Over 80 Unique Baby Girl Names Along With Their Meanings

You can spend eternity watching water flowing, fire burning, and newly-minted parents arguing over a baby name. There are so many options and variations that it might keep you up at night.


How do I choose an ideal baby girl name for my little angel? Tough to answer, but not impossible! Let me tell you that I have never met a person who would not live up to one’s given name and vice versa.

I can tell you for sure that the best ideas and answers to difficult questions come to a bright and relaxed mind. Therefore, take it easy.

Over 80 Unique Baby Girl Names Along With Their Meanings

The following list will provide you with unique baby girl names. I thought that you might have a hard time choosing. Therefore, here are the name meanings and origins of the name, so you could choose the one you feel will fit the most.

Adele Noble, Kind.”

Adora – Beloved One

Alora My Dream.”

Amelie – Hardworking

Amira Princess, Rich, Cultivated

Anna  Gracious and Merciful

AnnabelleGracious, Beautiful.”

Angelica Messenger of God

Arabella – “Beautiful Lion.”

Ariel Lion of God

Aurora – “Goddess of the Dawn

Blanche White.”

Brianna High, Noble.”

Brielle God is my Strength

Blaire Battlefield Or Plain.”

Belle Beauty.”

Cadence Rhythm.

Camille Perfect

Celia Heaven.”

Cherish Care for, Honor, Love

Clara – Illustrious.”

Colette Victory Of The People.”

Coraline Heart, Maiden.”

Dahlia – Flower Named For Botanist A. Dahl.”

Davina Beloved.”

Della Of The Nobility.”

Dorothea Gift Of God.”

Eden Paradise

Eliana God has answered.”

Elise God is my PromiMy”

EloraMy God Is My Light.”

ElinaNoble, Kind.”

Estella Star.”

EttaRuler Of The Home.”

Emilia – To Strive, to excel, to rival.”


Unique Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings:

Eva Giver of Life

EvangelineMessenger Of Good News.”

FreyaGoddess Of Love, Fertility, And Beauty.”


FlorenceProsperous, Flowering.”

Gabrielle God is my Strength

Genevieve Woman Of The Family.”

Gianna God is Gracious

GloriaGlory (to God).”

HollyPlant With Red Berries.”      

HarmonyMusical Combination.”

HunterOne Who Hunts.”

Isabella God is my Oath

Ivanna God Is Gracious.”

Josephine – God Will Increase.”

Journi – “A Trip.”

Joyce – Little Lord.”


Katalina – Pure.”

Lorelai – Alluring Enchantress.”

Louisa – Famous Warrior.”

Liberty – “Freedom.”

Maya Great 

Marcella – Young Warrior.”

Marleigh – From The Boundary Field.”

Maleah – Of The Sea Or Bitter.”

Mirabella Beautiful, Admirable

Nala – Successful.”

Naomi Beautiful, Gentle

Nicoletta – Victory Of The People.”

Opal – Precious Gem.”

Ophelia – Helper.”

Patricia – “Noble.”

Priscilla Ancient.”

Reina – Queen

Over 80 Unique Girl Names Along With Their Meanings

Unique Baby Girl Names:

Rory – Red King.”

Savanna – Open Plain.”

Scarlette – “Red.”

Seraphina Seraphim.”

Shiloh His Gift.”

Sophie Wisdom

Stella – “Star.”

Tabitha – A Gazelle.”

Talia – Morning, Dew.”

Theodora – “Divine Gift.”

Valentina Strength, Health

Vera – “Truth, Faith.”

Violet – “Purple/Blue Flower.”

Vivienne Alive

Waverly“From The Brushwood Field.”

Whitley – “The Whit Field.”

Zarina – “Golden.”

Over 80 Unique Baby Girl Names Along With Their Meanings

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