5 Cute Easter Outfits For Kids Every Parent Needs This Season

Easter is a joyous celebration that brings the blooming spring with it. And with that comes the excitement of choosing Easter outfits for your kids. I realize it can be challenging, and not everybody wants to spend a fortune on clothes your baby will wear just one time.

But with this guide, you can pick the perfect baby Easter dress in one read. And you can repurpose these outfits to get the most out of their worth.

Are you ready? Let’s get started to find the right kid’s Easter dresses.

5 Cute Easter Outfits for Kids Every Parent Needs this Season

Why is Easter important?

Every date we write today is taking Easter as the point of reference. It is an event that occurred over 2000 years ago and is still the focal point of Christianity. Before diving into Easter outfits for kids, let’s understand what is Easter and why should you be celebrating it?

Jesus went through a brutal trial and crucifixion because even after telling everyone he came to save the world from agony, he knew people wouldn’t believe him. But that wasn’t all; he knew everything beforehand and still went through it all to come back on Easter.

After the crucifixion, the people and leaders took Jesus’s body to his tomb and put a huge stone in front of the cave. But no matter what they would’ve tried, Jesus was destined to come out of that tomb, and he did. And that day is celebrated as Easter worldwide.

Easter is a celebration of Jesus, his teachings, and his holiness. It is a celebration of his resurrection to prove he is the Son of God and spreading the message of love through Christianity.

Many people who don’t follow Christianity also celebrate Easter, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is a celebration of his teachings, and he teaches love and understanding. That is why Easter is an important day, and everyone loves to celebrate it.

Easter with family

My fondest memories from childhood till now are the ones with my family, especially during festivals. The warmth of love surrounds you as your family sits together, eats together, and laughs together. It is a bonding time for parents, children, and loved ones that can not be replaced with anything else.

And the best part is, everyone gets to bless the little ones and shower them with love. I hope your memories are filled with laughter, warmth, togetherness too.

It is essential to celebrate the festive season together, if not in person, at least in spirit. Not only are you strengthening your bond while you are praying to God, but you are also setting an example for your kids.

Your child will learn the importance of togetherness, love, and cherish relationships forever through your celebration. And that’s what a good parent wants, right?

How to choose the right Easter outfit for kids?

Your baby looks like a ray of light in every outfit. Their smile and giggles are enough to make any outfit look good, no matter the event.

Still, you want to put a little more effort into your child’s clothing sometimes so they look as festive as they can. There’s nothing better than a baby dressed up for the occasion. 

Easter is a time when all your loved ones are together, and they want to see the baby. If your baby is dressed up in the Easter spirit, everyone is bound to fall in love.

To help you dress Easter outfits for kids, here are some tips I put together. Let’s understand some basics before you jump right into shopping. Here is everything you need to know before choosing the right Easter outfit for your kids.

  1. Pick the right color

Pastels, bright colors, and warmth, that’s what I associate with spring. Easter is celebrated in spring when life and nature are blooming everywhere around you.

So go for bright colors for your baby’s Easter outfits. You can choose mesh and laces too, but only if they are not too tight and can be worn without discomfort. 

Go for designs, stripes, and patterns as they look fun on the baby. You can go for darker colors if you think the baby is prone to spit-ups or mess; that’s your call to make.

  1. Check the fit

Fitting is the most important criteria when it comes to your child’s clothing. No matter how cute a dress is, you can’t buy it for your baby if it’s going to poke, is a little tight, or is uncomfortable in general. Your baby’s Easter outfit should also be the right length; short or too long pants, shirts, or onesies aren’t only uncomfortable, they look unflattering too.

  1. Choose breathable fabrics

We all know clothes made up of natural fabrics are breathable. This plays a vital role while dressing up babies as they wear diapers and are prone to spit ups.

They need their clothes to be airy so that their clothes do not stay damp or trap any moisture throughout the day. It prevents rashes in babies too. So say no to synthetic clothes.

  1. Beads and accessories

Embellished dresses and accessories make any outfit look festive, but you need extra care when it comes to babies. If you are thinking of buying an Easter outfit for kids with beads and other small embellishments, make sure they are tightly sewed.

Children put everything in their mouth, and if the beads are loose, that can be fatal; the same goes for accessories. So I’d suggest steering clear from such dresses.

  1. Keep the cost in mind

Having a budget while shopping is always a good idea. It helps you choose the right things for your baby, and it saves you from overspending. No matter how much you spend on your baby’s outfits, you don’t want it to be a one-time wear item.

Babies grow up fast, so it can act as a fancy outfit they can repurpose again. Not only keep the budget in mind but ensure the outfit is worth it.

Easter outfits for kids

Dressing up your kids for Easter isn’t easy without ideas. And that’s a good thing as your Easter outfits for kids can be creative and make your little one look super cute. I’d always suggest you use some of your favorite pieces or invest in baby outfits that can be repurposed to wear casually or on any other occasion.

It saves your money and gives you your money’s worth regarding the outfit’s wearability and your little one’s cuteness.  

Keeping everything in mind, I have put together these Easter outfits for kids with ideas to inspire you. You can repurpose these pieces and make sure your baby looks cute.

  1. Baby Easter outfits for church

Going to church on Easter is a tradition. Taking your baby or your toddler to the church can be a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can prepare your kids for church with cute little outfits and carry the baby’s diapering bag with you. This will help your baby look festive, and they’ll stay calm as they have everything they need right there.

Some churches require formal outfits, while some do not have any dress code. No matter the dress code, you can choose Easter dresses for girls or Easter outfits for baby boys that are color-coordinated. 

  • Look for simple yet cute baby bodysuits in festive colors. Red, green, and white are popular colors during the festive season.
  • Add a color-coordinated pair of socks.
  • You can add a sweater or a thin layer to add warmth and make it more formal.

If you want to make your baby’s Easter outfit more formal, you can always go for a button-down shirt and a suit. For baby girls, you can go for a pretty floral dress for a more traditional look.

But make sure the button down or the dress you choose to wear at church should be comfortable. The kid may have had to stay in the church for a while, so comfort is primary. 

Tip: Dress up your kid or baby after breakfast. This way, there are fewer chances of getting 

a stain on the outfit that may get you late or require an outfit change.

  1. Outfit to take pictures

Of course, you can click pictures in the same outfit that your child wears to the church. I have seen many churches with photo booths on special days, so you can click your pictures with your loved ones and save them in physical form.

If your little one is comfortable in their Easter outfit and is calm, you can click as many pictures as you like and keep them in your album. 

5 Cute Easter Outfits for Kids Every Parent Needs this Season

But you will need another outfit if your baby feels restricted in formals. Take them home or get them out of their baby Easter outfit and try a new outfit from your diaper bag. Here are some ideas for your kid’s Easter dresses.

  • Add a fun headband, socks, or hat to these outfits to keep your child looking playful. After all, this will be in your memories forever.

Tip: No matter where you go or what baby Easter outfit you pick, keep a burp cloth in your bag. It will keep their outfits clean, and you won’t be worried anywhere you go.

  1. Easter outfits during meal

Easter is a good time to gather your loved ones and have a meal. You may be hosting a simple family meal, going to a relative’s place, or going to a restaurant; you need to dress your baby for merrymaking. 

  1. The first step you need to take is, note the dress code. Even though babies look cute no matter what they wear, it is a good measure to take care of the clothes the situation demands. 
  1. Make sure the baby’s Easter outfit is comfortable. If it is itchy, too tight, has a mesh, or is restricting in general, the baby will feel uncomfortable. And they will make sure everybody knows. 
  1. Another thing to note is you are going to a place with food. There is a chance there will be stains and a mess in general. So if you are going with a baby, carry a bib and make sure the outfit is dark in color so if even it stains, it isn’t that visible. If you have a toddler, they may be uncomfortable with bibs, so dark outfits are a way to go.

Keeping these things in mind, let’s take a look at some cute Easter outfit ideas for kids for mealtime you are going to love. 

  • A grey baby bodysuit with a cute design looks good on babies, and it is dark enough to hide any stains.
  • Dark green t-shirts are very festive and can be paired with many colors of pajamas, socks, and hats. The best part is, it will hide stains.
  • Baby bibs don’t have to be plain and boring. Add a little oomph to your baby’s mealtime or feeding time with cute baby bibs that act as an accessory.
  •  When you can’t think of anything, a red baby bodysuit is always festive, fun, and cute. 
  1. Baby’s Easter outfits for family time

Festivals and special days are all about spending time with your loved ones. Your baby also needs that loving environment for their development. And Easter is a great occasion.

It is likely you might be visiting your relatives, or they might be coming over, and if you can’t go, maybe you can connect over a video call. It is simple things like these that make every occasion special. 

You need to get your baby ready to meet everyone who loves them and look adorable while this happens. After all, cute babies light up the room. Here are some baby Eastern outfit ideas that might be great for you and your baby for family gatherings.

  • It is a great idea to get a cute red t-shirt during gatherings for babies. It makes them the center of attention, and they look really adorable.
  • If you have twins, you can get them matching twin t-shirts that are simple and aren’t overwhelming. Pair them with shirts or a warm pajama. 
  • A baby blue t-shirt is a staple for every occasion. It can be used as an everyday t-shirt or paired with pajamas, hats, socks, and a sweater. Your baby will look super cute!
  1. Lounge Easter outfits for kids

After the day is done, you and your baby might be waiting to lay in your bed and sleep. Your baby might even like to have a nap during the day too.

But this doesn’t mean you have to get out of the Easter spirit. You can get Easter outfits for kids to lounge in that can be used as casual or lounge outfits for other days too.

The biggest criteria for baby lounge outfits is that they should be soft, comfortable, allow movement, and are easy to change. Keeping these criteria in mind, I have these lounge outfit essentials for your baby.

  • A cute baby bodysuit is a perfect outfit for a baby, no matter the occasion. It looks nice, is comfortable, and easy to change. You can get a baby bodysuit with stripes, solid colors, or any design you like.
  • Lavender t-shirts are in trend, and they look beautiful on babies. You can go for an  Easter themed t-shirt, so your baby looks adorable while being in the festive spirit.
  • No matter what occasion or time it is, you need to have bibs. With baby’s spit ups and spilling, a baby bib is a necessity even while lounging.

Here are some more Easter outfits for kids that always work:

  1. Floral dresses are a good Easter dress for girls.
  1. You can get a coordinated pastel set that can serve as a nice Easter suit for boys
  1. A two-piece set with suspenders and bows is a cute formal outfit for toddlers.
  1. Accessorize your baby’s Easter outfits with a cute headband, layers, and socks.
  1. Get fuzzy cardigans or sweaters with cute embroidery, and it will look adorable no matter what the occasion is.

How to make Easter fun for kids?

Now that all your loved ones are gathered around, and your kid is dressed in the Easter outfit for everything to come, let’s talk about some fun Easter activities you can do. Easter is popular for fun games and cooking with your family, and that is what I am going to highlight for you; simple and easy things you can do with your family and your toddler.

  1. Prepare a traditional meal together

Preparing and having a traditional Easter meal is the simplest and best way to enjoy the occasion. It will be delicious, and you can make memories with your kids and loved ones. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Since you may not be able to have a lot of people over because of the current situation, keep everything planned. Take care of the cleanliness of the place, have hand sanitizers approachable, and do the dishes carefully after. This time, sharing may not be caring.
  • Look for things that can be cooked easily because you wouldn’t want to carry your kid all the time or keep them out of sight for long if you don’t have a baby sitter. And you don’t want to spend so much time cooking that it takes all your time.
  • Buy all the ingredients and thighs you would need in advance, just to be Try coloring prepared.
  • You can involve your toddler, and it can be a good bonding session. But keep them away from flames and spices.
  1. Paint Easter eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is a necessity; I don’t make the rules! It’s the most fun activity you can do with your baby when they are dressed in cute baby Easter outfits.

It doesn’t have to be something fancy; you can get a basic egg-dye kit and color the eggs however you want. But make sure your baby has a dark-colored t-shirt, preferably a red t-shirt or a green t-shirt

The basic trick is to paint an egg a single color, but there are no rules. So here are some egg coloring tips for you to have fun:

  • Just dip the egg in the paint. Put some rubber bands around it for a cool pattern.
  • You can use paintbrushes to draw some wiggly lines on your eggs with a contrasting color. It is a simple yet fun looking trick. 
  • Encourage your toddler to dip the tips of their finger in paint and cover the eggs with dots. Trust me, it looks cute.
  • Use a tape to create clean lines of paint and remove the tape once it dries.
  • Take glue and paste some cotton, sticker, or glitter on your eggs. It will look truly festive.
  1. The egg hunt

Egg hunts are another famous Easter activity. Many people say it is a game for kids, but there is nothing wrong if you want to join your toddlers too. After all, after all the cooking and crafting, you would want a fun time too.

You can use anything as props to hide or if your painted eggs have dried, play with them. The egg hunt starts with everyone closing their eyes, and one person hides the eggs in the same room or across the house, but the eggs should be peeking out from their locations. When the person is done hiding them, everyone can open their eyes and find the hidden Easter eggs.

You will want to keep the game’s atmosphere calmer if there are elders and babies in the house. Your fun shouldn’t disrupt them. 

  1. Have fun with crafting

If you have your friends over, you can have a really fun time making some crafts. They are fun, easy to do, can be used for decor, and are memorable pieces you can cherish.

Or they can be a fun thing you can do and just chat over the process. I have included some of my fun craft ideas and some Easter-themed craft ideas I found on the internet. 

  • Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are pretty, can be done in many ways, serve as decor, and are easy to make. Even when Easter is over, you can make them a part of your baby’s nursery decor.

All you need is a bundle of tissue paper or any colorful craft paper you like and some bendy pipe cleaners. Start by cutting any flower shapes in the tissue, then cut leaves from green paper and stick them to a pipe cleaner, voila! Your flower is ready.

  • Pom pom birds

You can make really adorable birds by using some felt and pom-poms. It looks really cute and would definitely be a great addition to your baby’s nursery. 

To make them, you need to cut some bird’s wings from the felt. It doesn’t need to be perfect, I go for a teardrop-shaped wing, and it does the job. Next, you can cut a small triangle and roll it into a cone for the bird’s beak.

And get some pipe cleaners or earbuds to make the bird’s legs. Now you can glue it all on a pom-pom you want with some googly eyes and your bird is ready.

You can make more of these birds and attach them to a thread to make it a chain. And you can hang them vertically or horizontally on a wall or any corner of your room, and it’ll be a precious piece of memory. You can also stick a pom-pom to your cute baby t-shirt or baby bodysuit, and it can be a special Easter outfit for kids.

  • Bunny Ears
Bunny Ears

Bunny ears are a staple and classic for Easter. Bunny ears look cute, fun and add joy to your celebrations. Yes, you can get them from the market, but what’s the fun in that! 

All you have to do is get a plastic headband, some felt/ construction paper, glue, and some cotton. Now glue the cotton all over the hairband to make it look like a bunny’s fur. If your hairband has plastic comb-like extensions, make sure to cover them with a layer of cotton, so they don’t poke you or your baby’s head. 

Now trace the outline of bunny ears on the felt or construction paper and cut them out to glue them in place. You can color the ears pink from the inside and glue a thin layer of cotton on the outside if you want. And you are done! Yes, it’s that easy.

These ears can also act as an accessory for your baby’s Easter outfit.

Now that you have all the ideas for Easter outfits for your kids bring them to life! Add these fun activities to your Easter and make it a memorable event with your family. I hope you found this article useful and you use some of these tips and outfits to make your Easter a day to remember. It’s time to get celebrating!

5 Cute Easter Outfits for Kids Every Parent Needs this Season

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