5 Things Every Parent Needs to Pack in Baby’s First Aid Kit for Travel

What Should You Have in the First Aid Kit When You Are Going on a Trip With Your Little One? 

If you planning on traveling with a baby, the season doesn’t matter, be it summer or winter, you must have a first aid kit for the baby specially designed to take care of the little one. It’s the main part of your luggage.

Baby's First Aid

Just remember that each case is individual. So, before each long trip with your little one, you should have an appointment with your pediatrician to discuss what you have to put in the child’s first aid kit. Also, get all the necessary vaccinations at least 2 weeks before the trip!

Of course, the older the child is, the fewer medications are in the first aid kit. Obviously, if the baby is very little, their mom wants to be ready for any possible situation, including medicine for colic, teething, and so on.

Children’s thermometer

A children’s thermometer is necessary and should be the first item packed in the child’s first aid kit.

It’s better not to rely on the sensations of your hands or try to determine temperature by touching your child’s forehead with your lips.

It’s very important to control any significant changes in temperature. Remember that the more your kid moves, the higher the temperature will rise. Doctors know it and consider it normal. That’s why if the temperature of the child rises, don’t give them medicines immediately.

Child with thermometer

When selecting a thermometer for travel, take the following precaution: the thermometer must be in a case. It doesn’t matter whether you use an electronic or mercury one, though a mercury thermometer is better for a trip.

Antipyretic and analgesic

Many antipyretics also have an analgesic effect and can, therefore, be included in the same category. Of course, you should consult a doctor about the choice of these medications because the selection can vary widely, from ordinary pills to suppositories before you add these in the first aid kit for the baby.

Medicines for the treatment of wounds and burns  

The child can be injured at any age. It can get burns, scratches, bruises, abrasions, and so on. Use hydrogen peroxide in case of scratches and abrasions. Hydrogen peroxide is safe for children of any age. It disinfects the wound, stops the blood, and prepares the damaged area for further treatment. You can use iodine to treat the damaged skin. Brilliant Green is an excellent choice for treating children’s wounds, but it’s not convenient when traveling.

Note: if you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, you can use a mixture of clean water and a furacin pill. If the wound isn’t deep, apply a simple plaster to protect it from getting dirty. If the wound is deep, then you should apply bandages. 

You should also have cotton wool, cotton swabs, elastic bandages, and plasters in the first aid kit for the baby. Also, pack scissors to cut packets with medicine or cut bandages.

Medicines for the treatment of wounds

In case of a burn, put the damaged area under the cold water immediately for approximately 10 minutes. Never apply oil or any kind of fat on burns! Use special medications that will remove burning in 1 day.

Use tanning creams to avoid sunburns. They will definitely be useful both for you and your child if you are planning to relax on the beach or to hike under the sun. But keep discussing things to put in your newborn’s first aid kit.

Remedies for insect bites

Take remedies for insect bites, and the child won’t cry if the insect bites itch.

Remedies for motion sickness

If the child has motion sickness, give them motion sickness pills 30 minutes before departure. Pay attention that such medications are only for 1-year-old children or older.


Also, take a remedy to treat intestinal disorders, stomachaches, food poisoning, and dehydration, a remedy for the common cold, pain and congestion in the ears, eye drops, cough suppressants, allergy medication, antibiotics, and baby cream.

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