6 St. Patrick’s Day Baby Outfit Inspiration Every Parent Needs

St. Patrick’s day is a fun holiday people of every age enjoy. I am always reminded of the spring, the color green, and all the good vibes.

6 St. Patrick's Day Baby Outfit Inspiration Every Parent Needs

And as parents, you are excited to dress up your baby in a St. Patrick’s day outfit. This article has all the inspiration you need for St. Patrick’s day outfit for your baby that is timeless, festive, and adorable. 

Here are great St. Patrick’s Day baby outfit ideas & everything you need to know for St. Patrick’s day and dressing up your baby for this occasion.

6 St. Patrick's Day Baby Outfit Inspiration Every Parent Needs

Why is St. Patrick’s day celebrated?

When we think of Saint Patrick’s Day, the four-leaved clover, laughter, cute baby’s St. Patrick’s Day outfits, and spring come to our mind. But apart from the happiness that comes with this day, there is a lot of history with it. Let’s understand the importance of St. Patrick’s Day before we rejoice in celebrations.

Maewyn Succat (St. Patrick) was born in Britain, to the south of Hadrian’s Wall in the year 387 AD. The area was a part of the Roman Empire during that era. As he turned 16, Maewyn was captured and kidnapped by the Irish pirates and taken to Ireland.

In Ireland, he was enslaved for around six years. He didn’t let his hardships dishearten him, and during all the tough times, he looked up to the Irish spirit.

During his time in Ireland, he grew fond of the place and the people. So much so that when he escaped, he promised to return one day.

He returned in 432 AD to Ireland after becoming a cleric. This time he devoted himself to studying the monasteries throughout the continent. He wanted to bring a positive change, and his dedication led him to become a priest and then a bishop.

Eventually, Pope Celestine I commissioned him as the apostle of Ireland. It is widely agreed upon that by the seventh century, St. Patrick came to be known as the patron saint of Ireland.

Determined to help the people of Ireland through Christianity, St. Patrick tore down old notions and established Catholic churches. And by 444 AD, the famous cathedral of Ireland was built.

He also helped in starting the construction of schools, monasteries, and other churches. In less than 30 years, the whole of Ireland was converted and was in harmony.

St. Patrick died on March 17, 461, and was buried down in Downpatrick in present-day Northern Ireland.

The shamrock we relate to St. Patrick’s Day, also seen on St. Patrick’s day outfits for babies and adults, is the official flower of Ireland. It became a symbol as St. Patrick used it to explain the Catholic trinity. 

What are the things you need to know before picking St. Patrick’s outfit?

6 St. Patrick's Day Baby Outfit Inspiration Every Parent Needs

Your little one grows up really fast. If you are thinking of buying a festive outfit for your baby, you need to take care of a few things. Here is all you need to know.

  1. You should get the worth of the outfit

Let’s be honest, for something that is to be worn only once, festive outfits are very expensive. Your kids grow very fast, so all these outfits will only be able to wear these outfits only once.

So if you want to get your outfit’s worth, you should get a subtle outfit that is comfortable to be worn on other occasions too. Take note that your outfit is comfortable, cute, and subtle. 

Your outfit’s worth can be great by buying quality and affordable baby clothes

  1. Take care of the fabric

When your child has to wear an outfit for more than a couple of hours, you need to make sure that the fabric is great. The first thing to note is the quality of the dress, the second, it should be breathable, and finally, it should be washed friendly. 

Your baby needs diaper changes many times a day. That means the outfit should be easily washable and it should be airy. These types of fabrics prevent diaper rash and maintain their quality for longer periods of time.

To solve this issue, you need to invest in good quality baby t-shirts.

  1. Should be quick to change

Spit ups and mess are common with kids. On top of that, diapering for the first couple of years, diapering takes up a big chunk of your time.

No matter if you are home or going out, a quick to change outfit is a blessing. So, as a parent, you should invest in the need to know which outfits are quick to change. 

For being a good parent, buy quirky rompers for your baby. 

  1. Say no to embellishments

Baby outfits are cute when they come with pom-poms, beads, and glitters. No doubt they are cute and may make your baby look like the angel they are. But embellished outfits are a recipe for hazard.

These little decorations get loose, and kids often put them in their mouths. You can either tighten them and make sure any disaster is not in its way. Another thing you can do is get your own accessories, so no matter what your baby wears, you can always spice it up.

The best thing you can do is to get plain t-shirts and style them up!

  1. It should be affordable

If there is one thing you can take away from this article has a list. Include your requirements and your budget. It will help you navigate through all your options while it stays light on your pocket, and you avoid overspending. 

Keep all your favorite baby outfits ready for purchase.

Here are things you need to take care of:

  • The outfit should be multipurpose
  • The color should match with a variety of other colors 
  • It can be worn for a long time
  • It fits your budget
  • It shouldn’t have embellishments
  • The fabric should retain its quality after washing

Outfit ideas for kids

You get even more excited for St. Patrick’s day when you have a little one to celebrate it with. There is an abundance of cute baby outfits available to choose from, but it can be tricky with too many choices.

To ease finding the right St Patrick’s day children’s clothes for your newborn and toddler, here is St. Patrick’s day outfit inspiration for you for every occasion. 

  1. Outfits for Church

Many people don’t celebrate St Patrick’s day very religiously. They spend time with their family, cook a traditional meal, and have fun, and that’s fine. But if you are planning on going to church, I might have some useful ideas for you. 

No matter if your church has a formal or informal dress code, you are going to rock your baby’s St. Patrick’s day outfit(s). The first thing to keep in mind is that the outfit you pick should be bright and very spring themed. The primary color of St Patrick’s day is green, so we are going to play with green baby t-shirts and onesies as well.

  • Let’s start with a very basic outfit. Take a white t-shirt with a clove design and coordinate with either white pants or green ones (I would advise going for green pants as with whites, there is a greater chance of a mess). 
  • Get a green cardigan or a thin summer jacket to add texture to your baby’s St. Patrick’s outfit
  • For a St Patrick’s day outfit for girls, get a green headband with some pearls on it, or a simple green headband. It will make your little angel look ethereal and stylish. 
  • For a St Patrick’s day outfit for a baby boy, add a cap. It can be white, green, or have a clover design.
  • Don’t forget to add thin green socks and a pair of white booties would do.

Here’s another church outfit for you.

  • If you are out with your newborn, you must be worried about constantly changing the baby’s diaper. The best outfit for diapering babies is a  baby romper, and you can style that. 
  • Now you can get a green stocking for your baby or knee socks to keep them warm and in theme.
  1. Outfits for an outing
boy wearing st patrick's day outfit

Going out for a picnic is a common activity on St. Patrick’s day. If you are going out with your loved ones, you want to prepare your baby for it. I have a few outfit ideas to go with your theme and keep any mess at bay.

  • Why should adults have all the fun on St. Patrick’s day! Get creative with your baby’s outfit with a baby’s St. Patrick’s day bodysuit with a quote. It will make the outfit fun, and you and your loved ones can adore your baby.
  • Pack your diaper bag well with extra clothes, blankets, diapers, and everything you might need.
  • Carry a baby’s bib with you to avoid staining their clothes and sudden spit-up

Let’s look at another option for your baby’s outfit for a fun St. Patrick’s day outing.

  • Dress your baby in a fun St. Patrick’s day t-shirt. A t-shirt is comfortable, comes in many styles, and allows mobility. Moreover, if your baby gets a stain on it, you won’t have to change the whole outfit. You can change the baby t-shirt into another fun baby t-shirt.
  • Pair the t-shirt with dark-colored pajamas or pants, and you’ll have a cute outfit ready.
  • You can accessorize this outfit with anything you want.

Here are some alternative options too!

  • For a St Patrick’s day outfit for girls, you can get a gingham dress in white and green. Not only will it look super cute, but it’s also airy and comfortable too. The baby can also wear it without an in the face St. Patrick’s day design.
  • Similarly, for a St Patrick’s day outfit for a baby boy, you can get a green and white blazer. It doesn’t have to be stiff or formal; it can be flowy. Get a white t-shirt and layer the blazer over it.
  1. Outfits for eating out

After churches and shamrocks, beer is the next thing people relate to St. Patrick’s day. Or at least people go out or gather to eat. And that’s the spirit of a festival, right?

Getting together with your loved ones, adding love to your meals, and sharing the joy with everyone. Being a good parent, you’d want to make your children a part of it. And with that comes the right outfits to choose while your baby eats.

Below are my ideas you need to try for the right baby’s St Patrick’s day clothing.

  • I would advise you to dress your baby in a dark green St. Patrick’s day’s t-shirt. Your baby will be in theme, and any stain won’t be as obvious. Another benefit of t-shirts is that you won’t have to change the whole outfit if there’s a mess. If the t-shirt stains, just change it; if the pants need changing, the t-shirt will stay.
  • Pair the t-shirt with shorts if you are gathering at your home. First of all, shorts are cute; second, they are easy to wash; third, they come in a variety of colors. 
  • You can add some dark-colored pants to the St. Patrick’s outfit for your baby boy if you’re going out or going to someone’s place. It looks formal and will be warm too.
  • In the case of St. Patrick’s outfits for girls, a dress is a good look. You can get a simple A-line cotton dress or a poofy one. Just pick them in the theme, and you’ll be good to go.

Here is another option for you.

  • Just keep a baby bodysuit in your baby’s diaper bag. It will be a good alternative, it is easy to carry, and it works in every situation. So pack it right now!
  1. Outfits for a traditional meal

St. Patrick’s day is all about traditions and celebrating your beliefs; what better time to gather your loved ones at your home and have a fun time! Cooking with your family strengthens your bond, and the meal is always a delicious one.

Many families cook their traditional meal, but you can cook anything you like, as long as it’s filled with love. But after you cook, you need to take your baby’s outfit into consideration.

Here are some ideas for you.

  • I’d suggest you go for a dark-colored t-shirt with funky pajamas. It’ll hide any stains for the time being and will still look fun.
  • To layer this outfit, you can add a crochet top or cardigan. Make sure the outfit is airy and not constricting the newborn.

Here is another option you would love. 

  • Go for a baby onesie in green. If you pair it with a green jacket, socks, and a headband/cap, it will be the perfect fit for your child. 
  • St Patrick’s day outfit for your girl, use a white t-shirt to layer with a floral dress. It will make it look dressy yet very fun.

Tip: To keep the theme cohesive, go for similar shades of green. This gives an illusion that you’ve put in effort even if you didn’t.

  1. Outfits for a fun time
6 St. Patrick's Day Baby Outfit Inspiration Every Parent Needs

Every family has a different way of celebrating an occasion. Many families have a musical night, a karaoke, or they find joy in arts and crafts.

If you have a toddler, you would also like to make them a part of your celebrations no matter what it is. So here are some baby St. Patrick’s day outfit ideas for a fun time.

  • When you are having fun, you don’t want to be watching your back all the time. So the first tip is you’d want to have your diaper bag ready. Second, you need to have a dark-colored outfit to avoid any visible stains. 
  • For St Patrick’s day outfit, baby girl, pair a red t-shirt with a similar headband or a cap. You can go for a matching flowy skirt and socks to complete the look.
  • Funny baby bodysuits are always a good choice. They are super comfortable, can be styled and layered. If your baby decides to take a nap, the bodysuit will be a comfortable choice. 
  • If your activity doesn’t involve singing, crafts, or meals, you can always go for a good old white bodysuit. It looks super cute and is easy to pair with different colored accessories and clothes.

No matter what activity you are indulging in, your baby is prone to spit-ups and burping. A safe option is to keep a burp cloth nearby and bibs nearby. Invest in quality baby bibs, so they look cute while protecting your child’s other clothes.

  1. Lounge outfits

An outfit that goes with St. Patrick’s day theme doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. Your baby needs something they can sleep in right after they are enjoying themselves.

Even when you are having the time of your lives on this occasion, prepare your baby to chill comfortably in these baby’s St. Patrick day outfits

  • A bodysuit is the perfect lounge outfit for your baby. It allows your baby to move freely when they enjoy or sleep. It also is a breathable option for diapering babies. And if your baby requires changing, the bodysuit is quick to change.
  • I would recommend a striped bodysuit for your baby to lounge in. It looks like pajamas and paired with accessories; it looks chic. 
  • To dress up a St Patrick’s day outfit for your baby girl, get a pink onesie with a green St. Patrick’s theme. It can be paired with every accessory possible.
  • For St Patrick’s day outfit for a baby boy, you can go for a gray bodysuit. Though you may be inclined more towards a formal fit, that won’t be the most comfortable to lounge in.

Here is an alternate outfit option you can try to spruce up the baby’s look.

  • To give your baby a more prim lounge look during celebrations, dress them up in a t-shirt. It can be a festive baby tee or a simple one. 
  • You can dress your baby boy in a St. Patrick’s day themed white t-shirt and get cotton suspenders for their pants. The suspenders will add a formal look to your baby’s outfit, and they won’t be uncomfortable to wear.
  • To spruce up your baby girl’s outfit and to keep her warm, layer a white t-shirt with a floral dress. Your dress can be green or in any pastel color.

Tip: I would recommend you to stock up on accessories when you shop for a baby’s clothes. Headbands, cute socks, caps, and knitted cardigans are a good way to start. If you have accessories, you can enhance any outfit.

It’s time to choose the right St. Patrick’s day outfit for your baby. With the help of this article, you’ll find the right outfit that suits your baby and their needs.

With the Irish luck by your side, you are sure to have some fun while picking the perfect new year outfit. Find your favorite for your baby’s St. Patrick’s day outfit.

What to do with your family during St. Patrick’s day?

The best time to spend with your baby is during festivals. And when you need time with your loved ones, you need exciting activities to keep everything fun. I have compiled a list of these activities you can do while your kid is prepared with St. Patrick’s day outfits.

  1. Draw some shamrocks!

Your baby may be too young to do arts and crafts, but they can try drawing some artworks. Use your baby’s scribbling skills with the help of stencils. Take the colors you like and stencils on a page and unleash your little one’s artistic skills. 

If you want to create a stencil yourself, all you need is a rigid paper and a scissor. Cut the board in your desired shapes like eggs, shamrocks, or flowers. Hand over the colors to your child and keep the result as a childhood memoir of the baby.

  1. Try fingerpainting

Another fun activity you want to do with your baby is fingerpainting. Not only is it fun, but it also develops your child’s sight and touch.

If you use fruity-smelling colors, it may tickle their smell too. And the most important thing to come out of this activity is their enhanced motor skill. 

With every stroke your child makes, they learn to guide themselves. It’s fun and training at the same time; it’s a win-win! Cover your table with newspaper.

  1. Shamrock cookies
6 Baby's St. Patrick's Day Outfit Inspiration Every Parent Needs

Thinking of everything in the theme gives a good vibe, and adding in the theme will add five stars to the celebration. You can get a clover or shamrock cookie cutter and bake your very own cookies. 

It gives you an opportunity to have a fun time without any mess. And the result is just as sweet. You can add a cute baby bib to top up your little chef. 

  1. Go outside

When you think green, you imagine outside; the warm sun, the greenery, and everything the day has to offer. This could be your chance to take your baby for a nice stroll. Get your stroller for your newborn or hold your toddler’s finger and take them out.

A fresh breeze will do them good. You can even lay down a blanket in a park and have a small picnic. The setting and your baby’s St. Patrick’s day outfit will be a memory to remember. 

  1. A crafty affair

You can make this time your perfect bonding time with your toddler. This craft is really simple, and even your toddler can try it with you.

You need felt, paper plates, straws, and glue. Your toddler can help you cut the bunny’s ear, and you can help them glue the ears to a paper plate. 

Then stick the straws in place of the bunny’s whiskers and glue the ears on top of the plate. Place some googly eyes and sketch a smiley mouth. You can add pom-poms all you want, and your bunny will be ready.

Now you know everything you need to know about your baby’s St. Patrick’s day outfit. Keep all these tips and inspirations handy for your preparations. Keep their comfort in mind, and your baby can still look pretty with cozy outfits.

6 St. Patrick's Day Baby Outfit Inspiration Every Parent Needs

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