How to Organize Baby’s Clothes? Secrets New Moms Should Know Now

You have a new member in your home, which means your world is going to change. As the little one comes home, some responsibilities tag along.

One of those things is taking care of your baby’s clothes, clothes that’ll fit, clothes for another season, and everything else. When you organize your baby’s clothes, it’ll make your work a whole lot easier.

As soon as you make room for those clothes, there will be new ones. You’ll need more space and a lot of organizing.

How to Organize Baby's Clothes? Secrets New Moms Should Know Now

If you’re looking for ways to organize baby clothes, this article is just for you. Keep reading to get new baby clothes storage ideas. 

How can you divide the storage space?

To divide the space for your baby’s clothes, you’ll need to know how many of them you have. Start by sorting out the clothes into baby t-shirts, bodysuits, pajamas, bibs, and socks. Keep in mind babies grow fast, so you’ll be buying many more clothes soon.

Here are some useful baby clothes storage ideas:

Baskets: You can’t just use a dresser to toss the little clothes, like cute bibs and socks. In this case, you can get small baskets to keep everything clean and sorted.

Or you can get bigger ones to divide your drawer. The best thing is you can buy baskets in many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. 

Dividers: If you can’t get baskets, you can always get some dividers for your drawers. You can make smaller sections for items like socks, bibs, and mittens; you can also make larger sections for regular things like pajamas and bodysuits. These baby closet dividers can be DIYed too.

Plastic bags: For storing out of season clothes, you can use plastic bags. You can buy them from any store, and they will help your baby’s clothes against moisture and any other damage. And when you take them out, they’ll be suitable to wear.

How to organize your baby’s daily clothes?

Babies change their clothes many times a day. Sometimes they spill something, sometimes it’s a result of a diaper mishap, and then there is nightwear to get changed. So it would help if you kept these clothes close to the changing table. 

You can either shift your changing table closer to the clothing storage area or move the latter. An additional step you can take is to move all the daily wear clothes to the top drawer, or the most accessible site of your baby’s clothes storage space. You can also keep a laundry hamper next to the changing table so you can toss the dirty clothes into it. 

Keeping everything closeby will help you change faster, get all the right clothes, and you won’t have to keep searching for things. 

What should you do with the extra clothes?

As soon as you organize the baby’s existing clothes, you’ll have more baby’s clothes to buy. And before you realize, you’ll have more clothes than your baby even needs.

But this doesn’t mean you have to keep stocking up all of them. Here are some things you can do.

Donate or hand down clothes: If you don’t want to save your baby’s clothes, you can donate them. There are a lot of organizations and funds that will help you make someone else’s life better. You can also hand down your baby’s clothes to your friends or relatives if they are new parents.

Keep larger clothes: Sometimes, you buy oversized garments for your little one out of excitement. Even if the baby will take a while to grow into it, don’t just discard the clothes. Keep them in your closet and use them when they are required. 

Discard damaged clothes: If you find a stained t-shirt you can’t get out or a bodysuit that’s irreparable, get rid of it. These are the items you wouldn’t even want as keepsakes, and no one can use them either. Discard them to avoid hoarding. 

Some additional tips  

  • Keep similar clothes together: The easiest step in this article is keeping similar items of clothing together. Keep the baby’s t-shirts with t-shirts, socks with socks, bodysuits with bodysuits, etc. It makes sorting easy and picking out clothes easier.
  • Keep a separate section for your baby’s shoes, diaper bags, and other accessories. This method will help you put them away immediately, and nothing will get lost in the pile of clothes. 
  • Store your diapers and wipes near the changing table. It’ll be a lifesaver in case of diapering your baby in a hurry. 
  • Keep your baby’s diaper cream, lotions, and any other bath and skincare items on top of the dresser. These items are frequently used, so storing them in drawers would not be a great option. Also, keep these products out of the sun so they don’t get spoiled sooner than they should. 


Are you still confused about some things? Or do you still have some answered questions? Find the answers to frequently answered questions about washing, drying, and taking care of your baby’s clothes. 

  1. Do I need to wash brand new baby clothes before using them?

Yes, it is a good measure to wash even new clothes before using them. The clothes may have been exposed to the store’s bacteria, particles from the production line, and who knows what. To be on the safe side, wash the clothes before using them, even before the first time. 

  1. Is it safe to use a fabric softener?

No. A fabric softener isn’t a necessity in your baby’s clothes washing routine. Fabric softeners often contain a lot of chemicals to make your clothes softer and smell better. You don’t want to expose your baby’s delicate skin to so many potential allergens.

How to Organize Baby's Clothes? Secrets New Moms Should Know Now
  1. What to take care of in case of babies with skin allergies?

The best thing you can do is consult a doctor, a pediatrician, or a dermatologist, regarding a situation like that. Start by knowing the root of your baby’s allergies and the things you should avoid. Then you’d want to ask for the right detergent and use that for washing the clothes.

  1. How to remove stains from a baby’s clothes?

These are three popular methods of getting rid of stains from your baby’s clothes. 

  1. Try the area with the stain with cool water. 
  2. Dip it in a 1:1 solution of rubbing alcohol and water, followed by a regular wash. 
  3. Use a stain remover pre-wash and follow with laundering.

To tackle stubborn stains, soak the cloth piece in a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water, and wash after. 

  1. Should I line dry my baby’s clothes or use the dryer?

There are benefits and drawbacks of both line drying and machine drying. 

  • Machine drying: When you machine dry your clothes, they dry faster. It is a good option for busy times, but there are more drawbacks than benefits. If there is more load in the dryer, the clothes stay damp. Regularly using dryers can loosen your baby’s diaper elastic and wear any fabric out faster. 
  • Line drying: Line drying your baby’s clothes may take more time, but it has more benefits. If you dry your baby’s clothes in the sun, the clothes will dry better and fresher. It also ensures that the clothes dry correctly. But make sure you don’t dry the clothes in the harsh sun; it ensures the colors of your clothes don’t fade.
  1. Should I hang or fold my baby’s clothes? 

How you wash your baby’s clothes and store them is totally your preference. They are so tiny you can fold or hang them as you like. If you decide to fold them, they won’t wrinkle much.

And if you want to hang them, get hangers for baby clothes, and you’ll be good to go. Although, smaller items like socks, baby bibs, and cute baby bodysuits are easy to fold and toss into the drawer. 

And that is a wrap on every essential thing you need to take care of your baby’s clothes. Remember they have very sensitive skin, and to keep them happy, you need to make the right choice from washing products to the technique.

Once you use these techniques to clean cloth diapers and wash your baby’s clothes, you’ll never look back. And you can always save this article to refer to and share.

How to Organize Baby's Clothes? Secrets New Moms Should Know Now

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