25 Best Modern Nursery Wall Art Ideas

There is no more satisfying process than designing baby’s beautiful nursery. We want it to look good with an overall design for our home, be bright, and unique.



However, apart from aesthetic looks, it must possess one more quality – functionality. Many pieces of furniture and convertibles can help save space and “grow” together with a child.

What about walls? How to choose the ultimate color that will serve a little one long and look stylish for years? Sounds impossible to predict. Luckily for you, I have quite a few options.

25 Best Modern Nursery Wall Art Ideas

In this article, you will find:

  • 25 Modern And Bold Nursery Wall Art Ideas
  • Tips To Choose A Perfect Color For A Baby Nursery

Here are 25 modern, bold, and gender-free nursery wall designs that will mesmerize you with their calm and simple beauty. Let us waste no more time and go straight to the topic! 


What qualities should wall art possess? Right, it must be practical but beautiful, simple, but at the same time, chic.

Wall art is the best option for you if you are looking for these kinds of qualities. In the list below, you will find nursery wall art ideas that will work best for you!

1. Name Sign

A name sign is a perfect element of décor for a nursery. You can get a canvas with a child’s name, get it carved in wood, etc. These, at first sight, heavy details will be a perfect addition to a calm and tender baby room.

Rest assure that these wall art decorations will have a long life, so to say. Furthermore, name signs are a perfect find for milestone photos of a little one.

In case you are looking for something more extraordinary, consider getting a neon sign. A neon sign with a little one’s name will be something that a child will not want to let go of as a teenager! You can get it in any color you like and hang it on the wall or place it on a dresser, etc.

Note: You can use the neon name sign as a night light. Therefore, if you want to get one, it is best to choose a warm and calm color.

2. Garland

Looking for something easy to customize, even easier to make, and something that can fit in any corner of the room? In this case, why don’t you consider garlands?

You can make them in a desirable color palette. Furthermore, you can choose any material you like, from paper to textile, from knitted to wooden flags with the baby’s name. You can hang garlands over a baby’s bed or anywhere you like it. 

3. Letter Boards And Signs

Signs, inspiring phrases, cute nursery rhymes, etc. – these can all be a great addition to personalize the baby’s room. For this, you can use canvas and colors that will match the theme of the baby nursery.

Apart from this, a chalkboard on the wall can also be a perfect choice. It will let you bring some changes to the room any time you feel like it!

4. Calligraphy



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One way to bring simplicity and style into the room is a poster or frames with your favorite quotes or phrases. Simple but beautiful phrases written in a cute type are a perfect addition to the baby nursery. 

Modern Nursery Wall Art Ideas:

5. Framed Prints

Details matter the most. They add a bold accent to a calm design or, on the contrary, soothe the overall atmosphere.

What pictures do I choose? A hard question, especially when you want to match the theme of the baby nursery.

Therefore, think beforehand of what pictures you’d like to hang on the wall and put on the dresser. You might as well prepare a photoshoot.

Get creative and find what works for you. This way, you will feel the significance of these nursery prints. Hence, the overall atmosphere will be more pleasant.

6. “This Is Our Family”

Welcoming a baby into your life is, for sure, a story you would want to share. Therefore, you can create a real bestseller on your wall and dresser!

Collect pictures from your dates, perpetuate your love story, and your little bundle of love on the wall.  These can be nursery prints, a book with pictures and captions, etc.

The point is that you can make a little corner to one day tell your child a story of your love. Sounds cute, doesn’t it?

7. Wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to add some color and texture to a room is by using wallpaper. Choose a theme and colors that will be best for the room.

Even dark colors can fit perfectly if you combine them with calm and soothing ones. Therefore, covering one wall with wallpaper can be a perfect nursery wall decoration.

Apart from this, wallpaper is thick and sturdy, so you can make a cozy and bold atmosphere by adding some texture.

I would advise you to look for something that will stay stylish for years to come. Also, consider hiring a professional to apply wallpaper, because not only is it time-consuming, but also stressful.

Therefore, if you don’t feel like losing the first and going through the second, think about delegating this task to someone more experienced.

8. Wall Decals

Baby wall decals are probably the second cutest thing that you will see (after your little angel, of course). They are easy to apply and easy to remove.

You can find nursery decals without trouble. Choose from a great variety of themes (nature themes, space themes, etc.) and create your perfect space.

9. Mural

Are you the one who would go for bright and outstanding accents? If so, then you will like this idea.

Nursery murals are especially great if you are an artist yourself. You can mix colors, give the room a special atmosphere, and make it unique.

In case you are into the idea, but Van Gogh is not what you can call yourself – no worries. Ask a local artist (or someone you think can handle the job) to help you decorate the wall.

Give an artist the idea of what you want to see on the wall. You can ask him or her to sketch how the wall will look like, just to be on the safe side.

If you are not into the idea of drawing on the wall, you can buy already printed murals and adhere them to the wall. Same as with wallpaper, you can hire someone to apply them.

10. Illustrations

wall painting

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This area is probably the widest of all. You can choose any character you want – from watercolor astronauts and space ships to unicorns.

The choice is yours to make, so consult your inner Picasso and start drawing. Keep in mind only one thought, “Don’t go overboard!”

11. Canvas Gallery Wall

You can create your little gallery from the collection of canvas pictures or prints (as you like) that you can hang on a wall or make a collage. It will be much easier for you if you stuck to the theme and chose pictures and drawings according to the nursery’s colors.

In order to know the size and the number of canvases you will need, map out the picture from your head. Then, you can print out what you want or draw it yourself. It can be anything you want.

12. Drops Of Color

The beauty of this idea is in its evergreen trendiness. Use different colors to refresh the room and the general theme of the baby nursery.

The best idea would be to use various colors with black (or any other dark color) and white because the color drops will make a perfect contrast. Try not to overdo, though. Make these drops of color just nice addition and contrasting accents to the basic bold colors you already have.

13. Room-size Universe

It is safe to say that this theme is eternal. Like a little black dress, this space theme will never go out of style.

It seems that the nursery wall is a perfect canvas for the stars and planets. Add smooth and many neutral colors, for the space theme has a lot of dark in it.

You can get a constellation from the month the little one is due. In this case, you can take a blue background as a bold accent. Also, don’t forget about the solar system!

The space topic is very rich. Therefore, think of a way you can incorporate planets and add some colors to the nursery. What about a solar system mobile?

On the other hand, maybe you like the idea of a canvas gallery wall with planets drawn on them. There are many ways you can dwell on the topic or even create your exclusive design.

14. Monochrome Patterns

Monochrome palettes and minimalism are synonyms. In fact, basic colors are important, for they set the tone and lay the foundation of sophisticated, chic, and elegant design.

Your task is to preserve the monochromatic patterns and add some bold accents. These drops of colors are necessary if you want to make your design more interesting. However, don’t overuse them because these bright accents can quickly become “too much.”

15. Geometrics

Simple yet complex forms can be the cherry on top of your nursery design. These forms practically scream “modern and trendy.” Therefore, incorporate them into your baby room design.

Decorate nursery walls with hexagonal frames and abstract canvases. Besides, mirrors of different shapes framed in metal look super cool. Don’t hesitate to use basic shapes, because they make the most outstanding designs.

In case you already have some forms in the room, like rectangular and round furniture or frames, think about adding some other details. This way, you will supplement what you already have instead of creating the idea from scratch.                            

16. Fiber Art

This category covers everything that is made from fabric and threads. Crochet blankets, tapestry, and dreamcatchers also belong to this category. It is easy to make some of these things, but you can buy them online or get a custom-made piece if you are not a DIY enthusiast.

Depending on the theme you will use for your baby’s nursery, you can decide on colors, materials, and sizes. Maybe you would be interested in a boho nursery design.

Maybe, this will be a simple warm, and cozy space for a little one. Everything depends on your creativity and ideas.

17. DIY Nursery Art


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This particular idea gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. In this case, you will need to choose a theme and colors you will use. After, you can create and draw whatever your heart desires.

Paint, write inspiring and cute phrases, make garlands, make a heart using your feet, and paint. You can leave your footprints, and after, when the baby comes, do the same with the little one’s feet.

It could be a perfect reminder of your love. This piece will never grow old, so make sure to put your love into the painting and caption.

18. String Lights

Nursery wall art feels incomplete without a beautiful set of lights. String lights create a cozy and dreamy atmosphere in the room. Besides, you can use them instead of the night light if it is not situated directly in front of the little one.

You can use string lights as a frame for a mirror or pictures or drape it down (like curtains) over a child’s bed. There are so many ways you can use the lights. Therefore, spend some time, creativity, and resources to create the coziest spot for your little angel.

19. Statement Lighting And Lamps

Statement lamps are a great choice to make the room feel complete and cozy. Besides, you can find lamps that shape shades, which I believe to be calming and entertaining, especially for babies.

You can use statement lamps together with string lights. In this case, it would be good to have them in a similar theme and try to scatter lights to all corners of the room. This way, you will avoid these light clusters and spread it evenly across the room.

20. Shelves

Nursery wall decor is a broad sphere. Shelves are also a stylish and convenient way to decorate the wall. This way you can find extra space, keep a dresser and a table clean.

Hang shelves as you like (off-center, at different highs and length, same or different shape/color, etc.)

Use the space there for storing decorations and pictures, or for some toys and crayons. Use the space to make the room look both beautiful and organized.

Nursery Wall Art Ideas You’ll Love!

21. Potted Plants


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When it comes to flowers, green can never spoil the atmosphere of the nursery. The room will look livelier and brighter thanks to potted plants.

If you have a jungle theme, you can get some tropical plants that will look perfect on the wall. However, they will need more attention. In this case, look for succulent plants that will store water longer.

Watering the plants can become a good activity for a little one. Once a child is older, he or she can care for the plant. Besides, most kids enjoy playing in the garden and helping you.

Plants are like furry friends – they need care. When you welcome a baby into your life, you won’t have that much time to care for the plants because it will be challenging to find a spare minute for the first few weeks. Therefore, do a little research!

Look for flowers that are easy to care for, that do not require heavy pots, and are not toxic for kids and pets (if you have them). Check if they will like the climate in a little one’s nursery and if the care does not take much of your time.

22. Metallic Accents

Add to your soft and sweet design some bold metallic accents. To make the baby’s room stylish and light, combine metals but try not to go overboard.

In this case, you can add some articles of furniture that have metallic handles, mirrors framed with a thin metal, and maybe some gold or silver details in frames of canvases.

23. Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most interesting articles of décor because of their tricky nature. They can make a small space look wider and add a chic outline to the overall design.

You can choose a mirror with a metallic frame. It will be the cherry on top of the soft palette of the room. Also, consider the idea of getting a set of mirrors with interesting and intricate frames.

24. Sculptures

Sculptures, especially collections of acrylic animals, are a great addition to the nursery wall décor. They are usually of one color, and you can hang them on the wall.

All you need to do is pick the colors that will fit best (or be these “drops” of color in your monochromatic palette) and hang them. Besides, they are handy, for you can use them as hangers.

25. Icons

Similar to sculptures, icons are a fun, simple, but interesting addition to the room. These can be statues, nursery wall prints, or framed prints – anything that your heart desires. You can build patterns using prints or leave them as standalone.

If you want, you can add a family icon on a nursery wall. It will make décor more meaningful.

Icons are the ultimate choice because you can put your sense in them and develop your idea in any direction you want. Although, remember not to overdo.



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We have been speaking a lot about colors and bold accents. However, the question about choosing the right colors remains without an answer. Therefore, I took it upon myself to provide you with some tips that will help you find your “perfect match.”

1. “Consult” the room first. Take a look round and estimate the dimensions. Also, check if the room gets enough natural light.

Smaller space does not like dark colors, and light colors are perfect because they can make it visually bigger. All of the details matter, so make sure to “consult” the room first.

2. Aim at long-term design. There are tons of cute colors and wallpapers, but it won’t be long before a child will say, “I’m not a baby anymore,” so you will need to change colors.

Because renovations might be time-consuming and pricy, try to think long term from the beginning. Therefore, aim for neutral and calm colors.

3. Soothing colors. Colors affect our wellbeing and mood. Therefore, try choosing shades that will have a calming and soothing effect on a child.

Even if you want to paint one wall with a bold color, add some shades that will dull the dark colors.

4. Get fabric first. It isn’t easy to find good fabric. Therefore, buy your “perfect” fabric and after choose colors and shades for the room. Besides, it can make the process of selection much easier for you.

5. Balance colors. Choose a theme, primary color, and one or a few additional. To make a “healthy” contrast, you will need to feature each color and shade a couple of times (scatter them throughout the room).

In case you are afraid to go overboard, just set a limit. For instance, let yourself use a shade for 3-4 times only. This way, you will create a balance.

6. Try and then buy. More often than not, colors look slightly different on paint chips and walls. Sometimes, the difference is drastic, though.

Therefore, take a paint sample you want to get and paint a decent area of the wall. Let it dry, and after estimate at how it looks on your wall and changes throughout the day (for natural light plays a big role).


Planning a baby nursery is a tremendous amount of work. It will not be easy to make some choices, but still. With the tips and nursery wall art ideas, you will be able to balance colors and decorations, create a stunning, chic, and at the same time, cozy space for a little one.

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25 Best Modern Nursery Wall Art Ideas

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