The Top 15 Baby Beach Essentials For This Summer

If you have a baby then going to the beach might feel like an impossible task? Do you feel it might be too difficult and dangerous? Well think again because you can have a trip to the beach covered in no time at all.

The Top 15 Baby Beach Essentials For This Summer

While safety is an important consideration it should not stop you enjoying a beautiful day out. The beach is a great outing that is honestly suitable for all the family.

With a little thought in advance, you can squash all of those fears and concerns that you might have. Get ready to enjoy it to the maximum with our top tips for baby beach essentials:

The Top 15 Baby Beach Essentials For This Summer

1. Swimwear

The Top 15 Baby Beach Essentials For This SummerNo trip to the beach is right without some fun swimwear. They are great items to keep your little one going all day. Beachwear is made from quick dry materials that absorb relatively little water.

This stops them being heavy and uncomfortable and most importantly, stops them chaffing baby’s skin. That means a quick squeeze and a short dry in the sun, and they are ready to be worn again. Choose attractive designs that your baby will love wearing.

Why not try UV swimwear? With all the same properties as regular swimwear but with one magical extra. It is has inbuilt sun protection, so there is no need to worry about their sensitive skin.

Therefore wherever the outfit touches will have a high protection factor from the strength of the sun’s rays. It might be a UV long sleeved t-shirt and shorts you choose, or a bathing suit. Whatever you decide is right for your little one will help put your mind to rest.

2. Beach Bags

Beach Bag, Baby Beach Essentials For This Summer

Beach bags are the ultimate outdoor accessory for both looks and practicality. Keeping both your swimsuits and towels in a separate bag can be a definite advantage for a trip with your little one. At the beginning of the day it makes finding everything easy.

At the end of the day it ensures that all your wet and sandy things are together. And, more to the point, that they aren’t putting sand and water all over everything else. There are many types of beach bags, but make sure the one you choose is roomy enough to fit everything in.

Having to put one towel in a different bag is annoying. Choosing one that is waterproof also avoids wet dripping down your back as you carry it. You will want to keep your food and drink separate to avoid them getting dirty.

Therefore, a beach bag will be a great addition to your trip.

3. Sun Hats

Sun Hat, Baby Beach Essentials For This SummerA sun hat adds a huge amount of protection to your little one. Some of their most vulnerable places are exposed on the beach including their neck, ears and face. A sun hat will cover the majority of those areas and provide a barrier to the sun.

It is all too easy for the highly precious skin to burn with very little sun exposure. Unlike adult skin that this is thicker and tougher, baby skin is sensitive. A hat is not always a popular choice with a little one.

In fact, you may have to take special measures for them to wear it! With so many available, start by simply picking one that they will love. With colors across the rainbow and characters that they like, you will have a good start.

Make sure it meets their skin needs too. Pick a broad brim and perhaps a neck flap to give them additional protection that you can trust.

4. Swim Diapers

Swim Diaper, Baby Beach Essentials For This SummerA swim diaper might seem like an extravagance, but we don’t want you to learn the hard way! Any mom who has had to deal with a sodden ultra-absorbent nappy knows! Regular diapers are meant to wick moisture away from skin as fast as possible- any moisture.

A swim diaper will give your little one the freedom to enjoy the sun, sand and sea unencumbered. They simply keep solids in and let liquid pass through. There are two types, either disposable or cloth reusable as suits you.

If you are regular swimmers or beach goers then the reusable type saves dollars and are easy to launder. The initial investment might seem expensive, but you will pay for a disposable one each time. Whatever you go for, check them as often as a regular diaper.

5. Sunscreen

Sunscreen, Baby Beach Essentials For This SummerSunscreen is one of those absolutely necessary items for sensitive baby skin. Even if you are using a UV swimsuit, the rest of the skin is vulnerable. Do not leave anywhere uncovered for a day on the beach.

Make sure you use a thick layer, reapply regularly and that you take enough with you. You will be surprised how much you will use. Make sure their toes and feet, ears and necks are included, as they are so easy to forget.

Choose a high protection factor that will protect them over a period of time. You might want this to be a water resistant or waterproof version. One that blocks UVA and UVB rays ensures the maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

A moisturizing type without a strong perfume scent is best. If you choose to use one type for all the family then remember, baby needs the most protection.

6. Toys

Toys, Baby Beach Essentials For This SummerToys will offer you sun fun with your baby on the beach. They might give you the time to have a little relaxing time too. Do not underestimate the fun they might find in filling and refilling a bucket with sand.

Sand scrapers and forks as well as plastic tools allow them to engage with the environment. Making shapes with the sand might offer lots of fun too. They can use that bucket where the water ripples by the sand, under supervision.

You may want to take a variety of toys to entertain them over a long period. Avoid taking their favorites that might get damaged by the elements. Choose ones that can stand up to the test of water and sand.

Waterproof books, plastic ducks, bricks and shapes can all be easily cleaned. They will avoid any potential problems and will be easier to find in the sand than smaller items.

7. Camp It

Funny Kid Playing Beach, Baby Beach Essentials For This SummerTaking in some shade is so important during a day on the beach. Being exposed to the sun and water for a long time can cause problems. Making a camp can be a great solution to this.

Choose a spot up the beach away from the edge of the water. A blanket or mat can be useful on the sand. Firstly, in case the sand gets very hot, to allow baby to sit.

Equally for a sand-free space to have your food and drink. No one likes a sand sandwich! Add to this a broad brimmed umbrella to add a large spread of instant shade to your space.

Having a break from the intense heat of the sun can be vital for both baby and you. Take time out of the sun and in the shade on a frequent basis. It also provides somewhere a little cooler to rest.

A colorful umbrella also ensures that finding your camp after time on the waterside is easy.

8. Snooze Time

Girl beach, Baby Beach Essentials For This SummerThe idea of getting a portable crib or sleeptent might seem a little wild. After all, your baby is only little for a short time. Truly though these items are worth their weight in gold.

Flexible and versatile, a portable crib can be used on any holiday or during time away from home. With deep sides, it can also be used as a play-pen too, as it keeps your little one safe inside. Much better than a buggy which is impossible to push over sand.

Great for the beach and other outdoor pursuits, a UV sleeptent protects your little one from the harshness of the sun while they snooze. With mesh sides they avoid the internal temperature increasing and are easy to put up and fold down.

By zipping baby inside you keep them safe and they cannot wander off when they wake. Two fantastic items; just choose the one that best suits your needs.

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9. Blankets and Cloths

Baby Blanket FishA blanket might seem like a really strange thing to suggest. After all, aren’t they meant to make babies warmer? Well that depends upon the type of material used.

Well a thick fleece or wool blanket may indeed be no use at the beach. However, a thin light fabric blanket made from a fabric such as bamboo or cotton would be highly suitable. It is comforting to sleep with and be wrapped in, but is breathable and light.

The Top 15 Baby Beach Essentials For This Summer

Not just a blanket but taking along burp cloths can be useful. Quick for drying and mopping up as well as cleaning. You can rinse them in plain water and hang them over something in the sun to dry very quickly.

So versatile, you can use them for virtually anything. They are very light and take up little room. It may seem like an unusual choice, but you will be glad you took one along.

10. Bodysuits and Pajamas

A Children bodysuitsBodysuit may not be the best for being in the water thanks to their absorbency. After your little one has finished in the water though, they are great. No need to sit in a wet swimsuit.

They are the perfect light outfit, so useful for putting them in. Easy to place on to them, it is light and easy to carry around. It doesn’t matter if one gets dirty, you can pull out and pop another on your baby.

The greatest all around garment for your little one. As for pajamas you might wonder how these will be useful. Although isn’t there a good chance they will fall asleep in the car on the way home?

If so, then it is so much easier to lift them straight into their bed. This is much simpler than waking them up and swapping outfits when you get home. It tells their body to wind down after a long day too.

11. Buoyancy Aid

Buoyancy, Baby Beach Essentials For This SummerA buoyancy aid gives you honest peace of mind for your baby. Deep water isn’t suitable for babies, but even shallow water can be a danger to them. With a buoyancy aid, you can be sure if the worst does happen, that their head will be kept out of the water.

Even just paddling in shallow water, a buoyancy aid is useful. The difficultly might be in choosing an item that is too easy for them to take off. Perhaps the best buoyancy aid is a float suit which is like a swimsuit.

It has air pockets that sit around their middle. These cannot be taken off easily by the baby, which is helpful. You can get lots of other items to help you as alternatives.

Buoyancy rings and arm bands are two examples of these. Whatever you choose will be useful, but you will still need to keep a tight hold in the water.

12. Water Bottle

Children Water BottleWater bottles are important for the beach, as an exposed place with little shelter. It is not like being at home. It is important to keep hydration high, so remember plenty of drinks.

To little ones, having drinks can be an irritation when they are playing. By giving them drinks in their own fun cup, it can offer lots of encouragement. Pick a color or design that they are bound to love.

It will get them drinking even when they are busy. A lack of water can lead to baby feeling hot, bothered and tired. This will make your trip to the beach a lot less enjoyable for everyone.

Equally there is a risk of sunstroke and dizziness with over exposure to the sun and a lack of fluids. Think about this for yourself too and other children. Keeping everyone hydrated, keeps everyone happy.

13. Food

Baby Beach EssentialsFood might seem a little obvious. Well of course you might need some food. Yet have you thought about keeping things cool and fresh though?

You may need cooling packs to do so. Take plenty of tempting finger food. The heat might make baby less hungry and so you need to encourage them to eat little bits.

Try some of their favorites- this is probably not the time for new things. If your baby is having infant formula milk, don’t be tempted to make it up in advance. The beach is so hot, it is likely to spoil.

Cartons or powder varieties to make up might be best. Unless very small, your little one might be able to have ice cream to help keep them cool. Many beaches boost their trade with ice cream parlours, you so might want to check opening times in advance.

14. Hooded Towels

The Top 15 Baby Beach Essentials For This Summer

A hooded towel is perfect when all the play and fun is over. Dry baby from top to bottom, and wrap them up. The toweling action will remove sand and wetness from their skin.

It dries their hair easily without the need for a harsh rubbing action. A hooded towel is so helpful if you are wet. It places a barrier between you and baby, to keep them dry.

Like all towels they are soft and comfortable. Easy to sit on, they are so useful. They are also so easy to launder once you return home.

Being wrapped up is so comforting for baby and it may help them to nap. One extra tip is about packing up and going home.

Place their swim nappy in the hood and wrap it up like a soccer ball. Perfect- it will keep your bag and vehicle.

15. All About You

Having the last section be all about you may sound a little crazy. Weren’t we talking about baby? Well, how are you meant to look after baby properly, if you haven’t looked after yourself?

It is so easy to pour your attention onto them and forget about yourself. It is key to care for yourself too. Many of the points in this article relate to adults as much as children.

It is your day to enjoy at the beach as well. Ensure you have a sunhat to minimise exposure to your head, ears and neck, which are prone to burning. Do you have sunscreen as well as drinking water and tempting snacks?

 Top 15 Baby Beach Essentials For This Summer

Do you have a book or some music to listen to when baby is napping? Keep yourself in tip top condition and baby will follow. Be prepared with your baby essentials to have a really fun day at the beach.

However, go with low expectations the first time as your trip may get cut short. You should also have everything you need to stay longer in case they love it. The best tip is to check on the facilities before you go.

Are there toilets, handwashing facilities, umbrellas to hire, a cafe? If you are relying on a service then make sure it is there and open. With a little forward thinking, you can all have a great time on the beach.

The Top 15 Baby Beach Essentials For This Summer

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