DIY Holiday Decor For Baby Room And More!

Holiday decorations are gorgeous additions to a baby’s room and indeed your entire home. However, buying decorations can be costly and the likelihood is that you might only use them once.


Making decorations is so easy, low cost and most of all fun. Here are a few ideas for DIY holiday decor for baby room:

Paper chains

In pastel, bold or shiny paper, making paper chains is easy and you can coordinate them to theme of the holiday such as orange, black and white for Halloween or red and green for Christmas.

DIY Holiday Decor for Baby Room and More!

A Wreath

Wreathes are gorgeous every holiday, whether they are made from Christmas mistletoe and berries, fresh summer flowers or even little yellow plastic chicks. Try starting with a metal coat hanger pulled into a circle and weave your items around, or a circular piece of card with a ribbon hanging loop.


Cup Planter

Very simple, but tie a ribbon through the handle of a cup and attach to a hook on the wall. Then plant inside (at the angle it hangs) a small plant such as thyme or a small flower. They look awesome and are really easy!



The flags are simply a triangle of paper attached to a cord or ribbon and strung on the walls. I strong suggest using double sided tape; it is much cleaner than glue and bond more strongly. This looks great with the pages of an unwanted child’s picture book or even just words.



Some little toothpick and sticker flags make a gorgeous display on a country’s national day. Print them our or color them in.

Stained glass biscuits

Make a basic vanilla biscuit recipe that you can roll out. Cut out a small shape in the center of the biscuit (not too near the edge) and place crushed boiled sweets or candies inside.

When you cook them in the oven the candies will melt and re-harden once cool to create a stained glass effect. These look gorgeous as hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Whatever decorations you want to create, just enjoy doing them and make sure to follow your imagine for guaranteed results!

DIY Holiday Decor for Baby Room and More!

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