Baby Skin Care Advice

You might have heard that a baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive and you need to take a lot of care of it? Well coming into the outside world can be a real shock to a baby’s skin.


After all, until that time, the baby’s skin has been completely protected in its mother’s cocoon. The truth is that a baby’s skin is far thinner than the skin of an adult. This is the reason that it is so, so sensitive.

When thinking about cleansing routines, the simple truth is that plain water and cotton wool is the purest way to clean baby’s skin initially. This contains no harsh chemicals that you might find with wipes and cleansing fluids.

Baby Skin Care Advice

Bubble baths are intended for older children and are harsh on a baby’s skin. You can use plain baby oil or an unscented lotion to moisturizer their skin and avoid it becoming dry.

Completely natural products may be alright to use but it is important to consider the ingredients, especially if they contain essential oils.

Whilst very small quantities may be useful, they can have a dramatic effect if potent, so never use non-baby products on babies.


The best advice is to keep it simple. Start out very mild and you can always build up skincare products very slowly.

It’s important to protect a baby’s skin; a hot drink needs to cool for 25 minutes before it would avoid causing a burn. Therefore one of the most important things a baby’s skin needs is protection from is the sun.

While this is especially true of babies with light-colored skin on a sunny day, dangerous UVA and UVB rays are around even during cloudy days, so apply a baby specific sensitive sun lotion to exposed skin and avoid problems.


Parents just want the best for their babies and really, keeping it simple is the best way to start. Harsh chemicals just aren’t needed – not until you’re trying to get marker pens off their hands anyway!

Baby Skin Care Advice

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