13 Secrets For New Parents To Care For Newborn Baby Clothes (Wash, Organize, Store)

Buying cute and quality clothes for your baby is a fun activity. Be it a cute bodysuit for your baby boy or baby bibs for girls, and if there’s anything better than dressing your munchkin in a brand-new outfit, it’s your love! But what about washing and storing?

Before you panic and reach out to your friends and family, inquiring about how to clean, store, and organize your baby clothes, scroll through our guide for new parents to care for baby clothing.  

How to wash baby clothes correctly?

Cleaning newborn baby clothes is a bit of a tricky task. Infants’ clothes require extra care and delicacy. Here’s what you need to do before you get started with the washing machine:

13 Secrets For New Parents to Care For Newborn Baby Clothes (Wash, Organize, Store)
  • Invest in the right supplies – Invest in detergents without added fragrance, colors, or preservatives. You can look for safe products for your newborn baby or one with an organic, essential list of ingredients. Several product companies manufacture non-toxic, hypoallergenic liquid containing powerful natural enzymes that work to fight stains effectively. 
  • Stay loyal to one brand – Once you find the right detergent for your child’s clothing, don’t change it for a long time. Why so? Well, you’ll be sticking up with one brand so that you will notice consistent cleanliness of the baby clothes. Besides, if the baby has any sensitivity to a new product, you’ll instantly know why.
  • Pre-treat all stains – Pretreat the stains by rinsing the baby’s clothes under cold water soon after getting dirty. If possible, soak the garments in water until you’re ready to throw them into the washer. Rub the stain removing spray in with a soft brush or your finger, but avoid smearing each side of the cloth together. 

Time to Get the Washer Going

  • Check for washing instructions – You don’t want your baby’s clothes to shrink before wearing them. Go through each fabric care tag carefully to see if the garment requires an exceptional washing condition.
  • Turn baby clothes inside out – This trick prevents the color and designs from fading and keeps buttons from wearing out too soon. Your newborn baby clothes will last much longer if you turn your clothes inside out before throwing them in the washer.
  • Rinse clothes twice – Make sure to rinse your child’s clothes twice. Even scent-free and color-free washing soaps and detergents can affect some children with severe allergies, so it’s better not to skip this step. You have to protect your baby’s skin from harsh chemicals and wash the diapers separately, a WebMD article says. 

How to dry clothes?

  • Skip the dryer sheet – When you are washing baby clothes, chances are the added fragrance or ingredient will make your newborn baby uncomfortable. The right supplies for your baby will make every garment clean and soft so that you can skip the dryer sheets.
  • Don’t exceed the dry time – Since baby clothes are much delicate, smaller, and thinner than an adult’s garments, try to keep your drying time shorter until you figure out the right formula to dry the clothes.
  • Don’t go overboard with the dryer – Overloading your machine’s dryer can make the drying process take longer, and the chances of your device having a breakdown can increase. Avoid filling up the washer with too many clothes. You can quick dry items out in the bright sun instead.

How to store and organize newborn baby clothes?

Now that you’ve passed through the washing and drying circle, it’s time to learn how you can store and organize the fresh and clean clothes of your baby.

  • Save Space with Closet Dividers – Save your time and space by adding a few size closet dividers to your child’s closet. You can easily buy them online or DIY with colorful door hangers, labels, and markers. It makes everything look nice and organized.
  • Invest in Clothespins – A pack of clothespins is not only cheap, but it can completely transform your child’s wardrobe. Clip the pin on the top of the clothing item you want to hang, and then clip it again over the hanger.
  • Install Shelves in The Wardrobe – If you require more space in your closet, add shelves on your dressing area walls. You can install them alongside or in between the racks of clothes so that you can find the clothes quickly. This strategy is perfect for smaller items like socks, bibs, beanies, and burp cloths.
  • Buy a Shoe Organizer – Buy a shoe organizer from a thrift store that provides excellent storage space for items like hats and socks. You can also hang your shoe organizer up on the door of your closet.

How to keep the drawers tidy?

Keeping the drawers neat and tidy is easy. Choose a drawer for each clothing type. Add plastic dividers, and get rid of old, worn-out clothes.

Organize your priority items in the drawer highest up in the line and less critical garments toward the bottom. Get creative and think outside the box.

If you feel too nostalgic about throwing away your baby’s first t-shirt, cute dress, or hoodie, consider memorializing significant items. You can cut squares and circles of fabric and then add them to a scrapbook or make a quilt.

In the end

Keeping your newborn baby’s clothes clean and organized can consume a lot of time, but now you know how to keep both you and your little munchkin healthy and happy. Follow the tips mentioned in the guide, and your baby’s sensitive skin will be undamaged and glowing. Remember, it’s going to be a long ride with stains, rips, and messes, but your baby’s smile is worth each effort you put in to provide them with a healthy environment.

13 Secrets For New Parents to Care For Newborn Baby Clothes (Wash, Organize, Store)

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