Why Does A Baby Cry?

One of the most heart-breaking things in the world is hearing a baby cry and this is magnified if the baby is yours. Babies only cry for a reason and discovering this reason is an almost impossible question for a new mom. They can’t tell you what is wrong; all they can do is cry.

Why Does A Baby Cry?

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As time passes you will hear different cries for different things, but it is difficult to know what they are initially and sometimes you may well feel too tired to work it out. Here are some of the most common causes of crying:


babies eat little very often as they only have a very small stomach initially, so food is likely to be the cause unless recently fed.

Why does a baby cry?

Too hot or too cold

a baby cannot regulate their body temperature until later in their development due to their body being so busy growing. The back of your hand or wrist against the back of baby’s neck is the best indicator of their internal body temperature and they should only wear one more layer than you are.


if you use a pacifier and they are crying then the likelihood is that they have lost it and want it back.



an over stimulated baby can cry because they need to get to sleep and cannot. Try walking them around and rocking them or have some skin to skin contact to calm them down to allow them to fall asleep.


babies get bored too, so show them some sights. Babies can only see a short distance in front of their face, so show them things nearby.


babies do not like to be wet or dirty and a simple diaper change could make all the difference.


an ill baby is an unhappy baby and a very young ill baby is particularly bad. Keep a very close and watchful eye on them. Have them sleep right next to where you are sleeping which may mean moving furniture.

What does a baby cry?

It is worth it; your maternal instincts listen for your baby’s breathing. However, follow your heart.

If you feel the baby is ill and needs to see a doctor or go the emergency room, then go. Don’t worry about bothering anyone or wasting their time; that’s what they are there for.

There are lots of reasons why a baby can cry and it will definitely improve over time, but have an order to checking out why your baby is crying and you’ll soon find the problem!


Why does a baby cry?

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