Developmental Games For Preschoolers And Teens

Welcome back! Are you in the middle of looking for the best present for your little one? Well, relax.

You are on the right track. These gifts will not only get gasps of a surprise when receiving them but will also support your kids’ development.

In this list, you will find developmental games for preschoolers that encourage learning. They will learn new subjects, discover the world, and develop or already master different skills.

Developmental Games for Preschoolers and Teens

The list of games and toys is arranged according to the age range of your child so that it is easier for you to get to the right place immediately. Of course, you know your cute little one best.

If your kid has already achieved a higher developmental stage though they are still preschoolers, you can choose even those activities that are supposed already for teens. Let’s go!

Toddlers are already grown-up babies but still not grown up enough. That is why it is hard to choose the appropriate toy for them sometimes. To make it easier for you, check this great collection of developmental games for preschoolers (age 1-3).

Spin Again Toy

At first glimpse, the spin again toy can seem old-fashioned. But in fact, this activity is so mesmerizing. Kids adore trying things out.

Just have a look. It is not a simple stacker. It has this amusing corkscrew pole that makes the colorful disks twirl.

The disks spin and spin down to the base. And it is so easy to dismantle this tower. Just lift up the pole, and the disks will fall out at the bottom.

This activity is so cool for toddlers and encourages eye-coordination, cause and effect skills, fine motor skills. Also, kids learn colors and train counting.

Mega Bloks

That would be the perfect start to learn building constructions. There are around 80 blocks in one bag. That is more than enough to build towers even higher than your kid.

The pieces are perfect for little hands. They are so easy to maneuver, put them together, and take them apart. 

In fact, mega building blocks allow kids to use their imagination a lot. Even when they are older, they will still play with it. And this time, it will not be a simple random building, but a clear huge bridge or tower.

And, dear mothers, the set comes with a storage bag for fast cleanup after the playtime is over.

Boon Water Pipes

Building constructions are not always limited to the playroom floor. There is so much fun doing it while having a bath. Have a look at these amazing boon water pipes.

Pipes have suctions at the ends and can be easily connected to the wall or to each other. Kids create long chains for water flows.

Each pipe has a unique shape and color. So, the kid has to think over how the water flows and how to connect pipes to pour water through. Children train their cognitive and reasoning skills just perfectly.

Floral Arrangement Playset

One more inventive activity for your kid to practice their fine motor skills, shape recognition, and logic. This is a cool floral arrangement playset that kids get so easily and fast.

The set consists of flowers, leaves, stems, and grass bases. There are 40 pieces to create an amazing flower bed or even a flower tower.

At first glance, the toy can seem very simple and not that interesting. Though, in fact, it is designed to develop kids’ pincers grip, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills.

You should give it a shot definitely. We bet that you will take it everywhere: to restaurants, doctor’s offices, or even car rides.

Just let your kid’s imagination soar, and you will see how creative your little one is.

And dear, mamas, the flower playset is so easy to clean. You can use the baby soap and wash them after each play.

Stacking Train

It seems to be a simple train to play with. Though in fact, it combines two actions: constructing the train and making it move.

Wow, kids build it by themselves and establish the train race. Isn’t it cool?!

The stacking train consists of multiple parts to create different combinations. However, some blocks can only fit in a certain place. This puzzle trains kids’ problem-solving skills.

This versatile set allows children to build, stack, dismantle, and toll. All these actions encourage fine motor and gross motor skills development. Also, the train is wonderfully designed to flourish their imagination.

Just give this toy a try, and you will feel all its benefits.

Bristle Blocks

Do you recollect playing with bristle blocks in your childhood? These bristle blocks are almost the same but with the shade of modern technologies.

They are so colorful and of different texture. The blocks have different edges and bristles that kids love to crumple with their little hands.

The best part of the bristles is that they do not need to be perfectly aligned. You can build blocks in various directions and then easily dismantle them.

There are 75 pieces. And some of them are funny creature faces.

It is a beneficial activity to teach children how to construct. It develops concentration, memory, attention, fine motor skills, and imagination. 

By the way, storage is included. It is so easy to clean up when the child is done with building for today.

Cool developmental games for preschoolers (age 3+)

Wooden Blocks

Dear parents, if you are looking for a cool screen-free toy, check wooden blocks first. Sixty polished wooden blocks are specially designed for unlimited imaginative play.

The blocks are totally safe as they have no sharp edges. They are made of high-quality material that will look new for decades, even if you play with blocks every day.

The blocks have the ideal size for kids’ small hands so that the young explorer can easily manipulate them.

You know, today your kids are going to build a simple tower, and tomorrow it is going to be a large cage for animals. You will see how far your kids’ imagination can soar with every next construction.

A great wooden storage package will allow not only to clean up the blocks but also as a part of the construction. The box is very nice and practical.

Mayka Toy Block Tape

This is a perfect game for Lego-lovers. This tape is quite long and so flexible.

Just stick and bend it to any surfaces. Voila! The new basis for unique creations is ready.

You can build buildings and blocks in any direction, be it vertical, horizontal, or even upside-down. This tape is fantastic and develops the child’s imagination very well.

And it is made of safe, non-toxic silicone. It can be used multiple times, but it will not lose its quality. Stick it, remove it as many times as you need, and enjoy the play.

Design and Drill Activity

Look at this cool set. It has so many colorful details: the activity board with activity guides, so many cute colorful nuts and bolts with the wrench, screwdriver, and drill. 

The activity cards have an already-made design, and kids can follow it or power up their imagination and create their own designs. This activity is so useful to train not just kids’ imagination but also their fine motor skills, eye coordination, and pattern recognition. One activity but involves so many skills. Kids will love it 100%!

Battat Take-Apart Toy

This cool take-apart toy gives a possibility to create various playable vehicles using a drill. It is a constructor toy that consists of up to 30 vehicle parts and oversized fasteners that can be hitched to the drill. The drill comes with several attachments and a reverse switch to dismantle the construction.

Your young explorer will enjoy the process of creating vehicles as much as taking them apart. The pieces have great size for kids’ small hands and perfectly train their motor skills. Kids learn to concentrate and sort colors and shapes. 

Wood Cutting Food

Well, it is not a huge vehicle constructor but still a great toy to put its items together and take them apart. The set consists of 8 pieces of chopped food with fasteners that hold them together.

Besides, there is a knife to slice the pieces apart. Most kids adore the sound of crunch when they cut the food.

This set will suit both girls and boys. It develops the concepts of part and whole and basic mathematical skills. Also, kids learn colors as the wonderful painted pieces of food are so bright and look very realistic.


Squiz is the most “neat” toy we have ever encountered. Once you try it, you will never love anything more as it leaves absolutely no mess behind. The toy consists of many colorful suckers that easily connect to each other and to different surfaces.

You just need to pull the pieces a bit in order to part them. And POP! Now you have them separately. And this sound is so amusing. Kids get addicted to it.

This activity is very useful for your kids’ development. It unlocks their imagination and trains fine motor skills.

They make up various structures starting from towers and ending long chains from one wall to the opposite wall in the room. Kids even make toys like monsters and play with them.

Next time when you are going to a restaurant, take squiz with you. You will see that your little fidget will sit quietly and be involved in building various constructions.


Magnetiles will be an excellent present for your young builder. This activity does not get old-fashioned for years and involves kids in building magnificent 2D designs and 3D structures.

The set has 100 magnetic tiles.Each one has magnets on its edges, so they connect to each other so easily.

Kids adore building huge buildings with many rooms inside. When they unlock their imagination, the building turns into an enormous ship with an animal hospital with various “patient” rooms. They put patients there either and have so much fun role-playing and making up so many different scenarios.

Magnatiles are created for educational development as they train problem-solving, eye coordination, fine motor skills, shape, and color recognition. Such a great gift for Christmas or birthday for your toddler or already preschooler! Magnatiles will serve you for a long time.


Your child will be so obsessed with this awesome block texture garden city set. It involves children of a very wide age range from toddlers to preschoolers. The set is so well-thought-out.

It has all details to construct fabulous architectural buildings, including terraces and pavilions decorated with trees and gardens greening. Kids can build the whole palace complex.

Oh, your kid will not be able to resist and will ask you to take it everywhere they go. This activity is perfect for developing kids’ creativity and imagination.


Here are 62 more pieces of kids’ happiness. These magnetic building blocks are so adorable by children as they can connect tiles and make cool 2-D patterns and then turn them into 3-D creations.

Magformers develop kids’ fine motor skills and form recognition very well. So, go ahead and learn colors, shapes, and the way to build 2-D and 3-D designs with these awesome tiles.

They are so captivated. Kids came back to play with magformers over and over again, even when they are not even preschoolers anymore.

Wooden Train Set

Yes, your kid is grown up enough to have such a cool gift for their birthday. It is a great beginning for every engineer-to-be. If your kid is not inspired, but you wish to get a new great screen-free play, you should try this one.

Wooden Train Set

The set has 100 + track pieces that will allow kids’ creativity to soar. They will be engaged in constructing their own long railway for hours. And when it is ready, they have several different trains (a freight train and a passenger one) to set on the railway.

Gift your kids 100% of happiness and a lot of space for their imagination. You will definitely win the best-parents-of-the-year award.

Wooden Domino Set

This amazing wooden domino set consists of 100 pieces to build a long race track. The dominos are of perfect size and of different colors. This activity develops so many different skills: cause and effect skills, fine motor skills, logic, color recognition.

Attention is trained a lot as well. Kids think much and make up the paths. Imagination is not left behind, either.

To make this game even more entertaining, there are unique features like a bridge, a bell, and some other obstacles that add more drama.

5-6-year old kids are capable of playing it strictly to its rules. Though, children under 5-6 years find building domino tracks also amusing and construct the paths in their own special way.

In fact, a domino set is made of high-quality wood that means that it will serve you forever and a day.

Kids Science Experiment Kit

This one will be a real discovery for your kid. Let them plunge into the world of science and experiments. Kids are so curious about combining or mixing something.

And now it is not just creating a bridge or a tower, but a totally new color by mixing two other colors, for example. It will be real magic for them.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients of this magic. The science experiment kit consists of bright science tools like a dropper, funnel, measuring glasses, or test tubes. They are of pretty large size but comfortable enough to maneuver with their little hands.

It comes with a set of cards that introduce scientific discovery experiments. For example, color mixing, mixing impossible, shiny pennies, etc. On the reverse side of each experiment card, you will find instructions on how to get a certain outcome.

Kids can use the tools to conduct experiments or simply play with water. The best feature of this kit is that it is ecologically friendly.

First of all, it is safe for the child. Second of all, it is quite easy to recycle.

It is a must-have for your young scientist. Let them discover this amazing world through cool and exciting experiments.

Developmental Games for Preschoolers and Teens

Probably, nothing inspires you more than having a positive impact on your child in their development. Actually, through these toys and activities, you will be able to impact your kids and help them to be more curious, use their imagination more often.

They will be inspired to discover the world, get to know who they are, what they are passionate about. When you see that you achieve your goal and your kid is so interested in everything they are playing, you become inspired either.

Hopefully, you found the very gift for your child to inspire them. And now you can just watch how happy and engaged your little one grows up.

Also, make sure that you can find this collection of developmental toys and activities in your bookmarks when your child becomes a preschooler already. It may come in handy.

Developmental Games for Preschoolers and Teens

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