perfect baby boy name for your little angel? I know what you are going through. There are so many points to consider when choosing a name.


It has to sound good, suit the baby’s personality, and have a special meaning. Usually, these are the criteria that make our choice even more difficult.

In order to make it easier and effective, here is what you need to understand. There are billions of people on Earth, and each one of them is outstanding.

Top 30 Timeless Southern & Country Baby Boy Names

Most of them have the same names, but each name has a different sounding and acquires additional meaning. It’s not the name that makes a person outstanding, but the person oneself.

In this list, you can find the top 30 great boy names along with meanings and origins. Please go through them, check how they would sound with your last name, and pick your perfect match. Let’s get right into it!

1. Aaron–  Hebrew, “exalted and strong.”

2. Aiden– Irish, “little and fiery.

3. Asher–  Hebrew, “happy, fortunate and blessed.”

4. Ashton– Hebrew, “from the town with ash trees.”

5. Benjamin– Hebrew, “son of the south.”

6. Bentley– English, “meadow with coarse grass.”

7. Brantley– English, “field.”

8. Brayden– English, “broad, brave or wise.”

9. Caleb– From the Old Testament, “faithful, devotion, wholehearted, bold and brave.”

10. Camden– Scottish, “winding valley.”

11. Christopher– Greek, “Christ-bearer.”

12. David Hebrew, “beloved.”

13. Eli– Hebrew, “my God, high or elevated.”

14. Harper– English, “harp player.”

15. Isaac– Hebrew, “laughter.”

Top 30 Timeless Southern & Country Baby Boy Names

Southern & Country Baby Boy Names:

16. Jonathan– Hebrew, “God Has Given.”

17. Jordan– Hebrew “flow down, descend.”

18. Kaiden– Celtic, “Warrior.”

19. Logan– Scottish, “small hollow.”

20. Lucas– Latin, “light-giving,” or “illumination.”

21. Mason– English, “one that works with stone.”

22. Matthew– Hebrew, “gift from God.”

23. Nicholas– Greek, “victory of the people.”

24. Noah– Hebrew, “rest, repose.”

25. Otis – English, “Wealth”

26. Owen– Welsh, “young warrior, well-born, noble.”

27. Parker– Old English, “park keeper.”

28. Ryan– Irish, “little king” or “illustrious.”

29. Sawyer– English, “woodcutter.”

30. Timothy– English, “one who honors God.”

Top 30 Timeless Southern & Country Baby Boy Names

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