The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

When you think of summer, what exactly is it that you think of? Bright early mornings and light warm nights? It is the summertime and that means time to kick back and enjoy yourself.

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

It is that perfect time of the year where you can do so many things that you can do during no other season. Kids absolutely love the summer for the fun it brings and the new opportunities. It is a time for ice creams and BBQs and plenty of happy memories.

Get out in the garden and put on some tunes or kick back and relax with a book. Of course, this is what adults would love to do. The kids may demand a little more action than that, so if you find yourself in the middle of a water fight or making a mud pie, then do not be surprised!

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

One of the first things that come to mind when you think about the summer is going to be the great outdoors. Walking woodland paths, biking and beach activities.

Getting outdoors brings out a positive mental energy and a great state of mind. It is healthy and involving and includes everyone. Getting out there in the open air is such a great thing to do.

I am sure most kids would say however that the beach or pool are among their favorite things. There is so much for everyone to enjoy. Whether your kids prefer making sandcastles, splashing in the water or they are old enough to enjoy water sports, they are all great summer activities.

Finding seashells and hunting in rock pools also give a great connection with the water.

Swimsuits & Trunks for Kids

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

Of course, kids really enjoy these activities and need the proper clothing to do it to the full. Swimming suits and trunks are pretty much essential wear for the sea. Unlike your average tees and shorts they provide so many extra benefits.

They do not get soaked and heavy with water which makes them uncomfortable to wear. Then they become difficult to dry out, especially when being worn. With bathing suits and trunks, they are made from easy dry and stretchy materials that fit the contours of their body for the ultimate in comfort.

This makes them so good to wear and avoids and soreness or chaffing of the skin which little ones can be prone to. Choose ones with great patterns and designs that they will love wearing. If you will be spending a lot of time at the beach and in the water, then you might want to consider getting them two.

We have all experienced that feeling of putting a wet or damp bathing suit back on and this plan guarantees that they never need to have that feeling!

Kids Beach Towels

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

There are plenty of great extras to consider for outdoor play at the beach. Beach towels are very useful items. With lovely patterns and designs, they are appealing to young ones.

They are also super soft and comfortable, so great for lying on the sand, especially if it isn’t the softest or finest version. Beach towels a high absorbency, drawing water away from your skin. They are easy to wash and dry but when you are taking them home with wet bathing suits, they can soak your bag.

A beach bag is a great solution to this. They typically have a waterproof inside layer or are completely waterproof and are therefore easy to carry without risk of getting your back wet. They are great for carrying wet and sandy items separate from the rest, to keep them dry and clean too.

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Kid Summer Hats

Ultimate Seasonal Guide - Sunscreen and Oils

Do Not Forget Their Hats For Sun Protection! Another vitally important item for babies and kids of all ages during the summer months are sun hats. The sun is a very powerful and rich source of heat but also UVA and UVB rays.

They make us tan, but they damage skin and no more so than the sensitive and thinly layered skin of children and babies. Their skin can damage so easily, in less than 20 minutes of strong sunlight, so a hat is a very useful item.

While any hat will be useful, the extra protection offered by a cap or a bucket hat will be helpful during this time. They are light, comfortable and most of all protect the face or neck with their brims to provide additional coverage on the more sensitive areas of the body.

Again, there are so many styles and designs to choose from that it will be no problem finding one that they like wearing for the summer season. Allowing them to choose, or to pick from a select range, could be the difference between them wearing their hat because they want to and them throwing it off their head as soon as your back is turned!

Sunscreen and Oils

It is definitely worth mentioning, that it is important to protect your kid’s skin carefully during the sun time. High factor sunscreen blocks the sun from damaging their sensitive skin, and ensures that it is kept moisturized at the same time. Look at the sun protection factor and the blocking of UVA and UVB rays.

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

Also consider the addition of nourishing oils and aloe vera. Perhaps avoid a highly scented version, which might be lovely for adults but can irritate littler ones. These are more important aspects than price or brand.

It is always good to have an after-sun lotion or gel on hand to moisturize any skin that has accidentally seen the sun and got red, or any skin that is dry. Naturally cooling, these promote positive repair of the skin as accidents can happen so easily.

Short-Sleeve Baby Bodysuits

Ultimate Seasonal Guide - Short-Sleeve Baby Bodysuits

For Summer, The Bodysuit is King – Bodysuits are a great item for your baby during the summer months. Sometimes it may be so hot that you want to put them in the bare minimum of clothing options. Bodysuits cover up like a leotard and are fine for a baby with just a diaper underneath.

This single layer will help keep them comfortable and cool as much as possible. That however does not mean that the bodysuit needs to be plain and boring. You can liven up their bodysuit with so many different styles and designs.

Why not consider something highly colorful, such as bold stripes or spots. Equally you might want to bring out their active side with a sports bodysuit.

What about choosing one of the big three sports? Whether their favorite is baseball, soccer or football, it will be no problem finding what the like. There are so many types of bodysuit that you will be able to find something that works for your little one no matter what designs are preferred.

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

Design is one thing, but style is quite another. In the summer you have a choice to make between bodysuits that have sleeves that sit on the shoulder, or something with a little less fabric. Tank top bodysuits have all the same kind of benefits and features yet with a tank-style sleeve.

This leads to your little one being just that little bit cooler. These look great paired with shorts or skirts for a finished outfit kind of look, yet still with a light and cool top section. You could choose to pair them with a diaper cover if you would like to cover them up in a slightly different way.

They offer a cute look that they will love and does not hold them back or restrict in any way. Give your little crawler something cute to wear.

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Summer Celebrations and What to Wear

There are some fantastic summer activities that you and your little one will enjoy celebrating during this special season. The 4th of July celebration is a big deal to everyone, as it should be. You can definitely bring home the celebration with some themed clothing.

Summer fun and travel are their own kind of theme with plenty of symbols to characterize this great time of year such as sun, sea, sand and a bucket and spade.

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

It is a great opportunity for your child to celebrate these fantastic activities through their clothing. With themed apparel such as tees and accessories, it gives them a true chance to connect with what is happening outside their window.

By wearing some clothing related to these, it is their time to embrace what is happening, no matter how little they are. It is a fun opportunity to be involved and there is no issue if it becomes a favorite that they end up wearing all year round!

T-shirts – The Summer’s Classic

T-shirts have to be the ultimate clothing item for the summer season. It is so great for kids as you can find virtually any design and style to suit their individual tastes.

Whether they are little or big, tees are the one thing that really unites them. Any activity, anywhere, they totally work for any outfit combination.

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

Although they are traditionally more relaxed, they can also be dressed up with smarter trousers or skirts for an occasion. There are so many types whether they like it funny or cool, picturesque or with a message, there will be what they need.

Tees give kids the opportunity to say what they want to say or show off their love for something they like. They are also fantastic for moms as they are so easy to launder.

Ultimate Seasonal Guide – T-shirts

There are no complicated fabrics or extras attached, no hand washing. They are the best all-rounder item for kids. A quick mention definitely needs to be made for moms too though.

Expectant moms can get maternity tees that are comfortable and easy to wear. They are such a useful addition to the closet when pregnant.

Tank Top & Dresses

Girls may well want to break from the norm of a t-shirt with something a little different. Sleeveless tank tops offer a cool alternative both in style and design to give more definition. They are good looking and like tees, are practical and easy to wear.

As plenty of designs are available, it is no wonder that they are so popular and look fantastic.

mommy giving her child a kiss on the forehead

It comes as no surprise then that tank dresses might have the same effect. Cool and relaxed wear that looks fantastic, tank dresses are great for bringing something extra to a summer wardrobe. Girls love the additional choices they have over the summer months.

It would be sensible to have a couple of each item for her, so she can pick and choose as she wishes. No doubt different pieces will suit at different ends of the summer, so do not be caught short!

Let Their Feet Breath!

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Summer Shoes for Kids

Summer shoes are quite different to any other season. The shoes are no longer so restrictive as for the other seasons and they are set up to maximize air flow. This is the time that you will see plenty of sandal and flip flop action.

Open toes ensure their feet stay cool and refreshed without getting sweaty. On the beach they might benefit from water shoes to keep their feet protected from any rocks and sharp stones or shells.

Child drawing a smiley sun in sand with towel, seashells and flip flops

Everyone loves choosing some brand new summer footwear to show off those toes that have hidden inside for so long! Anything that lets them keep cool and live life to the maximum during this precious time is a big hit with kids. Once you get them in a pair, they will never want to get out of them again.

The summer is a great time to take part in some special activities. If your little one is heading out to parties or summer evening activities, then buzz up their outfits with some gorgeous jewelry. There are so many pieces that can add a little extra to any outfit.

Perhaps a necklace or a bracelet to bring a little bit of sparkle into their night. Pendants come in so many shapes and sizes and are so delightful. Rings and brooches have just as many lovely options for your little one too.

Glitzing up an outfit is a lovely idea for those summer parties and special occasions. Little ones love to dress up and have something that little bit unique. Make the very best of their style by adding a touch of glamour to proceedings!

Girl Playing On The Beach

The summer is a truly awesome time for your little ones. There are so many different activities to take part in and lots of opportunity for fun and relaxation to enjoy. From time on the beach to outdoor walks and yard fun, there is so much to do that is good.

Little ones love to play and the summer is a great time to get out into the world and take up everything it has to offer. Their wardrobe is an important part of that, but the key thing is to keep it simple. Light and individual pieces, both cool and comfortable to wear, are an excellent start.

The same applies to their footwear with supremely comfortable sandals and flip flops that keep the air flowing. Beach wear is a big hit during the summer season, and you can expect them to be used again and again. Let their clothing make their summer a time to remember, with plenty of choice that they will want to put on every day.

Fall Season Baby & Kids Clothing Guide

It is fall, an absolutely beautiful time to see the changing of the seasons in all their glory. As the leaves of the trees change from green to orange, red and brown it is a spectacular sight.

Kids love the fall. It is the time they get to enjoy the end of playing outdoors so much and crunching those leaves underfoot.

Fall is the time to start bundling up and enjoying hot chocolates with marshmallows under the stars. It is the time of making the move to indoor activities and see the nights closing in.

Little Happy Boy With Smile Is Playing With Leaves Golden Autumn Park

What a wonderful time to enjoy the delights of nature, but one thing rings true- you had better be well dressed for it. Fall is not the season that you want to be caught out in the cold wearing the wrong kind of outfits. Keeping yourself snug and warm is a learning experience this season, and our ultimate guide tells you how.

There is so much for baby to experience in the fall. From plenty of outdoor sounds and smells to the feeling of cool air on their cheeks. It is a pretty special part of the year.

Layering up your little baby at this time of year is a really great idea as although it is starting to get much colder, when the fall sun gets onto your face it is still quite warm.

You might start off the day with three or four layers and by midday you are down to two. Obviously, baby always needs to be kept a little warmer than you, but when you get an unexpectedly nice day, it is great to embrace it.

Choosing a number of looser and thinner layers allows you to place on and take off again as needed. This will equally avoid them getting overly warm, which is something to avoid.

Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuit

It makes sense that the bottom layer is a bodysuit. It is that eternally practical piece that is great for moms and babies alike. They are easy to put on and give easy access to change their diaper as well as being quick and easy to launder.

If you are looking for a bodysuit that is going to really impress in the fall, it is a camp bodysuit. A cheeky nod to the fall leaves, it will be a fun and charming addition to their closet.

Equally, bold colors and patterns will look fantastic during the fall so consider stripes or something to brighten up those crisp and cold days. Perhaps some blocks of color or even a fun motto.

Smiling Baby Girl 6 Months Old Lying Bright Bodysuit

As it begins to get chilly in the fall, pairing these with some pants can be a good idea. They are great for keeping those busy little legs warm and are easy for moving around. You can choose any color to suit, but perhaps something that matching the bodysuit will be an excellent addition.

For the impending arrival of a special little one then it can be the perfect time for a baby shower if they are due in fall or winter. The lovely colors of fall work so well with the theme of a shower as they are neutral reds, oranges, yellow, green and browns.

This gives you bright and bold shades to work with and offer a lovely color palette to consider. Alternatively, if you want to keep it pink or blue, then that is completely up to you.

Whether you prefer super striking colors or pretty pastels coming together then they will all be perfect at a shower. There are so many baby showers items you can get, but the key thing is to spend time with the mom as soon there will be two of them to navigate!

They are such a good time to get together and celebrate the special occurrence that is going to happen. There are plenty of shower related products that will add plenty of joy to the fantastic event and create a wonderful memory together.

Fall is an in-between time of some days which still feel the heat of summer, and plenty of those days where the cool of winter is coming over. Kids really don’t like to be overly bundled up or to have on too many layers and therefore it can be a good idea to bring out some warmer jumpers rather than opting for a coat.

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Kids Hoodies

Hoodies are particularly popular at this time of year as an easy thing to add to a t-shirt and yet without making the kind of commitment a coat suggests! It is warm but not too warm and offers a snug layer that is good to get into.

Cute Little Blond Boy With Blue Eyes Sitting Sofa Living Room With Hoodie

The hood part in particular is good for keeping little necks and ears warm when the temperature drops or walking over more exposed areas when outdoors for longer.

As they come in all kinds of colors and with patterns or emblems, there are plenty of styles to suit every kid. There are zipper versions like a jacket and versions to pull over your head, so it is whichever they prefer.

Kids Sweatshirts

If they are not so keen on the hood, they might like to wear a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt is one of those great items that is suitable for all kinds of sports and just being comfortable during the day. It is easy to take on and off as well as being lightweight.

They can tie it around their waist if they no longer want to wear it- no need to carry it. They can be embroidered or printed with a wide range of colors and designs, and there are so many types available.

You will find them in all kinds of variations that match across their closet favorites. Sweatshirts can be paired beautifully with hats, to give that extra layer of warmth or protection.

Kids Beanies

Beanies in particular are great for covering their ears and making them feel truly snug and warm or wear them rolled up above the ears when it is warmer.

The great thing about the fall is being able to wear some warmer pieces to make normal outfits get that extra layer of warmth. This also allows single summery pieces to be worn for longer if they are accompanied by something that offers a little more depth. Padded jackets, coats and gilets all start that process.

They can be accompanied by gloves and scarves that are either lighter or chunky types if it is cooler. They bring a certain warmth on occasions where it is cold outside and yet don’t cause difficulty in movements when they need to walk around. Add to this an umbrella for times when the rain starts to fall, to complete the effect.

Bringing extra pieces into the fall, can make all the difference to be well covered for every problem.

Pajamas Time!

They might have been happy with a t-shirt and shorts during the warmer months, but during fall they will love their pajamas. Pajamas are made with lovely soft and warming fabrics that are so comfortable to get into.

Children Pajamas

They offer that additional slice of relaxation that is so special. Kids love slipping into their pajamas on a cool evening and snuggling under their blanket. They promote a lovely night of relaxation and sleep that is hard to resist.

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Baby Coveralls

Coveralls are also great for bedtime. They come in a huge range of styles and designs, from animals to footballs and every symbol in between that a kid might like.

Get them excited about a coverall and you might find they are keen to head to bed under their own steam without being forced- well, maybe! A lovely way of calming them down ready for a blissful night of sleep.

Accessories For The Youths

The fall is a great time for youths to liven up their outfits with plenty of gorgeous accessories. Youths are that bit older and like to be that little bit different. They love being individual and doing things that make them just so unique.

There are so many pieces you can get to allow them to bring special combinations together. Today might be a belt, a necklace and a brooch. Tomorrow could be barrette clips, a new purse and bright sneaker laces.

Bringing together different individual pieces that work in harmony will be the key for your youth. Then they can express themselves in whichever way they would like in that way.

Pairing these extra features with t-shirts that are great colors and designs will suit perfectly. They will form the look that youths really love and extend it even further.

Kids Fall Footwear

Do Not Forget their Feet! Footwear is an important consideration in the fall.

As the colder nights creep in, then the sandals and summer shoes will be put away. Sneakers, tennis shoes and high-tops will be great for early fall.

Baby Shoes

They completely cover the feet and keep them warm and protected from the elements. As it gets cooler and if it gets wetter, then shoes and boots are perfect items.

They look fantastic and tend to be solid single colors that go well with any outfit, even for smaller babies. Boots are great in wet and cold weather, keeping ankles warm, but for the fall there is no doubt that shoes do an equally good job.

If wet weather does come along then a pair of rubber boots will be useful for keeping the rain where it belongs- away from their feet! Little ones like to be warm and comfortable and this is an important consideration for growing feet.

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Kids Socks

Fall is the kind of time that you might need to start thinking about those keeping those little feet even warmer. This is easy when you bring some socks into the mix. Socks are a great buffer between the cold and those tiny toes.

They come in all kinds of types from long to crew, with many pattern varieties. Socks can also be made extra warm with a brushed inner section or made from standard cotton, man-made fibers, or wool.

The great thing about socks is that you can get them in a huge range of colors and patterns. Many people like to choose ones with pictures or motifs that they love whether that be animals or scenes or silly cartoons.

Kids love these fun socks and so often the crazier the better! Investing in some high-quality socks that they enjoy wearing will help you out on those cold days even if they are not playing ball in any other way.

Back To School Kids Clothing

Fall is the period where summer vacation is over, and it is time to go back to school. While plenty of kids will be wishing it is the start of summer again, plenty will be excited about seeing all their friends and getting back into their routine. Everyone likes some new things to go back to school with and one of the staple items that they might want to have during this time is a new bag.

It is the thing that everyone sees and is something cute to show off to their friends. By far the most popular style for class is a backpack.

Students Carrying Backpacks

It is big enough to fit everything they need into it but is also carried comfortably on both shoulders. With all kinds of colors and varieties available, no matter what your kid is into, they can get into this.

As for grabbing something to eat and drink between classes, if they aren’t keen on what the lunch hall has to offer then a lunch box will be something they might need. Ensure it is big enough to fit everything they need inside and give way to a nice design that they will enjoy using. Water bottles are also an essential part of their bag.

Most schools have drinking fountains, but some people choose not to use them due to hygiene or their location. More convenient is your own personal water bottle that you keep close to hand for instant refreshment when it is needed. Keep hydration levels high every single day.

There is also plenty of Back to School themed clothing to get them in the mood for getting back into the swing of school days after their break. Whether it is a funny slogan or just something to feel comfortable in when taking those classes, it works.

Fall Means Halloween

The biggest event of fall has got to be a favorite of the year for so many kids. It is time for spooky Halloween! With so many symbols and themes associated with this fantastic holiday, there will be quite a lot of fun and laughter with it.

Obviously, the clothing they wear for Halloween often takes one quite specific direction. They might well want to wear a costume to go trick or treating in the evening, one nightfall has come.

The array of different designs is huge, but devils and zombies, vampires and witches, cats and pumpkins are all so popular. There are different kinds of accessories available from masks to scepters to make their costume complete.

Children Halloween

However, they might like extend this all and have a full Halloween kind of a day. What about a Halloween t-shirt to wear to school or some spider socks?

The fall is a time that stretches out into the distance to take us from certain warmth to the light chill of winter. It brings coolness and yet it is a lovely time with the full force of nature’s coloring through the trees. Gorgeous rich hues can be found in the most unexpected places.

A wonderful time, it is ripe for a warming drink as the sun comes down. Kids love this time for crunching in the leaves or trying to keep hold of that last bit of summer.

Their closet needs to reflect these passions to ensure that they can still have plenty of fun during fall. Making use of staple items like t-shirts and pants, then dressing them up a little, is the best type of approach.

Adding to their fall wardrobe slowly is a very sensible plan. Remove summery items slowly as the weather turns and replace them with some gorgeous separate pieces that match well together.

Thinking of them as pieces on their own rather than a full wardrobe makes sense. Having a few well-loved separates that can mix well to create a unique style is a truly special approach.

Kid Witch Clothes Closing Face By Pumpkin With Hat

Being individual is an approach that works in this season. Layering up, whether you have a baby, or a child is a good way to follow. It is so tempting to go for a warm dress, or a warm jumper outfit and it could be just too much the day progresses.

The fall weather can give us so many unexpected surprises in both directions either making a cool day warm in the middle or keeping in the chill. The best thing to do is expect the unexpected and let them run wild with layers of fabulous style and design. It is definitely time to rock on and enjoy the fall to the max.

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Winter Season Baby & Kids Clothing Guide

Winter is one of the most wonderful time of the year. With cold noses and using any opportunity to keep warm, it is different from the other seasons. As the dark nights set, wherever you are, it is possible that the snow might fall.

Little Girl Blue Hat Playing Winter

During the winter months we tend to hibernate ourselves a little just like the animals. Obviously, the winter weather varies and for some it might be quite mild whereas others it is full of snowdrifts and impassable highways.

However, it is for you, it will still be time to wrap up, close the shutters, stoke up the fire and keep out the cold air. It is also the time we might stock up with soups and stews and warm drinks, generally trying to combat that wintery feeling. All in all, it is often about separating ourselves from the cold.

Kids Winter Clothes

Of course, trying to get kids to do anything like that is no easy task! Even during the coldest months, they love being busy and active and their clothing needs to reflect that even when it is freezing outside.

There are so many wintery activities to do from taking photos in a wood to making some cookies in the shape of snowmen. Whatever you need to do to keep them entertained, they won’t enjoy it nearly as much without some warm and comfortable clothing to enjoy it with.

The pieces for the winter season need to cover them up. Whether for inside use or you are heading outside, either way that warm layer is pretty important to keep the warmth of their body stable and stop the cold getting in. Whether it is on the top or underneath, it needs to be there somewhere.

Babies Winter Clothes

Now for babies there are plenty of ways to keep them warm, but it is vital to do that without bundling them up too much. Restricting their freedom of movement will not be a popular choice with them!

They enjoy moving around and wriggling about, so give their legs and arms lighter and more comfortable layers. As they have so many warm layers in the winter, it helps if the first layer is as soft and gentle as possible.

Little Boy Sitting

That might mean that you want to start with something natural and an organic bodysuit is a good start. A bodysuit provides a kind of vest layer that traps in their heat on cold days. Using an organic version ensures it is as kind to the skin as possible.

When this organic layer is sitting against their sensitive skin, any potential irritation is avoided. It is simply soft and as kind as possible.

Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuits

Long sleeves are a welcome item in winter to keep baby warm. Choosing a range of long sleeve bodysuits means that you have automatically given their arms a layer of warmth immediately without restricting them at all.

Bodysuits are made from a light and stretchy material, so envelope the skin without any rubbing or chaffing. They are a great base layer for babies and a fabulous starting point for their outfit.

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Baby Rompers

You can add a romper suit to give an extra layer of snuggly warmth. It gives them a little something extra without stopping them from doing and experiencing brand new things, from touching their toes to rolling over. Every day can bring something brand new and you don’t want anything to hold them back.

Babies Winter Nighttime

When it comes to bedtime, there are still plenty of opportunities to ensure that they are kept completely warm and cozy. Footies ensure that their tiny feet are not left out in the cold. Heads and feet are two of those places that lose a high proportion of body heat if exposed.

Little Girl

Babies cannot afford to have this in the winter months, as their body temperature can drop so quickly. Therefore, footies are a great solution to keeping warm.

Equally beanies keep their little heads warm overnight when it is especially cold. As they often do not have so much hair to insulate them, a beanie hat does a perfect job instead. Keeping warm is a real necessity during the winter months but these easy hacks to keeping them snug, are lifesav ers!

Winter Babies Blanket

There are so many different types of blankets. Choosing the right one for your baby or toddler during the winter months is going to be so important. Some people choose to use snowsuits for their baby and toddler but once they nod off to sleep and you add a thick blanket, then you run the risk of getting them too warm.

On the other hand, a thick blanket on top of a coat may be just right, so gaging the blanket you need is important. Choose one that works for the circumstances.

Newborn Baby

Think about where you will be going with your stroller and what you will be doing. Equally think about the type they need in their cot. You may want one for very cold nights and one for slightly warmer nights.

It is all about what works for your little one and what they will benefit from the most at that point in time. Little hats and gloves for outdoors work for babies and together with a snuggly blanket provide the most wonderful effect.

Winter Kids Long Sleeve Tees

For kids during the winter months, you can take quite a similar approach. Long sleeve tees are an excellent place to start and you know that their base layer is going to keep them warm even if they peel every other layer off.

As kids tee shirts come in so many different colors and prints, you will be able to find plenty to suit their style. As long-sleeved tees are really the staple item for the winter wardrobe, it would be worth stocking up on a few to make sure there is always a choice in the closet.

Options for a short-sleeved tee at this time of the year will be nowhere near as warm, unless a sweater comes into play! There are so many different styles when it comes to tees that you will have no trouble finding a good range that they will love to wear.

Perhaps this will stop them trawling through the laundry basket to find yesterday’s favorite to wear again.

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Girls Winter Clothes

Long sleeve dresses are a great item for this time of the year to make sure your girl is happy and warm too. They are an all-in-one outfit to keep your little one active and busy yet without being restricted. Winter is a good time to keep busy, even if it is indoors.

A long sleeve dress will allow her to do everything she wants without compromise. Pairing a dress with a pair of thick tights at this time of year is a great idea. Tights run up the leg fully and therefore avoid the rush of the cold freezing her little legs.

Girl Winter

Just like long sleeve tees they can also be paired with any kind of pants or leggings. There is no real restriction when it comes to dresses.

Whatever she wants goes, and it is pretty much as simple as that. Long or short, plaid or spots, stripes or hot pink, whatever design works then it is perfect.

Do Not Forget The Winter Socks

As for their little feet, it is time to button up and use the warmest that you can find to heat up those toes. The last thing that you want is for them to be cold and uncomfortable.

Do not be afraid to use long socks or extra thick versions. Invest in some warm woolen types or ones with a comfortable lining. Just be aware that you might not be able to launder them so easily.

There is definitely something to be said for investing in a truly good pair of boots for them. It would be worth choosing a pair of boots or snow boots that have high quality features.

They need to be waterproof first and foremost, or the first time out in the snow or rain they will be soaked wet through. They need good grips on the bottom to make sure that there is no chance of slipping over. Made with great materials these boots should last them all winter.

Winter Holiday and Celebration

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to talk about the winter months without mentioning the fantastic array of holidays. They are completely worth waiting for and indeed celebrating, including Thanksgiving and Christmas that are loved by kids. There are so many ways to engage in these special times and holiday spirit.

Getting some themed clothing for your babies and kids is not only going to be absolutely adorable but will get them ready to participate in the holidays. These times of the year truly focus on children and are so magical with them in the picture.

They are special occasions to celebrate and you can engage them even more with a t-shirt or hoodie celebrating that holiday specifically.

Girl Winter Park

Both these and other special holidays around this time are about so much more than a big meal and presents. They are about coming together as a family and sharing in something wonderful. There are lots of accessories to help little ones get into the party spirit, from hats and necklaces to bags and glasses.

Celebrating with children brings an aspect that is so special. They bring an extra quality and make you feel happy, just by being included. It is that awestruck look on their faces at the first sight of the celebrations.

Make sure they feel fully involved to get into the swing of the festivities. Wearing a themed clothing item or accessory will certainly do that, even if it just some elf Christmas socks!

Christmas Gifts

Now while the presents are certainly not everything, giving gifts during these special events is an important part. It can feel so tricky to know what to get for a little one. There are some lovely joint presents that you can get for mom and baby and dad and baby that provide a really gorgeous dual gift.

With these kinds of sets there is something for the parent and something for the baby to enjoy. If you already have the parents organized or you just need something for the little one, then there are various options.

Perhaps you could choose some clothing for them, a burp and bib set or blanket set. A baby does not want for much but over time they and their parents will appreciate this kind of gift.

Baby Christmas Decorations

Now kids are a completely different matter. They love lots of different things and there are plenty of different types of gifts they will appreciate. Kids all love something special to wear, so a themed item linked to their interest is bound to go down well.

Equally you might want to get them something to do. It might help to inspire their imagination and get them all fired up. Have you thought of some arts and crafts, a puzzle or a game?

They could all be a big hit. Stationery is a great option with pens and notebooks. What about paints or something creative like a musical instrument?

Toy cars and soccer balls, teddy bears and maps- whatever he or she is into will be well loved. There is nothing like the smile in your heart from having chosen their favorite gift from many. Seeing their face light up when they love something, is utterly delightful.

Now the last thing you want them to do is get a peek at all those surprises. Don’t forget a big role of wrapping paper for covering up their special items. You may have to hide them at the back of closets and in cupboards, under stacks of towels or sweaters.

Whatever you choose to do with them, place them inside a gorgeous and colorful wrap to truly impress. If there is a mom to be you know, she will want to feel left out over this time.

Get her a useful and helpful gift with a new diaper bag. Let’s be fair- this can be more important than a new mom’s purse for quite a while. She will love receiving such a lovely gift in anticipation of her new baby.

She will feel so well cared for and perhaps a little more prepared for her impending arrival. What a perfect pre-welcome into the world.

Winter is the season that feels so long. Despite that, it is a time for enjoying some gorgeous celebrations that are so special. They are something lovely to look forward to for everyone- big or small.

Christmas Little Cute Girl Hugging Teddy Bear

It is a time of cold days, but with a warm heart it can also be a fun time. Cuddling into knitted sweaters, bundled up in cozy pajamas.

Kids will love pulling on colorful big socks and bobble hats that keep them warm from top to toe. It is a change to get out and enjoy the calm chill, wrapped up in layer upon lovely layer. With comfy boots, it is a perfect combination to be able to enjoy themselves without feeling too restricted.

Indoors the lights and warmth of open fires catch you in perfect harmony. Clothes are a little heavier than other seasons but are made up of separates that work so well together.

Jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Long-sleeved dress and tights. Pants, t-shirt, a hoodies and thick socks.

There are just so many combinations to offer that lovely snug feeling.

Whatever you go for in winter, it is guaranteed that your kid will love it. Just don’t be afraid to invest in a good quality pair of boots and make the most of the outdoors as well. Getting out is a true breath of fresh air in the winter and there is a real purity to it.

A great time for family and celebrations, with a real sense of fun. No need to separate yourself from the weather; it is time to embrace it. Winter is the season you have been waiting for.

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Spring Season Baby & Kids Clothing Guide

Spring is a funny in between kind of time. A blend between the cool of winter and the warmth of summer that could not be further away from each other.

Spring sits right in the middle of this offering us a little bit of everything and in many places. It is the most unpredictable weather season.

One day you might need an umbrella, another day add in rain boots, yet another and nothing might be needed at all! However, that can make it the very best month for kid’s clothing as so many of the clothing items for every season work so well at some point during spring.

Mother Little Daughter Playing Together

Despite being variable it can therefore be a good buffer to a new season, needing a new set of cool clothing. Our ultimate guide to all things spring will help you make the best choices for your little one without it being a huge task.

Babies are best with a range of layers that build up on top of each other. This allows you to add and remove layers as the day warms up and cools down, or as days vary wildly. Spring is definitely a time when this is needed.

The ultimate item is a short sleeve bodysuit as a starting layer or long sleeve bodysuits are a beautiful accompaniment to the budding season. With plenty of bright and bold colors to offer, they give a wonderful look at a time when spring flowers are breaking through.

If you prefer something a little more classical, then raglan sleeve bodysuits with their solid colors will work well too. They bring something extra that looks great. Whichever style works for your baby, a little color works so well in spring for bringing a splash of brightness.

A couple of items you will not want to forget during this season are bibs and burps. As your baby will be layered up, a bib will avoid several layers getting wet or dirty. This means less washing and drying as well as the practicality of not needing to change them again and again.

Kid Rain Boots Playing

The timesaving means more opportunity to enjoy the increased sun levels and a chance to get a little more exercise on spring walks. Such a simple and useful item you will love.

Equally burp clothes are amazing for wiping up whether that is messes, bodies, hands, faces or during changing.

They just have so many fabulous uses including keeping your own clothes clean and protected after feeding. Perfect for those visitors that want a cuddle too. The last thing you want is a little accident to happen, so burp cloths protect everyone, no matter how they are feeling that day.

You’ll Need a Wide Range Of Clothes in Spring

This is the season that you are going to need a wide range of products for baby including heavier items like blankets and coats to those lighter items like vests and socks. The unpredictability of the weather means you probably need to think about taking out a range of items. If you go away, you might need to think of some extras including a warmer jumper or cardigan as well as thinner items.

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However, it is not all doom and gloom. Spring is a time of great hope as things ease into summer, the sun takes over, and the flower blooms.

Your baby will be taking in lots of new things and taking advantages of new experiences. It is a time of making memories with everything anew and they are guaranteed to love it.

The Spring’s Essentials

Bigger kids also love spring. Jumping in puddles and getting back outdoors after the cold snap, they will enjoy making the most of every new opportunity. Like baby, a brighter set of clothing will be enjoyed by little and big kids alike.

Items like tie-dye tees will certainly brighten things up for them. A tee is a pretty staple item for spring, as just like babies, kids will likely need to layer up to avoid getting too hot or cold.

Funny Kid Rain Boots Playing Rain

With a tee underneath and some outwear as needed, they will not feel so restricted as in winter anymore and can dress as the weather dictates. Girls might like to take things in a different direction and enjoy getting in their ruffle tee or ruffle dress that might have been put away for warmer days.

By pairing these with some leggings, they can bring a bit of summery style and yet keep warm enough for the spring days. This is a wonderful approach to their spring closet, to make the most of clothes from every season.

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Spring Celebrations And Holidays and Clothes to Wear

Spring has plenty of lovely occasions that leave you with something to celebrate. You can make this celebration even bigger with getting your kids some clothing, to show how much they love it.

There are plenty of options for every kind of special date that is out there. There are a great many items that you can get, to show that it is something you care about.

From tees to accessories, there will be just the kind of product around to help you and your kid make the most of the big celebrations. Whether you go for a whole outfit or dress up an existing one with one or two pieces, it does not matter.

It does not need to be a once a year option either. If they love it, then they can show their love for that event all-year round.

Saint Patrick’s Day Clothing Tips

If you fancy something that shows a little love for a very special date, then specific clothing makes a great option. With Valentines happening in February, it is the first big celebration of the year. Hearts will definitely be pounding for something perfect for the occasion.

If St Patrick’s is more your thing then orange, green and white abounds. From lucky leprechauns to four leaf clovers, getting some appropriate clothing will send a great message.

Easter Clothing Tips

See the Easter bunny hoping your way and break some eggs to get to some gorgeous Easter items. An important Christian festival, it is great for children to take part in. There are so many lovely symbols within this special festival from crosses to chicks, it is the symbol of new life, just like spring itself.

Baby Boy Hat Tie Bow Suit Playing With Easter Eggs

Celebrating an occasion with clothing is a totally sweet and fun idea. It gets your little one into the spirit of the event no matter how little they are.

On The Way To Summer

Equally, team these with boots or sturdy shoes rather than canvas, sandals or training shoes and they are dressed as they need to be in spring. Protected from the wet and cold but without being bundled up too much.

Swapping their winter wardrobe over to their summer wardrobe can therefore take place gradually over spring and if a favorite long-sleeve tees sticks around for a little while then it is no big deal.

This makes things a lot less stressful for you as well as letting you choose a few items each month to insert into their closet as the season changes.

Little Baby Grass Sunny Summer Day

If spring is quite mild, or gets to be so, then there may be opportunities to enjoy more outdoor activities. Whether these are sports or just a trip to the beach, then there will be no doubt that they’ll want to strip down to their tee and shorts or bathing suit.

When it all gets a bit too chilly then there are plenty of items to give you peace of mind that they are keeping warm.

Have Fun With Hats And Coverups

You can bring along their hats and using coverups will help avoid too many chills. Choose a style/design they love and they will be more than happy to play with their favorite cover-ups on.

This is that extra layer of warmth and protection for the cooler end of the day. It is no reason to stop their preferred activities as spring turns to summer.

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See You Soon Summer!

Spring may seem like a month that is still holding onto the coolness of winter. They key thing is however, that is does not need to be drab.

It is the season of color and new growth and your kids can reflect that in their clothing and what they do. It is the season of some fantastic celebrations that your little one can get involved in and enjoy.

Being a part of these lifts us from the crisp winter into the promise that spring has to offer. This season additionally allows you to make the absolute most of their closet. They can still enjoy the winter clothing they love but it no longer has to be so restrictive.

Cute Little Blond Girls Riding Toy Car Summer

They can bring out their summer style a little at a time and pair them with warmer items as needed until it is obvious that summer is on its way.

That is the great thing about so many items of clothing from tees and bodysuits to sweatshirts and rompers. They can be layered and used to create an outfit in a style that your kid loves and yet without the need to worry too much about the season it is intended for.

From cardigans, jumpers and hoodies to leggings, sweatpants and thick tights, there are ways to warm up any outfit to perfection.

A fantastic season to bring on their superb style and perfect for well-matched separates that look fantastic together. A perfect blend between warm and cold, it is the season that fun was made for. Expand their horizons and enjoy the best that this season has to offer.

The Ultimate Seasonal Guide to Baby & Kids Clothing

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