How To Teach A Baby To Walk?

There is no certain deadline when the child starts walking on their own. 

How to Teach a Baby to Walk?

When the baby is 8 months, they start to stand up, holding onto something. And parents are so excited about it. But in a couple of months, parents don’t see any progress and are getting upset, suspecting the worst.

But in fact, their baby has plenty of time. Sometimes, 1-year-old baby can walk well, some children start walking when they are 1.5 years old. By this time, baby’s body is well developed.

How to Teach a Baby to Walk?

A strong spine, good motor skills help the baby to walk and keep the balance. Each baby has their own developmental scenario because getting new skills is the need of the body, and not a desire to imitate others.


Readiness check!

First of all, make sure that the baby is ready physically. Here are the signs that indicate that readiness:

  • the baby can sit confidently;
  • the baby can crawl on all fours;
  • the baby stands confidently, holding onto something;
  • the baby gets up and sits down by themselves, holding onto something.

If you see all four signs, the baby’s musculoskeletal system is ready and the baby can start walking. 

How to teach the baby walking?

How to teach the baby to walk right?

Give the baby more freedom in this period. You shouldn’t watch your baby too much, trust them more. If you are afraid of injuries when the baby falls, put on a special soft helmet (a cap made of foam).

baby walking with mommy

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Doctors say that when the baby learns how to walk, parents shouldn’t help them a lot. It would be better if the baby goes through this period with their own failures and successes. Too much care will only delay the moment when the baby starts walking on their own. 

Be self-confident and calm. The baby catches your mood. You should be positive and confident about baby’s success. Be active as well, dance more, laugh a lot, let the baby see that you are happy when you are moving, and they will be eager to discover something new. 

daddy and baby

No pressure! Never tell your baby phrases like this: “Look how other kids can walk, and you can only crawl…”.

Maximum walks in the fresh air:  it’s easier to interest the baby outside. The baby will be eager to reach a bright flower in the park. It’s not that exciting to look at the same objects in the house anymore.

To teach a baby to walk is an exciting child developmental phase. Don’t rush, know your baby’s pace and enjoy this beautiful experience!

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How to Teach a Baby to Walk?