How To Teach Baby To Sit On His Own

Usually, children try to sit on their own starting from the age of 4 months. It’s important not to rush the baby.

How to teach baby to sit on his own

Before you teach the baby to sit, make sure that the baby can keep their neck and the balance. 

From birth, the baby lies on the tummy from time to time. It helps to make neck, belly, and back muscles stronger.

How to teach baby to sit on his own

First, neck muscles grow stronger, then the upper and lower back gradually begins to strengthen. You’ll see that these muscles are getting stronger when the baby lifts their head from the floor to see what’s happening.


The baby can dislike lying on the tummy at first. But it’s important for their development to do it from time to time. They make stronger those muscles, that are important for sitting. You can help your baby. Put them with their tummy on your chest.

The baby will lift their head to have a look at you. You can also try placing a C-shaped pillow under the baby’s armpits, supporting their chest and allowing their head to rise slightly above the surface. 

how to teach baby sit on their own

As soon as the baby can keep their head by themselves, they will be able to sit for a couple of seconds. At first, the baby will stagger. They can also keep their head straight but only for several seconds. And the baby can often fall then. 

Mom can support her child –  sit on the floor with your legs crossed and let your baby sit between your knees and your belly as if they are in a nest. 

Mom and newborn

Put the baby in the corner on the sofa and put pillows around them – let the child understand how to sit. 

Be patient and don’t force your baby to sit down. By the age of 6 months, babies can sit for a second or 2 on their own. 

little girl

Again try not to force the baby if he is not yet ready. It’s very exciting to teach a baby to sit on his own so enjoy it as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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How to teach baby to sit on his own