2020 Ultimate Guide To Celebrating Easter Indoors With Kids

No matter how you celebrate Easter as a family, one thing is certain: in 2020, the ways that all of us Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids will be different than ever before.

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

The coronavirus crisis is preventing families from being able to celebrate with groups of people, whether it’s their extended families, church families, or friends.

This unique time in our lives is forcing families to come up with creative, innovative ways to keep the whole family engaged and interested in Easter, while, at the same time, making kids feel like they aren’t missing out on anything.


2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

By following this guide and these tips, you can even create some new traditions for your family. Above all else, you will be sure that this Easter weekend will be an event that the entire family will remember for years to come!

Here are some fun, creative ideas for celebrating Easter indoors with kids!

How To Decorate Your Home For Easter

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

Whether your children are at an age in which they still believe in the Easter bunny or not, decorating your home is one of the most important parts of getting everyone in your family into the Easter spirit, while, at the same time, lifting their spirits.

No matter how many children you have or how old they are, there are so many fun ways you can decorate your home for Easter. 

  • If you already have special, traditional, store-bought, or passed- down Easter decorations that you use year after year, make sure to get them out and decorate your home with them this year (even if you might not feel like you’re in the mood). 
  • Create and use some of the new Easter decorations that we will be describing below as well to beautify your home and get into the holiday spirit. 
  • Decorating for Easter is more vital this year than ever before in putting your family into an Easter mood!

How To Decorate Easter Eggs

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

Easter eggs are fun for all ages to decorate! Depending upon the age and dexterity of the kids (and adults) in your household, you may choose to decorate your Easter eggs using traditional dyes, or use the no-dye method.

Both techniques are described below.

Dye Easter Eggs

If you have real eggs that you can spare (and don’t need to save for food during this time when eggs can be hard to come by), you can cook and dye them all at the same time in your handy Instant Pot! Older children can help with some of these steps.

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

Here’s how to do it:

  • Gather your ingredients: four pint-sized glass canning jars, white vinegar, water, liquid food coloring, eggs, and of course, your Instant Pot.
  • Put 10 to 12 drops of food coloring in each jar, along with 2 tbsp. white vinegar. 
  • Fill each jar with raw eggs.
  • Fill each jar with enough water to cover the eggs.
  • Place a rack inside your Instant Pot and add a cup of water to the bottom of the pot.
  • Place the four jars on the rack inside the pot.
  • Set the pot to cook on high pressure for six minutes.
  • Once cooking has completed, allow the steam to naturally release for six minutes.
  • Remove the jars with oven mitts (an adult should do this step, as the jars will be HOT!)
  • Dunk each egg in ice water to cool, and let them dry.
  • You may safely store cooked, dyed Easter eggs for up to a week in the refrigerator.

No-Dye Easter Eggs

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

Are your kids too little to safely (and non-messily) handle dyes?

You can still decorate Easter eggs! Hard boil some eggs and set them out in front of your kids at a table with stickers, crayons and magic markers.

Your kids can have fun decorating the eggs any way they wish.

You can even make Easter bunny eggs using construction paper for ears, cotton balls for tails, and a hot glue gun (under adult supervision).  

How to do Easter Egg Hunt Indoors

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

Conducting your Easter egg hunt indoors if your family is used to outdoor Easter egg hunts might seem a bit different this year.

Here are some Easter egg hunt ideas to make this year’s indoor Easter egg hunt a fun one that your whole family will enjoy and remember!

  • You might opt to use plastic Easter eggs if you already have some on hand (or can quickly get some delivered to your home).
  • Some people choose to use real, hard-boiled and dyed Easter eggs in lieu of plastic eggs.
  • Hide the eggs in strategic places around your home. Don’t make them too obvious (but if you have young children, don’t frustrate them either!) Some Easter egg hunt ideas for hiding places include under furniture, under pillows, in tissue boxes, and on (reachable) shelves.
  • Create written slips with clues (or print them on your computer) and hide them around the house, giving kids hints as to where eggs might be. 
  • Whichever types of eggs you choose to hide in your Easter egg hunt, make sure to have some type of reward for your kids when they find eggs. If you hide real eggs, perhaps let your kids trade them in to you for books, toys, or healthy rewards.
  • Plastic eggs can be filled with healthier foods as rewards (think goldfish, cheerios, gummies). Or, fill them with small toys or money. 
  • The traditional Easter treat, candy, is always a hit when found inside the plastic eggs!

Easter Crafts

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

Here are some ideas for Easter crafts for kids and adults that can be made ahead of time, or created over the Easter weekend as a project for the entire family. 

Easter Baskets

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

Use these creative Easter basket ideas which you can make ahead and surprise your children with, or you might choose to get your kids involved in the fun of making them!

  • Everyone has some baskets sitting around the house. Perhaps your baskets hold napkins in the kitchen, or coasters in the family room? Borrow these baskets to make handmade Easter baskets for your kids. 
  • If you have felt on hand, you can make felt flowers to adorn the outside. 
  • Baskets can even be made from felt if you don’t have any old baskets around the house you want to part with! 

easter egg basket

  • Scrapbooking paper can be woven together to create a nifty Easter basket as well. 
  • No matter which of these Easter basket ideas you choose, your family will have fun helping you create them!

Make an Easter Wreath

easter wreath

Make your own faux flower wreath and use this beautiful Easter decoration to adorn the front door of your home!

Wreaths are surprisingly easy to make, if you have the right tools and a bit of patience. Gather these materials, which are what you’ll need to make a stunning faux flower wreath:

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/stick refills
  • Wire wreath form (wire coat hangers can be bent into shape and used)
  • Ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Faux flowers (purchased from a craft store)

How to create it:

  • Wrap a small section of the wire wreath form with a two-inch wide ribbon in a light, Easter color. Secure it in place using a hot glue gun. (If your kids are helping, make sure an adult handles this step so that no one gets hurt). 
  • Create bundles of flowers and layer them around the wreath. Secure these bouquets together with the floral wire and lay on top of the wreath form.
  • Use the hot glue gun to attach the bouquets to the wreath. (Again, under adult supervision).

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

  • Wrap the ribbon around the wreath to cover the stems.
  • Keep layering bouquets around the wreath until you are pleased with the results.
  • Use floral wire to create a loop on the back of the wreath for hanging on a door.
  • Hang up your beautiful Easter decoration!

Easter Food

2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids

On Easter Sunday, it can be fun and educational to let your kids help with preparing Easter food. Whether your family’s tradition is to make handed-down Easter recipes for brunch or dinner, kids can help you create these in the kitchen! 

If you are interested in trying a new Easter recipe this year, one of the easiest recipes that kids can help create is this Easter egg fruit pizza. It’s healthy and fun to make:

  • It starts with a sugar cookie base (you can use prepared sugar cookie dough as it’s easier). Shape it into a giant egg form and place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Cook the dough for 15 to 18 minutes in an oven that has been preheated to 350 degrees F. Let it cool completely once baked.
  • While the cookie base is baking, combine a container of whipped topping (thawed) with a package of softened cream cheese. Beat until mixed well. Once the cookie base has cooled, spread the topping over the cookie.  
  • Cut fresh fruit to layer onto the fruit pizza (anything you have on hand will work, but what’s especially eye-catching are blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, peaches, bananas, etc). 
  • Let your kids lay the fruit out on the pizza in creative patterns, and decorate it until their heart’s content. 
  • Drizzle the entire egg with honey once all the fruit has been laid out. 
  • The fruit pizza will make 12 to 16 servings. 
  • Yum! Your kids will be proudly boasting to the rest of the family that they were able to help you create this beautiful, delicious Easter recipe!

Here are more ideas for celebrating Easter indoors with kids:

Indoor Easter games

a boy and a girl holding an easter egg

In addition to the Easter egg hunt, there are all sorts of Easter games that you and your family can participate in together this Easter weekend!

  • Find printable Easter coloring pages on the Internet. Do a quick search for free Easter coloring pages and you’ll be surprised what you turn up! These are fun for the whole family.
  • Find Easter mazes that you can download and print from the Internet as well. 
  • Use plastic eggs and place various small items inside them (coins, candy, toys), creating matching pairs. Lay them out randomly. Challenge your family members to a memory game using these eggs. See who can match the most pairs.

little girl wearing bunny ear headband looking at easter eggs

  • Play a game of Easter bunny tag! Instead of running, however, all members participating must hop from one place to the next. The first person to get caught, or to forget to hop, is it!
  • How about a duck race? In this race, players must lean over and grab their ankles, then race waddling to the finish line, without letting go of their ankles!
  • Egg bowling is a fun game too! Set out eight plastic or dyed hard-boiled eggs, and one white egg. See who can roll their colored egg closest to the white egg.
  • Finally, for younger kids, play pin the tail on the Easter bunny! It’s just like pin the tail on the donkey. Draw a large picture of an Easter bunny and hang it on the wall. Use tacks and cotton balls and blindfold each kid. Spin them around, and let them loose with the tacked cotton ball. (As with all indoor games, make sure an adult is supervising, of course, so no one gets hurt!)

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2020 Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Easter Indoors with Kids