62 Adorable Irish Baby Boy Names & Their Meaning

Irish baby boy names are a completely different island in the world of names. The meaning, sounding, and spelling are entirely different. However, together these components create something utterly divine.

62 Adorable Irish Baby Boy Names & Their Meaning

The list below holds beautiful Irish baby boy names along with the meanings. I am sure that they will help you make up your mind. On this note, let’s go check out the list!

62 Adorable Irish Baby Boy Names & Their Meaning

Cute Irish Baby Boy Names:

AidanIt means “little fiery one.”

Aodhan – It means born of fire.”

Barry – It means “fair-haired.’

BeacanIt means “tiny one.”

Begley It means “hero.”

Brandon – It means “prince.”

Brian – It means “high, strong, and noble.”

BrodyIt means “Broad eye.”

Callum – It means “dove.”

Caolan – It means “slender.”

Cathal – It means “strong in battle.”

CíanIt means “enduring or ancient.”

Ciaran – It means “little dark one.”

CillianIt  means “Little church.”

Collin – It means “cub or puppy.”

Colm – It means “dove.”

Conan – It means “hound or wolf.”

Conlan It means “hero.”

ConorIt means “strong desire.”

Craig – It means “rock.”

DagdaIt means “good god.”

Daithi – It means “swiftness or nimbleness.”

Dara – It means “fruitful.”

Darren – It means “little oak.”

Diarmuid – It means “without an enemy.”

Donal – It means “Ruler of the world.”

Donnacha – It means “Brown-haired warrior.”

EóghanIt means “Born of the yew tree.”

Eoin – It means “young.”

FarrellIt means ‘man of valor.”

FerdiaIt means “man of God.”

Fergal – It means “courageous and valorous.”

Finn  – It means “small blonde soldier.”

Fionn -It means “fair-headed.”

Forbes It means “wealthy” or “stubborn.’

GuaireIt means “noble or proud.”

HaganIt means “youthful.”

KeonIt means “God is gracious.”

Killian – It means “associated with the church.”

Liam – It means “strong-willed warrior and protector.”

Lorcan – It means “silent” or “fierce.”

62 Adorable Irish Baby Boy Names & Their Meaning

NéalIt means “vehement” and“champion.”

Odhran – It means “little pale green one.”

Oisin – It means “little deer.”

Oran – It means “white.”

Oscar – It means “spear of God.”

Padraig – It means “nobly born.”

Patrick – It means “nobly born.”

PhelanIt means “like a wolf” or “little wolf.”

QuaidIt means “Ruler of the army.”

QuinnIt means “fifth.”

Rian – It means “little king.”

RoganIt means “Redheaded.”

Ronan – It means “little seal.”

Rory – It means “red” or “rust-colored.”

Ruairi – It means “red-haired king.”

Sean – It means “God’s gracious gift.”

Senan – It means “little wise person.”

Shane – It means “Gift from God.”

Shay – It means “hawk-like and noble.”

Tadhg – It means “poet” or “bard.”

Tiernan – It means “little lord.”

62 Adorable Irish Baby Boy Names & Their Meaning

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