Tips For Attending Weddings With A Baby (And Other Big Events)

If you are going to a big event, it can feel like a bit of a headache when you think about taking your baby along too. However, babies and big events can work with a bit of forward planning.

Tips For Attending Weddings With A Baby (And Other Big Events)

Tips for Attending Weddings with a Baby

Take the example of a wedding. A wedding is usually a large-scale, formal affair and if you are taking the baby with you, it can be a bit worrying.

The most important thing is to relax about it; if the baby is invited then they are obviously wanted there. If they cry during the service or during the photos then do not feel bad about taking them out.

Tips for Attending Weddings with a Baby (and Other Big Events)

On the other hand, if it is your wedding, then you need an official-baby holder. The one who has the toys and some food and can hold and entertain the baby during the service.

  • Make it clear to that person that they can take the baby out if they need to; the baby will be OK for ten minutes, just enjoy your big day.
  • Absolutely do not forget their baby blanket. It smells of you and is comforting to them and will help them sleep at the key times rather than being grouchy.
  • During the reception, there will be plenty of people who want a cuddle with the baby. It will give you some hands-free time and the chance to relax and dance.
take the baby out

If on the other hand, the big event is something like a festival, then think about the baby’s needs.

  • Ensure you have taken all the things they need, you’ll need to have a good quality sling as your stroller will not be useful in a crowd and could be dangerous.
  • Be aware of music being too loud for the baby. You’ll probably want to keep to the outskirts and be aware of the baby getting over-stimulated by the people, sounds, and movements, so consider taking walks in order to calm the baby down and get them to sleep.
 baby getting over-stimulated by the people

This needn’t mean you lose any of the fun, but an unhappy baby would mean an unhappy you.

Whatever big event you are going to, ensure you have a plan for the baby too. This will make it the most enjoyable time for absolutely all of you.

Tips for Attending Weddings with a Baby (and Other Big Events)

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