Over 100 Italian Baby Boy Names For Your Beautiful Little Man

Looking for a name as sweet as honey and spicy as hot chili for your a baby boy? Then you have come to the right place!

Over 100 Italian Baby Boy Names For Your Beautiful Little Man

The Italian baby boy names in the list below are one of the finest findings. Each name is a perfect duet of a sweet melodic sounding and a little edge to it.

Besides, don’t let them fool you! Behind each tender name hides a strong and deep meaning.

Slip into your pajamas, get yourself a glass of finest sparkling H2O and sit down (otherwise, you will be swept off your feet with the beautiful Italian baby boy names.) Enjoy!

Over 100 Italian Baby Boy Names For Your Beautiful Little Man


Abramo – meaning “father of multitudes.”

Adonemeaning “my Lord.”

Agosto – meaning “increase.”

Aldo – meaning “old and wise.”

Alfonso meaning “noble.”

Alessandro –  meaning “defending men.”

Amadeo meaning “lover of God” or “God’s love.”

Amato – meaning “loved.”

Angelo – meaning “angel.”

Antonio – meaning “beyond praise.”


Battista meaning “baptized.”

Benedictmeaning “blessed.”

Benvolio –  meaning “good wisher.”

Brando – meaning “firebrand, sword.”

Brio – meaning “vivacity, zest.”

Bruno meaning “brown-haired.”


Calvo – meaning “bald.”

Carlo meaning “man,”

Cedro – meaning “strong gift.”

Ciro ­meaning “like the sun.”

Cosimo – meaning “order.”


D’Angelo meaning “from an angel.”

Dante – meaning “enduring.”

Dario – meaning “kingly or possess well.”

Dino meaning “little sword.”

Domenico – meaning “the lord.”

Don meaning “gift.”

Drago meaning “dragon.”


Edmundo – meaning “prosperous, protector.”

Elio – meaning “Sun-God.”

Elisio meaning “God is salvation.”

Emiliano – meaning “work, industrious.”

Ezio ­meaning “home-ruler.”

Enzo – meaning “rules the home.”

Ercole – meaning “gift from God.”


Fabrizio – meaning “craftsman.”

Faro – meaning “lighthouse.”

Fedele meaning “faith.”

Ferrando – meaning “gray.”

Filipio meaning “loves horses.”

Flavio – meaning “blond.”

Franco or Francesco meaning “free one.”

Over 100 Italian Baby Boy Names For Your Beautiful Little Man

Italian Baby Boy Names:


Gabriele meaning “warrior of God.”

Gavino – meaning “white hawk.”

Gennaro – meaning “January.”

Georgio – meaning “farmer.”

Giani meaning “God is Gracious.”

Gino – meaning “wellborn, noble.”

Giorgio – meaning “farmer.”

Giosue – meaning “God rescues.”

Giovanni – meaning “God is gracious.”

Giuseppe – meaning “God shall add.”

Gregorio – meaning “Watchful.”

Guidomeaning “wood.


Hadrianmeaning “dark-haired.” 

Herbertomeaning “Army, Bright.”

Horatio meaning “timekeeper.”


Ignacio meaning “fiery.”

Italomeaning “From Italy.”


Jino meaning “ever-living.”

Jovanne variant Giovanni, meaning “God is Gracious.”


Karmello meaning golden or sweet.

Kosmo maning “universe.”


Lando meaning “territory or land.”

Lazaromeaning “God is my Helper.”

Leonardo – meaning “lion, bold.”

Leone meaning “lion.”

Lorenzo – meaning “of Laurentum.”

Luca meaning “light,”

Luigimeaning “Renowned Warrior.”


Marcello meaning“defense.”

Mano – meaning “Hand.”

Marco – meaning “Warlike.”

Mario – meaning “The God of War.”

Maximo or Massimo meaning “the greatest.”

Mateo meaning “gift from God.”

Monte meaning “mountain.”


Napoleonemeaning “lion of Naples.”

Nario – meaning “cheerful.”

Nicolo meaning “victor of the people.

Nino meaning “boy.”


Orazio meaning “Horatio.”

Orfeo – meaning “Greek Mythology Name.”

Orlando meaning “famous land” or “famous throughout the land.”

Otan meaning “wealthy.”

Otello – meaning “Wealthy.”

Ottavio – meaning “Eighth.”

Over 100 Italian Baby Boy Names For Your Beautiful Little Man

Italian Baby Boy Names For Your Little Man:


Paco meaning “pack.”

Paolo meaning “Small.”

Patrizio meaning “Noble.”

Pascal meaning “Easter baby.”

Peppe meaning “pepper.” The Hebrew meaning is “God will add.”

Pietro – meaning “Rock.”

Primo – meaning “First.”


Rafael meaning “God has healed.”

Raul – meaning “wise wolf.”

Remo meaning “Unexplained.”

Ricco meaning “strong ruler.”

Roberto meaning “Wife Fame.”

Rocco – meaning “rock.”

Romeo meaning “Pilgrim to Rome, Roman.”

Rosario meaning “Rosary.”


Salvio meaning “Saved.”

Salvator meaning “savior.”

Samuele meaning “The Lord Listens.”

Sandro meaning “Defender of Man.”

Santino meaning “Little Saint.”

Santo _ meaning “saint” and “holy.”

Sergio meaning “Attendant.”

Silvio meaning “Wood or Forest.”

Simone meaning “hearkening.”

Stefano meaning “Garland or Crown.”


Tale meaning “green.”

Teodoro meaning “God Given.”

Teo meaning “God’s gift.”

Torre meaning “tower.”

Tristano – meaning “Riot, Tumult.”


Uberto meaning “bright spirit.”

Ugo  or Hugo – meaning “mind, spirit.”

Uso meaning “intelligent.”


Valentino meaning “strong.”

Valerius – meaning “brave.”

Vico meaning “conqueror.”

Vincenzomeaning “Conquer, Win.”

Vito meaning “life.”


Yovanni rendition of Giovanni


Zeno meaning “gift of Zeus.”

Over 100 Italian Baby Boy Names For Your Beautiful Little Man

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