How Can Parents Handle A 3-year-old’s Behaviour For Development?

Crisis Of The Age Of 3: What Does This mean? How Do I Deal With It?

Your sweet ever so calm child had a terrible out-of-nowhere tantrum at the store today? No need to panic; we will find out the reason for such 3-year-old behavior in a moment.

Handle a 3-year-old’s Behavior for Development

What Does The Crisis Of The Age Of 3 Mean?

Psychologists claim that this is a natural stage of a child’s development. A kid grows older, gets to know the world and itself. Because the child becomes conscious of who he or she is, a little one starts to grow apart from the mother to become more independent. One of the most unpleasant side effects is that a child pushes away the nearest and dearest – mother. Moreover, a child’s stubbornness also increases at this age.

However, a kid is still an angel in the flesh with other relatives. Regardless of the difference in 3-year-old behavior, the mother is the best help that a child can get during this hard time.

Constellation Of Seven Symptoms:

1) Negativity

It is not mere disobedience. This can happen at any age, and usually, the cause is simple – the child’s wishes do not correspond with those of parents. In this case, the kid starts to act up.

upset child

Sometimes, when there is no conflict of interest, a 3-year-old child can still behave badly. It is an axiom – children do not like doing as they are told and that’s a big reason for the child’s stubbornness.

Negativity is always directed at a person rather than a situation. Do not insist and give a child some time to calm down. Afterward, you can ask someone to repeat your request to a kid.

2) Obstinacy

Obstinacy is close to negativity. The main difference is while negativity is aimed at a person, obstinacy is aimed at a situation. Such behavior is usually peculiar to families, where parents have contradicting positions and ideas considering life and methods of child’s upbringing.

A child acts as if it does not hear you. Switch the child’s attention to something else, and later a little one will do what you have asked earlier.

3) Stubbornness

A 3-year-old child will demand of you whatever it wants and will stand its ground, whether it needs it or not. Whenever a child says, “I want it!” you be sure that a little one will do his best to get it.

Stubborn child

Do not mistake stubbornness for persistence. Persistent children display a strong will that can help them become successful in the future. Do not try to persuade a child. Leave it be, and a kid will decide when it is the time to do what you’ve asked.

4) Despotism

Children do everything to get what they want. This is how they establish rules over mother and father.

Show a child that it can capture your attention with much calmer and peaceful methods. Do not play along and do your child’s bidding.

5) Depreciation

Depreciation occurs when a 3-year-old child stops cherishing its toys and the people it loves. This can be a matter of morality when a child starts to devalue the things it once valued as important.

3-year-old’s Behavior for Development

A boy can break his favorite car, a girl can rip off a doll’s legs, or a once-tender kid can hurt his pet.

Switch the child’s attention to something else. Sit down and read a book with your child about social conduct, the importance of good relationships with close people.

6) Self-willed

A 3-year-old child is trying to do everything by himself regardless of whether it can handle it or not. Of course, it is good if a kid strives toward independence, even if the kid’s attention span stays on it for just a minute. However, it is impermissible if a child crosses the road by itself or turns on the oven.

When a child is independent, it acquires a life experience. Establish rules aimed at forbidding things and actions that threaten a child’s, and other peoples, safety.

7) Rebelliousness

Children rebel when adults push them to do something that they don’t want to do.

If a child rebels against safety, then do not change your mind and stand your ground. When a kid rebels – be unperturbed but, at the same time, listen to what a little one has to say.

3-year-old child

During this period, parents have to change their attitude towards a kid, for little one’s outlook and personality have changed.

Be patient and try treating a kid as an adult, for a child displays this wish with its behavior.

Whatever a kid does, stay reserved because children imbibe emotions that their parents display. If an adult is short-tempered or emotionally unstable, then what can you expect from a 3-year-old’s behavior?

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