50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

This collection of gifts for kids will become your favorite because all of them are oriented to sparkle your child’s creativity. They will inspire them or even help your child to define their life-long passion. Surely, you can try a couple of the ideas below to understand what is really their “jam.”

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

All these toys and independent activities encourage creativity, self-expression, and even fine motor skills. We can assure you that they will obtain every mom’s stamp of approval and every child’s two thumbs up.

Kids are so delighted to do something they really enjoy. Let them discover their hobbies, and you will never ever hear “I am so bored” again.

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

Best Art Supplies

The storage of craft supplies will save not one rainy day from boredom. It will be a great idea if you complete their art table with various art supplies with a variety of materials like wiggle googly eyes, cute pom-poms, stiff felt fabric sheets, or construction paper.

If you are short of space, consider art bins storage containers. They are portable, occupy a little space, and herewith kids can easily access whatever they need.

Besides, there are pre-made craft kits if you do not have time to bother yourself and collect each item separately. Still, have a look at what an art arsenal should contain. Let’s start with some basic items.

1. Honeysticks Crayons

These are so perfect for toddlers. They are made of 100% pure beeswax and are totally safe for little kids who adore tasting everything they have in their hands. The crayons are easy to hold with little fingers but not easy to break. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GSY9MD2/ref

2. Watercolor Crayons

When kids draw with watercolor crayons, the picture turns to be so bright. The crayons are made of non-toxic material and are washable (their coolest feature). https://www.amazon.com/Faber-Castell-Art-Watercolor-Pencils-Beginners/dp/B007PUF9QS/ref

3. Colored Pencils

When you kids “graduate crayons,” get down to colored pencils. Choose the quality set of pencils with brightly statured pigments. Kids will not have to press hard but simply glide the paper. https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Colored-Pencils-Coloring-Pencil/dp/B08FRPVDSZ/ref

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

4. Watercolor Pencils

Sounds non-standard and interesting. How do they work? – Very easily. Apply the color with the pencil and blend it with the wet brush. That is it. Let the drawing dry, and your masterpiece is ready.   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001CTUO2C/ref

5. Washable Finger Paints

Have a cool sensory painting activity with washable finger paints that are so easy to wash off from the skin, clothing, or any other surface. They are totally safe and non-toxic for children. https://www.amazon.com/Lasten-Toddlers-Washable-Painting-Supplies/dp/B07Q3RM379/ref

6. Washable Kids Paints

Give your kid washable paints and a brush, and you will see how excited they will be to create their own masterpiece like a famous painter. Usually, there are ten small bottles of classic colors in the kit. These paints can be applied to various surfaces: drawing paper, constructions, paper mache, and so on.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00004UBH3/ref

7. Watercolor Paint Set

The set consists of 16 assorted colors. You just need a brush and some water. https://www.amazon.com/Prang-Watercolor-Assorted-Refillable-16000/dp/B001E6EUS2/ref

8. Toddler Paint Brushes

They are specially designed for toddlers who just start learning how to manipulate with a brush. The brushes are easy to grab. And they are safe for your tot as they do not have thin edges. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Handles-Beginners-Storage/dp/B000M5J7W0/ref

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

9. Paint Brush Set

Every young Picasso must have a paint brush set. Brushes are of different sizes that allow you to draw elegant lines. https://www.amazon.com/Crayola-Paint-Brushes-Count-Round/dp/B00J5KVWQW/ref

10. Paint Cups

That is a very useful thing for your young painter. Each cup’s lid has a certain color that identifies the paint contents. But its best part is that you can pour paint into the cups and keep it fresh till the next painting lesson.

Also, you can leave brushes in the cups while you are using another one, and be sure that the brush will not knock over the cup. Or even if it does, there will be just a few drops split. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Spill-Proof-Paint/dp/B000FAB7I4/ref

11. Art Smock

Even if you have washable paints, an art smock is always a great idea. It will not only save clothing from spots but, due to the pockets on it, kids can put the necessary supplies there and easily reach a brush or a pencil. https://www.amazon.com/BAHABY-Toddler-Children-Waterproof-Painting/dp/B07PFGFDWM/ref

12. Contact Paper

The idea might not seem that exciting, but the contact paper can be transformed into a pretty nice piece of art. https://www.amazon.com/Tact-Covering-Self-Adhesive-Semi-Transparent-Privacy/dp/B00R8AWBJI/ref

13. Chalk Pastels

If your little one already has hundreds of markers and crayons, dilute their art sessions with chalk pastels. They have brilliant velvet colors. Kids can easily combine them and receive new shades. https://www.amazon.com/Prismacolor-27049-Premier-NuPastel-24-Count/dp/B000N3382G/ref

14. Scissors

Scissors are a must-have for any craft. Choose a set of blunt-tip scissors for your children, so you are sure your kids will not be hurt. (The scissors set is recommended for kids of 4+ age range). https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-5-Inch-Scissors-Assorted-Colors/dp/B00LJO8008/ref

15. Markers

A big set of markers would be a cool present. Markers are so colorful, up to 40 shades. They are easy to wash from the skin, clothing, and even walls.

A real find for mamas isn’t it?! The set is huge and includes markers of all the colors of the rainbow to let kids’ imagination soar. https://www.amazon.com/Crayola-58-7858-Ultra-Clean-Washable-Markers/dp/B013RQPB5C/ref

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

16. Pip-Squeaks Markers

It will be an impressive gift for your young artist. Pip-squeaks markers are designed for ages 3 and up. They are of the perfect size for small kids’ hands and suitable for taking on-the-go. https://www.amazon.com/Crayola-Pip-Squeaks-Washable-Markers-Telescoping/dp/B000KWMWS6/ref

17. Graphic Markers

These markers are designed for kids who have already outgrown the need to wash marker spots from the skin or clothing. They have thin brush tips, perfect for coloring books. And have a look at this organized storage.

It has such a wonderful design. The case will keep markers organized to take them for travels or use them for everyday painting. https://www.amazon.com/Crayola-Markers-Dual-Tip-Assorted-Decorative/dp/B0722YLZTY/ref

18. Color Changing Markers

Your little one will be delighted to have these magical changing markers. Just draw over the already applied color with a magic wand, and you will see how the color is changing. Such a cool transformation will provoke gasps of happiness and excitement. https://www.amazon.com/ALEX-Toys-Artist-Changing-Markers/dp/B000BR4JO0/ref

19. A Set of Gel Pens

These gel pens are so fun to doodle, sketch, or write letters. They glide on the paper so easily and smoothly.

What else is needed for some relaxation and flight of fancy? – Just a detailed coloring book and a set of gel pens! https://www.amazon.com/Glitter-Colored-Refills-Coloring-Doodling/dp/B07RKWB136/ref

20. Art Case Coloring Set

If you are looking for a big impressive gift for your young artist, you should definitely consider this one. In this case, there are 64 crayons, 40 washable markers, 20 colored pencils, and large pieces of paper. The case itself has such a beautiful design as well.

It contains everything for painting and helps to keep the supplies organized. It would be an amazing gift for beginners to fall in love with art. https://www.amazon.com/Crayola-Count-Rainbow-Inspiration-Gifts/dp/B00CI6J5JQ/ref

21. Sidewalk Chalk

It is just a simple piece of chalk, but how many possibilities are there. The colors are bright, and the lines are bold. What else is needed for creating a masterpiece on the sidewalk?!

And do not be afraid to spoil the sidewalk. The chalk is totally washable. Just use a garden hose or wait for the rain to fall. The surface will be clean as if nothing has been painted there. https://www.amazon.com/Dusico-Sidewalk-Plastic-Non-toxic-Washable/dp/B088PB99VG/ref

22. Play-doh

Play-doh is always about fun, especially when you are stuck at home. Of course, you can make it by yourself, but if you do not want to bother yourself, you can find a variety of play-doh on the market. It would be great if you also get some dough tools to cut, sculpt, or smooth the dough, or whatever your kid wants to do with it. https://www.amazon.com/Play-Doh-Modeling-Compound-Non-Toxic-Exclusive/dp/B00JM5GW10/ref

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

23. A Glue Stick

A glue stick is one of the necessary items for the craft. If you are looking for a safe one, then check this non-toxic glue stick out. Kids can use it independently, like close and open the lid.

It is washable, and due to its shape, the stick does not roll away. Its consistency is purple so that the kid can see where it is applied. However, when it dries, the glue is transparent. https://www.amazon.com/Elmers-Learners-Washable-Disappearing-E4051/dp/B00H90552W/ref

24. Magnetic Standing Art Easel

Every child dreams of their own working place. And this outstanding easel will be a perfect gift. It has two sides: a magnetic board and a dry erase board.

It means that two kids can paint at a time. Also, there are two removable trays for the art supply. It is so convenient to have everything at hand.

And when the easel is not in use, it takes a little space as it is portable. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Magnetic-Chalkboard-Dry-Erase/dp/B00MC7TC6M/ref

25. An Art Cart

Do you have a pile of art supplies but still wondering where to keep it organized? It is not a problem anymore.

This amazing cart has large baskets for large supplies such as albums, colored paper, or a paint palette; and small bins for markers, pencils, and brushes. The cart has four wheels, and you can simply move it to any place you like.  https://www.amazon.com/DESIGNA-Rolling-Storage-Utility-Accessories/dp/B0796SMSPS/ref

26. Art Bin

If the cart is too much for you, consider this cute art bin. It also has several sections. It looks small but, in fact, it contains a lot of stuff.

So, if you are looking for a smaller organizer, choose this art bin, and you will hit the spot. https://www.amazon.com/ArtBin-Removable-Container-Dividers-6990RH/dp/B076BDF7C1/ref

Crafts for Toddlers:

Sometimes it is difficult to find arts and crafts, particularly for toddlers. It must be engaging and hold their attention for more than 5 minutes. So, this category of crafts is oriented on toddlers mostly, but preschoolers will find them funny either.

1. My Giant Busy Box

If you are looking for the best solution on rainy days, My Giant Busy Box will be perfect for your toddler. Kids can create 16 different projects using various materials from the box.

The box includes buttons, dough, stickers, paper, frames, etc. Also, there are visual instructions to follow. That makes the process simple and entertaining. https://www.amazon.com/ALEX-Discover-Giant-Busy-Box/dp/B001AQDA50/ref

2. Dot Markers

It is a real must-have for every toddler. Kids have so much fun drawing with dot markers that have sponge tips. Now kids can make a perfect dot without cups or brushes.

The set of markers includes six different bright colors. Show your kids color mixing and practice counting. Kids will love it. https://www.amazon.com/Do-Dot-Art-Washable-Original/dp/B00004W3Y4/ref

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

3. Sticky Mosaics

This one is perfect for quiet time. The rule is simple: to match colors and shapes. It is a terrific activity for training fine motor skills.

There are different themes of the sticky mosaics: vehicles, princesses, animals, or fairies. Choose the one that is your kid’s favorite and enjoy the play.  https://www.amazon.com/Orb-Factory-Sticky-Mosaics-Horses/dp/B078XM31Y2/ref

4. Color Wonder Mess Free

Are you tired of scrubbing the markers off of everywhere, but your little one is so fond of them? Color wonder mess free is a REAL wonder. You will have no mess and no fun of rubbing off the stains from now on.

A sheer genius created these magical markers that work on Color Wonder Paper only and nowhere else. Such a kit is fabulous to take on the road or to the doctor’s office. Get it once, and you will see how many benefits it gives to both parents and kids. https://www.amazon.com/Orb-Factory-Limited-Mosaics-Animals/dp/B007BEP5BC/ref

5. Water Wow

These funny coloring pads include four chunky pages and a water brush. When kids touch the page with the brush, colors appear there. What a magic?!

When the page dries out, all colors disappear, and kids can paint it all over again for an unlimited number of times. Pages have different pictures like vehicles, animals, landscapes, and many others.

Some of them have educational designs with letters and numbers. Water Wow is definitely worth buying. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Water-Reusable-3-Pack/dp/B01N4984OL/ref

6. Aquadoodle Mat

It is a large mat where kids lie down and color the water. It is so easy to use: just fill it up with water. Dear mamas, it is mess-free doodling.

We know you will like it even more than your kids. https://www.amazon.com/VAJEME-Toddlers-Accessories-Creative-Educational/dp/B083SDXFSQ/ref

7. Kwik Stix

No more mess again! Just twist up the Stix and use it as a brush. It dries so fast and provides mess-free fun for kids of all ages.

Kwik Stix is so multifunctional. There is a great variety of colors that you can apply on different surfaces (paper, cardboard, or even wood). https://www.amazon.com/Pencil-Grip-Tempera-Drying-TPG-602/dp/B013HO4OR0/ref

8. B Toys

It is a gorgeous activity if your kid is obsessed with jewelry. The kit has so many snap beads of various colors, sizes, and shapes. Your fashionista will adore such a present and spend hours making bracelets, rings, and necklaces for herself, pets, and even you. https://www.amazon.com/B-toys-Official-Necklace-Creativity/dp/B00B16U7VO/ref

Art Book Sets for Toddlers:

We also created a collection of small sets and art books for your tot, especially if you are stuck at home for long.

1. The Art Pad to Paint with Water

It is quite simple but perfect for a beginner. The kid just needs to wet the brush with water and start painting. They will be so excited to watch the magic of color appearing. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-First-Paint-Beginning/dp/B07FQ6G96X/ref

2. The Art Pad to Scribble

Scribbling is already a new step in kids’ development. This pad is an amazing way to let their imagination soar and your kids to express themselves. And there are cute stickers to add to their creations.  https://www.amazon.com/ALEX-Discover-My-First-Scribble/dp/B004LKWP8K/ref

3. Sticker Pads

This kit has hundreds of stickers to create a unique picture. There are different patterns like make-a-face, serve-a-table, or get-sweets-and-treats. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Reusable-Sticker-97074/dp/B07ZG83CLS/ref

4. Reusable Sticker Pads

You will like these pads even more. The kit includes hundreds of cling-style stickers and five glossy pages. Kids can create various sets over and over again.

The pads have lots of designs, either. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Reusable-Savanna-Sticker/dp/B01N0M7SP3/ref

5. Color and Activity Book

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

If you are looking for various educational content for your toddler, you should stop here. This book has puzzles, coloring activities, and stickers to create scenes. If you buy this book, you will receive several activities in one.  https://www.amazon.com/Color-Activity-Books-Dinosaur-Stickers/dp/0312513291/ref

6. Wooden Stamps

Such a stamp set would be a fabulous beginning for your tot to develop fine motor skills, creativity, and learn colors. Wooden stamps have a perfect size for kids’ small hands. And they get the rules as soon as they get the stamp set.  https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Deluxe-Wooden-Stamp/dp/B0040B1JYQ/ref

The guide below is for kids of the 4-7 age range. You already know what activities are the best for your children. Of course, there are thousands of art and craft items, but here you will find those that have checkmarks next to a lot of advantages:

  • they are neither too long nor too quick to complete;
  • kids can ask just for a little grown-up assistance to do the activity;
  • they will definitely have fun and a desire to do it over and over again;
  • these activities are designed for the purpose of developing certain skills;
  • the outcome of the crafts can actually be usable.

So, check this list and choose one of the items that you still lack in your kid’s playroom.

  1. Plush craft. https://www.amazon.com/ORB-FACTORY-LIMITED-10027967-Plush/dp/B01GGN0KCC/ref
  1. Perler Beads. https://www.amazon.com/Perler-Fused-Beads-Count-Multi-Color/dp/B0002YM0H0/ref
  1. Bracelet Maker. https://www.amazon.com/Loopdedoo-Spinning-Friendship-Bracelet-Maker/dp/B0060LLICC/ref
  1. Letter Stamps. https://www.amazon.com/Midwest-Products-Traditional-Letters-Stepping/dp/B000WWIGRK/ref
  1. Illustory Book Making. https://www.amazon.com/Lulu-Jr-Illustory-Making-Multicolor/dp/B0742JVGND/ref
  1. Big Coloring Posters. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=pirasta+really+big+coloring&language=en_US&linkCode=sl2&linkId
  1. Cardboard Play House. https://www.amazon.com/ALEX-Toys-Craft-Color-Childrens/dp/B00HYW4ZM6/ref
  1. Window Art Kit. https://www.amazon.com/Made-Me-Create-Window-Assorted/dp/B00HUBBDIK/ref
  1. Enchanted Fairy Garden. https://www.amazon.com/Creativity-Kids-Enchanted-Fairy-Garden/dp/B000RH2FK4/ref
  1. Stained Glass Set. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Stained-Glass-Craft/dp/B012YZ5ZGC/ref

Developing imagination is very important for kids’ psychological state. And parents always want to get the best for their little one. We are here to help you with it.

Do not bother yourself by wasting hours in toy shops anymore, but spend time with your child instead. Just save this article to your bookmarks and check the collection of perfect educational gifts even on your way to work.

50 Gifts for Kids of Different Age to Sparkle their Creativity

Are you looking for a gift for your toddler, check out the given link.