Children’s Party Themes

So it’s that time of the year again where it is time for your child’s party. While some of the time they will go ahead and tell you exactly what they want, other years you are scratching around for ideas and trying to think of what kind of theme you could run with. Well here are a few ideas for children’s party themes to get you started:



1) Pirate

Everyone loves a treasure hunt drawn out on a tea-stained paper map with gold dubloons (chocolate coins) for prizes, a treasure chest cake filled with chocolate coins and dressing up in a stripy t-shirt and eye patch. Try gummy sharks in green or blue jelly for dessert!



2) Girly makeover

Children's Party Themes

This can involve making your own wooden bead bracelet tied onto thin elastic as well as making your own soap or lip balm. There are inexpensive kits available you could use. Equally hair braiding, painting on nail polish and using some wash-out hair dye or glitter spray is all girly fun.

3) Jungle

Fancy going on safari? Fancy dress as your favorite animal, pin the tail on the elephant, make an animal mask from a paper plate and elastic. Food can be themed too- spotty animal cookies with chocolate chips and jungle juice made from tropical flavors!

Children's Party Themes


4) Country theme

Use the country’s colors so for USA it would be red, white and blue. Dress in only that country’s colors, have music and the well-known food of that country such as country music with chilli dogs and fries. You could even have color coordinated food such as blue corn chips with white creamy dip and red salsa.

5) Little chefs

party cupcakes

Try your hand at decorating your own cupcake, make your own chocolate truffles and ice a biscuit. They can make their own pizza for lunch either with dough or on a pitta bread or on a wrap.

Whatever theme you go for, just make sure you have a few good ideas to pull it off and enjoy it!

Children's Party Themes

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