Tips And Tricks For Baby’s First 100 Days: Baby Care and Mommy Tips

Motherhood is a work in progress. You always learn something new about your baby, and they never stop surprising you. It is difficult to bring up a child, therefore give yourself dome credit and enjoy the process.

Baby's First 100 Days

They say that the first year is the most difficult. Well, these people might be right, BUT I am here for you, and I will give you some tips on how to make your motherhood enjoyable and a little bit easier.

Here are some tips for a baby’s first 100 days. Here you will find a lot of information for yourself and about baby care. Let’s not waste time, and let’s dive right into it!

Tips And Tricks For Baby's First 100 Days: Baby Care and Mommy Tips

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Explore And Decide What Works For You

There are as many opinions on baby care as there are mothers on the planet. Be ready that your friends, relatives and sometimes other people will be giving you pieces of advice as to what you should do and how you should do it.

Of course, as a newly minted mother, you would need this information, but it does not mean that you should follow each and every step.

Unfortunately, there is no manual for newborn care. Therefore, my advice will be to listen to what others have to say but act as comfortable for you and your baby. Different things work for different people, so make sure to find your way around neonatal babies.

Ask For Help If You Need It

Young mothers tend to take on too many roles and responsibilities. They think that a “good mother” can do it all and get disappointed when they find out that it is not true. 

Technically, you can do it all, but why would you? I would advise you to ask for help. There are many things you have yet to learn – let someone help you.

You need to take time for yourself and relax a bit – let someone help you. Playing a superhero rarely pays off. Therefore – ask for help.

It is perfectly acceptable to get help from your partner, family, friends, or nanny. If you are afraid that people will judge you – they will, but not because you are doing something wrong, but because this is what people do.

Therefore, never let anyone get into your head and do as you feel will be best for your baby, yourself, and your family.

Baby Health or Stop Overthinking!

First-time mothers tend to find things that are not there. Neonatal babies are fascinating! They have their way of communicating with you, and they grow quite fast.

Because of their growth and development’s peculiarities, some mothers may think that there is something wrong with the apple of their eye.

Tips And Tricks For Baby's First 100 Days

My advice to you would be to stop overthinking! Do not weigh your child every single day and worry about slight weight fluctuations. Do not get stressed out because of a pimple or if a child cries a little longer than usual. Do not take the child’s temperature every hour.

Usually, after delivering a baby, a little one gets a pediatrician, who will give you essential instructions before dismissing you from the hospital. You will have to bring a child to regular appointments, where the pediatrician will examine and weigh the baby. Therefore, pay attention to the baby’s health but don’t overthink. Find this happy medium.

Read Reviews Before Purchasing Anything

The internet is full of different products that can be helpful when taking care of babies. However, just because products are on the market, that does not mean that you automatically need to buy all of them.

For this reason, I would recommend you read reviews before buying something. It will help you decide: Whether you need a particular product; How effective it is; Is it worth getting it; Is quality good; Is it safe; Where is the better price, etc.

Many mothers have already gone down the road that you are only going to take. Therefore, read the reviews of the women who have tried the products and pay attention to the one they recommend. With time, you can also leave your reviews and help first-time mothers out there.


It is first and foremost. A timetable will bring order into your and your baby’s lives. Aside from baby care, you have other responsibilities you need to attend to.

Therefore, I’d advise you to create a timetable. Plan the time you will get up, feed the baby, go for a walk, put a little one to nap, etc. A baby will get used to it with time, and soon you will too.

Whenever a child is asleep, you can use the time to do some house chores, have some time for yourself and relax or work.

If you were never an early bird – I feel for you. However, once you are used to this lifestyle, you will see that waking up in the morning is rather an advantage! Personally, for me, when I wake up at 6 am, it feels like there are more hours in the day.

In case you are not one of those people who can work in the early morning, have some coffee, relax and meditate. However, if you prefer working with the first rays of light, you’ll benefit from this timetable one way or another.

Changes In Your Body

Be prepared for the fact that your body will undergo some changes. Some of them are temporary, but some might be permanent.

My advice would be first to understand that your body has just brought life to the world. Second, you need to find time for yourself. Physical activities, healthy food, and peace of mind are vital, and all of them require work and effort.

Tips And Tricks For Baby's First 100 Days

Go to your healthy goal step by step, and you won’t even notice how you will develop healthy habits. Remember that a happy mother means a happy child and a happy family.

Find a Hobby

For some reason, it sounds weird, but it is what you need. As much as you love the baby, you cannot spend time with a little one 24/7.

You are also a person, and you need “days off.” Therefore, find something that makes you happy. If it is watching movies, drawing, reading, going to the cinema, eating out, meeting up with friendsgo for it. Create a timetable, get some help from your partner or family or a nanny, and have an hour of free time.

Suppose You Are Unable to Breastfeed

There are different things and situations that we have no control of. Breastfeeding is quite an intimate process for both mother and child.

However, some women cannot breastfeed for various reasons. Some find it to be depressing, but what you need to remember is that it is not your fault, nor does it make you a less amazing mother for your baby.

Postnatal Depression

It is quite common for a woman to be depressed after delivering a baby. However, it is not okay to stay in this state for long.

I always say that if you feel sad, then give yourself time to feel it. People have both bright and dark sides, and we have to know both.

Instead of avoiding and suppressing the feelings, deal with them, or one day you might explode like a grenade hurting everyone around you. Therefore, give yourself some time (let’s say a week or two), cry if it makes you feel relieved, talk your feelings through. Find some time to do something you like, ask for help with the baby, and find your way out of this dark state. 

Now you have a beautiful bundle of happiness that will love no matter what. It is the purest of emotions a person can ever feel – a child’s love. Therefore, pull yourself together as soon as possible and enjoy your life.

Never Compare Yourself To Other Mothers

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to someone else. Remember: There is no way one can compare authentic things, for they are one of a kind and have no analogs. You are one of a kind too, so never compare yourself to someone else.

Each mother has her own beliefs, ideas, and methods. Just because your opinions differ from hers, it does not mean that one of you is better or worse. It just means that you are different.

Also, forget about comparing yourself to bloggers. They post a picture-perfect life, but real life always stays behind the scenes. Believe me, it also has poops and black bags under eyes in it.

Learn To Enjoy Each Moment, because once they pass, you will wish to repeat them!

For Mommy About Newborn Care

Midnight Feeding

Motherhood can take lots of energy. You can (and most certainly will) feel exhausted, for you will always be on the move.

There is a moment of peace, though. I would recommend you to think of midnight feeding. It is the time when everyone and everything is asleep except for you and the baby.

Tips And Tricks For Baby's First 100 Days

There is no noise, no hustle, and bustle, but a quiet atmosphere. Learn to enjoy these moments of serenity and silence.

Spoil The Baby With Your Love And Affection

Some say that it is wrong to spoil children. However, I don’t think that it includes the most genuine and pure feeling in the whole universe – love.

Therefore, hug and shower your baby with kisses, talk to a little one and give a child as much attention as it needs. I think that it is a vital element of baby care.

Talk to a little one. The child needs to know your voice and to get to know the sounds. However, nonverbal communication will say more to neonatal babies. Kisses and hugs will make a little one feel loved and safe.

Track Feedings

Tracking and counting things is a useful habit when taking care of babies. This way, you can develop a timetable and create an approximate (because you never know) plan for the day. Also, in case if you don’t breastfeed, you will know when to go shopping.

Wetness Indicators On Diapers

Diapers must be number one on your baby essentials list. Especially Pampers Swaddlers that have wetness indicators. The yellow line on the front turns blue whenever the baby has a “surprise” for mommy. It is incredibly convenient for some apparent reasons. 

Diaper Size

It is a tricky one because not only do you need to pay attention to the baby’s age. You also need to check the weight guidelines. Newborns are different, and you have to choose diapers based on a little one’s weight. A child will feel comfortable, and there will be no “unexpected situations.” 

Protect Baby’s Skin

It is not only about buying the right skincare products but also about laundry detergents. The baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive.

Detergents that you use for your clothes might cause an allergic reaction and have a strong smell. I would advise you to buy natural baby laundry detergents.         It is best if they are hypoallergenic and don’t have a strong smell. 

According to the 2020 review of baby laundry detergents, the best would be Puracy Natural Liquid Detergent, Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder, and Dreft Stage 1 Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent. Do a little research, read reviews, and choose the best for your baby.

Take Your Time

Sometimes we do things so fast that we forget to pause for a second and enjoy the moment. Try paying attention to the details and give your baby some time to enjoy it.

For instance, stroke a child before putting a little one into the crib, just have a moment, and look how the baby turns little to sides and tries to grasp everything around. Enjoy these sweet moments because once they are gone, you will miss them so much.

Capture Moments

I adore pictures and videos from childhood. These times got almost completely lost in the memory. Therefore, capture moments so that one day you could show them to a little one and tell funny stories from their childhood. However, do not forget to put down the phone and perpetuate the most memorable moments in your memory.

Buy Things As You Go

First-time parents would have bought everything on the baby market if they only could. There are tons of cute things for the babies, but you don’t need all of them.

Therefore, create a baby essentials list. Buy only the things a little one will need for the first time. After, you will have a better picture of what a little one needs, the size of a little one, etc. Do not run and buy things as if there’s no tomorrow.


Kids love toys, although newborns do not particularly care about their shape, colors, and quantity. Kids get distracted easily, and they cannot focus their attention on things longer than a few moments.

Therefore, there is no need to buy hundreds of toys. You can buy a few baby rattles (2-3) and some stuffed toys. It will be more than enough.

Give baby a toy and let a little one play with it for some time. With time, when a child loses interest in it, you can give a baby another toy—interchange toys. You will not spend a fortune on toys, and a little one will always think that this is a new toy.

Baby Essentials

A baby will need a lot of space and many things…one day. Inspired first-time parents want to buy everything at once just to be on the safe side. However, half of the purchases turn out to be useless.

Therefore, create a list of must-have baby essentials and follow it—stock up on diapers, wet wipes, shampoo, and other baby products that you will need. There can never be too many diapers!

Extra Change

You never know when a little one decides to “add some color” to the clothes. For this reason, always have extra onesies, t-shirts or whatever clothes you choose to take. Also, have wet wipes with you, for they always save the day.

An Effective Way To Remove Stains

It breaks my heart whenever I see the cutest baby clothes with not cute stains. In order not to irritate the baby’s skin, soak the clothes in cold water with the detergent.

The sooner you wash a stained piece of clothing, the better. Leave it to soak overnight and then wash it the next morning. A piece of cake, right?

Don’t Miss These Baby Cues

Because babies have zero ideas about the world, their self-preservation instincts do the job.

Tips And Tricks For Baby's First 100 Days

The body language and nonverbal signs can tell you everything you need to know. Pay attention to the baby’s behavior, for this is how you can prevent rivers of tears and bad moods.

Whenever you stroke a baby’s cheek, a little one turns to the side, your hand is. Sometimes a baby can make a sucking noise and opens its lips.

It is the sign that a child is looking for the breast. Try feeding the baby. Usually, when a child is crying, it means that you have missed the initial signs.

Sometimes, when there are too many people around or it is too noisy, a child can become overstimulated. Whenever a little one starts kicking and turning the head away, it means that the baby needs some quiet place without anyone.

When babies bring hands to their mouths, they are either hungry, overstimulated, or teething. Pay close attention in order to determine the reason!

Pulling or rubbing ears and staring into nowhere means that your little angel is tired. Don’t miss the moment to put a baby to bed because once the moment has passed, a child won’t fall asleep easily. Furthermore, a little one may even have temper tantrums. 

Clenching fists means that the baby feels discomfort. In this case, take a look at the baby’s belly.

Newborn’s Belly Button

After the umbilical cord is cut off, you need to take good care of it. You need to keep it dry and clean until it falls off. Note that it has to fall off on its own!

Before you go home from the hospital, a nurse, who will take care of your baby, will show you how to treat your newborn’s belly button, don’t worry.

Here are some tips if something for you:

  • In case the umbilical cord gets wet, take a clean baby washcloth and, with very gentle movements, pat it dry.
  • Keep the diapers away from the stump. Don’t let the top of the diapers rub against the belly button. Either buy the diapers with a specially designed scoop for the stumps or fold the diaper’s top.
  • Use cotton. Avoid using tight clothes until the umbilical cord falls off. You can put light clothing made from breathable fabric (but not too loose, though) over the belly button.

Write Down Things

Mothers are superheroes, but I bet that even Wonder Woman has a little notebook, where she writes down some things. Whenever the question to pediatrician pops up in your head – write it down.

Mark the dates of your baby’s achievements. Besides, with all of the new responsibilities, there are lots of things on your mind. Write down important information.

Learn More About Car Seats

Real baby care starts with the baby’s safety. What can be more dangerous than a moving car and a baby that is on its own in the backseat? Well, there are quite a several things, but let’s focus on car seats.

Tips And Tricks For Baby's First 100 Days

I would recommend you learn more about car seats and how to fasten a child’s seatbelt correctly. You can look it up on the car seat inspection site or turn to the nearest police department station.

Don’t Be Glued To Your Phone

Both neonatal babies and much older kids need you in the real, rather than on social media. Nowadays, mothers tend to post tons of pictures of their angels instead of connecting with people (babies in the first place) in real life.

I would strongly recommend you put off your phone, enjoy time in the real world, and shower a child with kisses and hugs. It is sad when the only way to reach you is through DMs.

Swaddle In A Right Way

Babies like swaddling. Sometimes it might even calm them down. Therefore, learning to swaddle a baby is only an advantage.

Final Word

Although motherhood looks tough, once you experience it, you will see how beautiful it is. Peace and happiness always come with hardships. By overcoming them, we fall more and more in love with what we have. I hope that these tips give you the heads up, ease your mind, and help you believe in yourself.

Tips And Tricks For Baby's First 100 Days: Baby Care and Mommy Tips

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