The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Type Of Baby Blanket

Choosing the best type of baby blanket is crucial simply because picking the wrong type for your newborn may not give the right protection; or worse, it could cause unwanted things like baby rash, irritation, and the like. So how do you choose the best type of baby blanket? Here’s a helpful guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Type Of Baby Blanket

Where Do You Live?

The Place where you live will have a massive impact on the kind of blankets you can choose from. If you live in a very hot place then it is likely that you will need a cooler blanket. Equally if the place you live in is cold, then you should consider a warmer blanket.

It might be that you require different blankets for different seasons or one for a midday nap and one for overnight. It makes perfect sense to choose more than one blanket, based on the requirements you have at the time.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Type Of Baby Blanket

Where Do You Go?

Do bear in mind however, the temperature of the places you are going to. After all, the likelihood is that if you live in a cooler place that the inside of your home will be much warmer than taking a stroll outside. Going into malls or stores is going to be much warmer than taking a country walk will be.

Different Types Of Blanket

Think practically about what will work for you and your special one. It might be quite different to a friend or relative living elsewhere. If they give you plenty of advice, no matter how well meaning, it may not be quite right for you.

If you are unsure, choose both a light and a heavier, warmer blanket to suit a wide range of occasions.

The Right Color For You

The color of blankets varies widely and it will be up to you to pick colors that suit your family. You will find a huge range of neutral colors available that work well for any baby. They might be white, beige, yellow, green or brown and offer you plenty of flexibility.

This category will give you the most choice. They are also quite easy on the eye and tend to look great with a wide variety of clothing and other accessories. Neutrals add great depth and look good with everything.

If you may consider using the items for any further children or plan pass them on nieces and nephews, then this guarantees they will be reusable no matter what. There are many neutral motifs such as teddy bears that you might find go well with these neutral colors.

Gender Based Colors

You may prefer traditional gender based colors, which might be pinks and purples for girls and blues for boys. This may be the look you like best, and therefore you will find a huge amount of choice in these options too. After all, you could also be coordinating with nursery decorations.

Choosing The Best Type Of Baby Blanket

If the blanket is going to be the one that goes to bed at night, then ensuring it matches may add a lovely additional accent to the room. It can match by theme as well as color, so if the scheme is pink elephants then it may well be possible to personalize it the same way.

Choose A Blanket That You Like

One vital consideration for choosing the best type of baby blanket in the visual part of it is simply choosing something that you like. You are going to be looking at that blanket so often, every day for weeks and months as well as in the countless photos that you took of your special little one.

For example, if it is bright yellow and that is not a color you like, then it will not be fully enjoyed the way it should. Choose something that you love and you will love seeing it with them too.

Age And Size Of The Baby Matter For Your Blanket

The age and size of your baby is an essential consideration, as before they come along it is hard to imagine just how quickly they grow. What might start out in your mind as a blanket for their baby and kindergarten years, might only be suitable for them up to a year old.

Equally, it might be quite large and need lots of folding when they are small. So much so, that it doubles the thickness and turns a light and cool blanket into a thicker and warmer one that is no longer practical. Think about what will work best for you over the time you hope to use it.

Baby Blanket

There are also lots of different types of blankets that are best to use at different times. There is plenty of advice and guidance available, but the most important thing is to make an informed choice. This can avoid choosing something impractical or that seemed like a good idea at the time.

We have all done this before and sometimes it can be a costly endeavor. We all went to get something at a store only to find out it was not what you needed or it doesn’t do quite what you hoped. Mitigate that problem with our guide to the types of blanket you may require.

The Different Types Of Blanket

The type of blanket you choose has to meet your needs. There are different types, which may be best at different times:

Swaddling Blanket

Your baby has been developing at an impressive rate inside your body. In fact, so much so that their world is a tight and nurturing space that bends precisely to their needs. This is what they have gotten used to and being born can be quite a traumatic experience for them.

Protect them a little longer with a swaddling blanket. A blanket that wraps fully around their body without being restrictive thanks to plenty of stretch. This feels more like their natural nurturing space and offers a supremely safe and secure feeling.

Babies also naturally jerk with their startle reflex, which can wake them up. A swaddling blanket lessens this effect and so encourages longer and deeper sleep. A fantastic item to support your baby’s first weeks.

Baby Newborn Boy Blue Blanket Fish Design Custom NameBaby Newborn Pink Girl Blanket Animal Giraffe Design Custom Name

Receiving Blanket

A receiving blanket is usually the first thing to cover your baby. Generally it is a small blanket to fit the size of a newly born baby and you might well find that you receive some of these as gifts. However, it is important to have one at the very beginning to comfort and secure your baby in their first days and weeks.

They have so many practical uses beyond that initial slice of time. For example, as a swap out for a changing mat or in lieu of burp cloths. They will be ever practical and become indispensable. A lovely blanket for welcoming baby into the world.

Baby Newborn Girl Pink Blanket Flower Design Custom NameBaby Newborn Boy Blue Blanket Cars Design Custom Name

Standard Flat Blanket

This is the kind of blanket that might most traditionally come to mind; a large square or rectangle. A standard blanket is pretty essential for your little one as they grow from tiny baby to crawler, toddler and beyond. Whether it is for a nap in the stroller, a cuddle on the sofa or to warm and soothe at bedtime, this is one piece you will want to get.

Blankets make lovely bed clothes, however do note that blankets should always to tucked in tightly to cribs and nursery beds for the ultimate in safety. You may need a couple of these in different fabrics for a variety of different times. A truly personal item for bringing up baby.

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Sleeping Bags

A baby sleeping bag is an easy way to ensure your little one is warm and comfortable overnight. Cleverly you can put them in their normal pajamas and add the sleeping bag on top where it acts like a quilt. They come in a variety of thicknesses too, just like quilts.

It is quite important to choose the right thickness to make sure that your baby will not be too warm or cold. This is where the season or temperature outside may affect what this will be. Keep an eye on the length of the bag to ensure your baby will have enough legroom to kick around.

They also have the additional feature of being very safe. As they attach around the baby, usually by poppers at the shoulder, it cannot ride up or go near their face. A very bright sleeping solution for your tiny one.

Baby Newborn Unisex White Sleeping Bag Custom NameBaby Newborn Boy Blue Sleeping Bag Custom Name


Quilts make a perfect next step for when your baby is getting a little older. They are exactly what they will be having on their beds for the future, after all. More than other items, it is possible to get quilts in a wide variety of designs that really offer something special.

Whether it is something wonderfully fun for your little one or one in a fabulous pattern, there is so much choice. Whatever you wish to get, you will be able to find it. A great way to coordinate with their room while keeping them highly snug, they are perfect.

Baby Newborn Boy Blue Quilt Blankie Custom NameBaby Newborn Girl Pink Quilt Blanket Custom Name

Security Lovies

During the day, or when they get older, it may not work for your little (but getting bigger!) one to have their big blanket. A security lovie is a small piece of blanket that babies can easily carry round or use for a feeling of security. It is a little piece of comfort yet flexible enough to be taken anywhere.

In a wide variety of fabrics, colors and designs it will not be difficult finding one that your little one adores. Dragging around a big blanket can hold back their explorations and slow them down. With a hand held security lovie they can keep going all day and fulfill every dream and aspiration.

Baby Newborn Boy Blue Security Lovy Blanket Animal Custom NameBaby Newborn Girl Pink Security Lovy Blankie Bunny Rabbit Custom Name

Another very important thing to consider when choosing the best type of baby blanket is the fabric.

What Fabric To Choose For Your Blanket?

The fabric of the blanket you choose will have a high impact on the suitability of it at a particular time. Here are some fabric types and some of their features, to help you in picking the right one:

Fleece Blankets

Fleece is a lovely fabric that is extra soft and warm. It can be made both thick and thin, so you can still get a light blanket made from fleece. Baby Fleece Blankets are made in a wide variety of colors and in a huge range of patterns.

Best Type Of Baby Blanket

Fleece is often trimmed with different fabrics to give it a little more depth and variety, and is so easy to wash and more importantly dry. Even in cool and damp places it dries very quickly and is ready to use again. Useful in cooler places and in those scenarios where your blanket might need repeated washing.

Despite the possibility for extra washing, it does stay looking good for a long time too.

Bamboo Blanket

It is a relatively new fabric that is becoming so popular. Bamboo Blankets are light and hygienic thanks to its antibacterial qualities. The bamboo plant grows so much faster than other plants such as cotton, so is great for making items as it is ecologically friendly and sustainable.

Additionally bamboo is extremely soft and moisture wicking for the ultimate in comfort. Bamboo is created in a similar way to cotton, so that the production of colors and patterns are on a par. There is plenty of choice and its lovely qualities will impress you.


Probably the most recognized fabric in the world, cotton remains highly popular. It is natural, looks great and is kind to skin. Cotton is found in a great number of blankets either on its own or as a mixed fiber.

Type Of Baby Blanket

Mixing cotton with other fibers works extremely well and offers different feels and sheens. Cotton is easy to dye and pattern so there are plenty of these in available in a wide range of different colors types.

It is also easy to embroider you may like to have it personalized. It washes easily with other garments and can be washed at very high temperatures. Therefore it is easy to keep clean and sanitary.

Flannel Blanket

Flannel is the fabric people often associate as being used for plaid shirts. It is typically made from cotton, which has a finishing process called napping applied to it, that raises the fibers. That is why it is often called brushed cotton.

This napping adds an additional layer of warmth and makes it extra soft and snug. Blankets from flannel are very similar to those in cotton but have a slight fleecy feel about them. They wash well and can be washed at high temperatures, but may take additional time to dry. However they also feel very warm and snuggly.

Organic Blanket

Organic blankets are made from natural fibers that have had no modification, so are highly natural. This makes them environmentally sound and pure for baby’s skin.

They are more likely to be cotton but can be other fibers too. Thanks to their neutral production, they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and are very popular for newborns. They are likely to use natural dyes for purity and therefore the colors might be more limited.

Wool Blanket

Wool is an ancient yarn and has been used for centuries to create garments. There is a false presumption that all wool is itchy and this is definitely not the case. It depends upon the type of animal used and its breed.

Guide to Choosing The Best Type Of Baby Blanket

For example, some sheep’s wool is very coarse and itchy, but lambswool tends to be soft and comfortable. The best thing about wool is its undeniable warmth.

It is so, so warm that even in the coolest country or months, your baby will still be super warm. It is also completely natural. Wool is dyed in a huge range of colors and can be machine or hand knitted into a fabulous variety of lovely patterns.

Knitted Blanket

Knitted blankets tend to be made from cotton or wool. The effect of knitting offers a thicker product and the result tends to be very snuggly and warm. Knitted blankets offer a gorgeous, traditional look that is so attractive.

This would make a lovely piece for your baby or as a gift for a loved one with a little one. Featuring either in a single color or knitted into a pattern, they are delightful.

The blanket you buy offers you a great many factors to consider. From the fabric or fibre used, to the size, type and color there is so much choice. However the decision is yours and you know exactly what your little one needs.

This might be different things at different times depending on the season or location you are in. What you need to remember most is that like it or not, your baby is going to grow up.

That does not have to mean that they won’t love their blanket any more. Choose something they can treasure across their years and even as heirlooms for their own children.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Type Of Baby Blanket