Top 100 Exotic Baby Girl Names +The Name Meanings

What is the main difference between movies and real life? Correct, it is much more difficult to come up with a unique baby name than it is in the movies. Parents-to-be might spend hours ruminating and thinking of some great names for their babies.


Luckily, I have done the major part of the work for you. Here you have the list of 100 exotic baby girl names for your little princess. Furthermore, the meanings and origins will be of great help in making a decision.

Without further ado, let us get to the list right away!

Top 100 Exotic Baby Girl Names +The Name Meanings

Angelika Latin “angelic.”

Antoinette – French beyond praise.”     

Augustina – Latin “Great.”

Agatha – Greek, a good woman.

Akello – African “to bring forth.”

Adele – German sweet.

Amaris – Hebrew Given by God.”     

Aba – Turkish “father.”

Amrita – Indian immortality.

Arianna – Greek chaste.

Bennu – Egyptian eagle.

Bette – American “God is my oath.”

Beatriz – Latin “bringer of joy.”

Bernadette – French brave as a bear.

Bastina – Latin “venerable.”

ClaudiaLatin “Lame”

Corazon – Spanish “heart.”

Camilla – Italian “Perfect.”

Chanel – French “canal.”

Candie – American “sweet.”

Caressa – French tender touch.

Coco – French help.

Consuela – Spanish consolation.”

Chiara – Italian “illustrious.”

CarlitaSpanish manly.

Clara – Latin “illustrious.”

CharlotteFrench “free.”

CalitheaGreek “beautiful goddess.”     

DiamoniqueEnglish “of a high value.”

Darcia – French “dark.”

Dita – Czech happy warfare.

Delilah – Hebrew “Delicate.”

EliseHebrew oath of God.

Esperanza – Spanish hope.

Elqenna – Latin “one who is superior.”

FrancoiseFrench free.

Fanchon – Teutonic free.

Femi – African “love me.”

Francesca – Latin “free.”

FanakaAfrican “prosperity, success.”

GamelaScandinavian “elder.”

Grahaniya – Sanskrit “taken into the heart.”

Gia – Italian “God is gracious.”

Giulia – Italian “youthful, downy.”


Exotic Baby Girl Names:

Gabriella – Italian “feminine from Gabriel.”

Hamisi – Kenyan born on Thursday.”

Helen – Greek “light.”

HumiyaJapanese “history.”

IyaboYoruba “mother has returned.”

Ifeoma Nigerian “a good thing.”    

Ines – Spanish chaste.

IngridScandinavian “Ing’s beauty.”

Julieta – English “youthful, downy.”

Kady – English “pure.”

KieraIrish “black haired.”

KaleneSlavic “flower.”

KamaleiHawaiian “beloved child.”

Lilja – Icelandic lily.

Lola – Spanish, a strong lady.”

LuciaLatin light.”

Layla – Arabic “night, black.”

Linsey – English “from the lake settlement island.”

Murni – Indonesian pure.

Marisol – Spanish “sun, sea.”

Mumbi – Kenyan “one who moulds”

Maya – English “illusion, magic.”

Madeleine – French “from the tower.

MilagrosSpanish “miracles.”

NovaLatin “new.”

Nazaria – Spanish “dedicated to God.”

Nur – Arabic light.”

Naida – Greek “water nymph.”

Nia Welsh “bright.”

Odine – Old Norse “furious, eager.”


Philomena Greek “Strong friend.”

PeniHawaiian “son of my right hand.”

Penelope – Greek “With A Web Over Her Face.”

ParthenaGreek “chaste maiden.”

ReginaLatin “Queen.”     

RosalbaSpanish “white rose.”

Ruth – Hebrew “friendship.”

Raquel – Hebrew innocent.”

SerildaGerman a maiden in battle armor.

Sofia – Spanishwise.

Svana – Icelandic swan.”

SelenaSpanish “moon.”

Sarah – Hebrew, “princess.”

SadiraPersian “Lotus tree.”

SionaEnglish “stars.”

Shilin – India “intellectual.”

Tawney – Irish “A green field.”

TamikaAmerican “Combination Of Tamar And –ika.”

Tulay Turkish “tulle moon.”

Valdis – Spanish “son of Valdo.”

Valentina – Latin “strength. Health.”

Victoria – Latin “winner, conqueror.”

WanniyaPakistan “Allah’s gift”

Zaliki – Egyptian “well born.”

Ziva – Hebrew brilliance or splendor.”

Zhavia – Hebrew “golden one.”

Top 100 Exotic Baby Girl Names +The Name Meanings

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