Baby’s First Year What To Expect

How often do you begin your stories with, “I remember (my) first”? One can never forget their firsts because these moments enter the memory without any intention to leave it.

Baby's First Year What To Expect

Motherhood is an extremely memorable first that a woman can have in her life. Every second fills you with strong feelings that overwhelm you and make each experience precious.

When speaking about a baby’s first year of life, a little one will bombard you with newness and “firsts.” Although all babies are individuals, there always are some general peculiarities as to milestones of little ones’ periods of development.

Baby's First Year What To Expect

In this article, you will find information about what to expect from a little one’s first year. There will be a division into:

  1. The phase of a Newborn
  2. 3 to 6 Months
  3. 6 to 9 Months
  4. 9 to 12 Months

Now let us move on to the topic itself and break the year of “firsts” into tiny pieces. Let’s go!


From the very first moments of holding a baby in your arms, you will start to feel like the happiest woman in the world. Moreover, it will be the time when you will build up your confidence and change your perspective concerning many things.

Why? Because now, you have a little bundle of pure love breathing evenly next to you. This little someone is a person you will be willing to protect at all costs.

What are the milestones of this period?

A child will try to be more active, meaning that a baby will be a little conscious of the things around. A baby will be smiling at you (maybe even laughing) and making eye contact.

Baby's First Year What To Expect

Remember about tummy time because it can help a kid learn to hold its head and roll onto its back. Also, the baby’s movements will become smoother. These and many more you will notice during this period.

What should I expect?

Peculiar Way of Communication. I guess you have figured that it is crying. Babies can’t talk, yet they are slick when using their vocal cords to capture your attention.

Each time when you hear your baby crying, it means that something is off. Maybe a child is tired or has a tummy ache. It’s possible that a little angel is overwhelmed because of the number of people around or is simply hungry.

How do I know what the possible reason for the baby’s crying is?

I wish I could answer “easy,” but the truth is that you should pay attention to find out the cause.

Baby's First Year What To Expect

Baby’s First Year

With time, you will notice a few baby cues, such as pulling ears or staring into nowhere, etc. As a rule, crying means that you have missed these signs, and now all a baby can do to attract your attention is to cry.

Baby’s Sleeping Habits. 70% of the time newborns spend sleeping. Unfortunately, night hours don’t seem to make it into this percentage rate. 

It appears that they have mistaken night for a day! Most newly minted mothers experience this trouble.

Newborns wake up a few times throughout the night, and they usually feed for an hour or so (it is very individually). I strongly recommend googling the best pieces of advice as to getting rid of bags under the eyes (for the first few weeks).

However, there is no need to stress ahead of time! When your baby starts to sleep throughout the night, your sleep will be the best you have ever had.

Baby's First Year What To Expect

The essential decision you should make is whether you’d want to night wean and what method will work best for both the baby and yourself.

How would it make me feel?            

Unfortunately, you cannot predict your reaction to the events, even though I am doing my best to give you a heads up. Although one thing is for sure – you will tremendously miss sleep. The good news is that you will regain it in no time!

Bonding With Your Baby. There is always a bond between a mother and a child. Some develop it instantly, and some – after some time. However, both are okay.

You will notice that now, you put baby’s needs over your own. Your life and its perception will change drastically. As soon as you hold the baby in your hands, you will feel a tremendous amount of love, so the loss of your “previous life” won’t matter that much. 

You also might experience Baby Blues (also known as Postpartum Blues) – a common condition that affects four out of five women shortly after giving birth. Essentially, it is a self-limited condition that lasts up to 2 weeks or so.

The symptoms are simple – emotional roller coaster. It’s because your life has changed now, your body’s changed, and hormonal imbalance has causes considerable inconveniences as well.

Baby blues usually pass on their own. However, if you feel that it’s been going on for too long, you should contact your doctor.

What to Expect on Your Baby’s First Year:


As your baby grows, you will see that things are getting easier. A little one is getting more used to a schedule, and you can sleep at night. Besides, a child will be interacting more with you and other people.

You will see your child growing and showing some of its personality. Now you will not feel new to your role as a mother, so the confidence will build up.

What are the milestones of this period?

A baby will be more movable. A little one will move around, try to sit up, and turn to its tummy (therefore, tummy time is vital!)

3 TO 6 MONTHS baby lies on bed

Also, a child will be paying more attention to the world around. Hence, the time spent together will be more meaningful. A little one will comprehend much more.

Also, a baby will show more interest in the toys and other unfamiliar objects. Activities and mini-games will help little angel to develop motor skills. You can even get a child an activity gym, which will entertain a baby.

What should I expect?

Shall We Play? Sometimes we feel helpless when it comes to entertaining a baby. It gets especially awkward when you try your best to make your baby laugh, and a little one just stares at you with a cute but expressionless face.

However, no worries! They simply study your face and are trying to understand what it is that you’re doing.

You can make faces, play peekaboo with the baby, or play with rattles and other small colorful toys. However, kids will feel more excited if you take them for a walk or to some other unfamiliar place. These little adventures will make them wonder about the new things and people they see.

Significant Changes. You will notice that a child is more consistent regarding meals and sleep. Therefore, work on a routine so that you could help a baby adapt and have some time for yourself whenever you need it.

Apart from this, you will notice that a baby will be eating more. Because a little one’s stomach has grown bigger, a baby will be eating more and consequently sleep longer.

One of the significant changes can be solid foods. However, before offering it to a baby, you should consult your pediatrician. Remember that all changes should go smoothly, so try to make a transition as easy as you can.

Baby's First Year What To Expect

How would it make me feel?

Amongst all of the feelings, you will grow to feel more confident. Because of the time spent with the baby, you will get used to the routine. As soon as you can sleep well, the stress will subside, and joy will take place.


It is the period of your life where you and the little one will grow even closer together. A child will respond more to your actions and emotions. Believe me, this will be the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Besides, you will be amazed at how fast babies grow! The baby clothes will be “shrinking” every day, and soon the basinet will be too small.

What are the milestones of this period?

Babies will become even more mobile and movable (baby will be trying to pull themselves up and walk), so you should probably baby proof the house. A little one will be rolling from side to side, maybe even saying “mama” and “dada”!

Fine motor skills will become better. In order to help their development, you can get a play mat and have a tummy time with the baby.

What should I expect?

Teething Period! You have gone through sleepless nights in the beginning. Now your baby might make you experience a little emotional roller coaster because of teething. A baby will be irritated, and a little one’s gums might hurt.

To help a baby go through this period as smoothly as possible, you can get teethers for your little angel.

Changes in Sleeping Patterns. Kids are growing rapidly. These fast changes can lead to regression of sleep.

This period will pass on its own, so no worries. Be there for your baby and do whatever you can to give your help and support.

How would it make me feel?

Life is Moving! You will understand the meaning of these words to the fullest. As soon as the baby finds out how cool it is to crawl and walk, the next thing you know is the baby is crawling all around the room!

infant trying to crawl

You will continuously be on the move. Apart from doing household chores, working from home, and having some me-time, you will follow a little one. So be prepared to run around the house.

Therefore, it is the best time to baby proof the house. A little one will be touching and throwing everything, so you should consider putting valuable things away. Apart from this, you can get a walker for your baby so that you would hear a child walking and be sure that a little one is safe.


During this period, a little one changes and looks more like mama and dada. A baby becomes more aware of the world around them and gets familiar with the people a little one sees.

Furthermore, you might even hear a few words coming out of the baby’s mouth and interact with a child more. These are some of the best milestones of these last months before your baby turns one!

What should I expect?

Messy but Happy. Prepare to clean up toys and all the things that your baby has touched. You might also participate in creating it, and it is an enjoyable process, trust me! A child will get even more communicative and mobile.

baby playing

Toys are a completely different story. A child will be interested in everything, and as soon as your baby gets bored with toys, you can find another entertainment.

For instance, you can show a baby some kitchen cutlery or other things. Entertain a child with things in your hand’s reach.

How would it make me feel?

During the last months, a baby becomes more talkative. A little one crawls ad walks around discovering new things.

It seemed like a day ago when your baby was as tiny as a peanut. However, now this little angel is walking and talking!


A baby’s first year is the best period there is. A little one grows so fast that you can enjoy this beautiful period only for so long. Therefore, don’t be afraid!

You are already the best person ever for your baby. Make memories together, cherish yourself, your family, and a little one. At the end of the day, your family is the most valuable thing in the world.

Each mother has a different experience and unique feelings. Regardless of this, some of the events and difficulties are similar. For this reason, the information above will give you a heads up, and you will be prepared for what might await you. Stay safe!

Baby's First Year What To Expect

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