New Mom Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

Motherhood – a word that contains a whole range of emotions and concepts to melt our hearts. One of the most enchanting and fleeting periods in a woman’s life. As well as the beauty of motherhood, these times come with difficulties, sleepless nights, and some hardships.

New Mom Tips You Haven't Heard Before

However, mortifying it may sound right now, you will see that a drop of difficulties can never spoil an ocean of happiness.

There are many things that newly minted parents need to learn. Some tasks you will carry out instinctively and some of them you will need to figure out in a process. However, I have taken it upon myself to create a list of useful tips for mothers-to-be, just to give you the heads up and make motherhood a lot easier.

New Mom Tips You Haven't Heard Before

Helpful New Mom Tips

In the article, you will find:

  1. Keep the Bottles Warm;
  2. Golden Hour of Sleep;
  3. Time for Baby’s Tummy;
  4. Gripe Water
  5. Keep Some Toys on Baby’s Changing Table
  6. Band-Aid for a Baby Monitor
  7. Sing Lullabies
  8. What Works for Your Baby?
  9. Pickup and Delivery
  10.  Do Household Chores Together
  11. Early Bedtime
  12.  Stock Up for Sick Days
  13.  Accept Help
  14.  Read to a Child
  15.  Go Slow With Changes
  16. Trust Your Gut Feeling

Ladies and ladies, make yourself comfortable and let us scrutinize each of the topics presented above!

Keep the Bottles Warm

Babies can be pretty unpredictable, especially when it comes to food. If you wish to save your time and don’t let your effort go to waste, try using the following advice – keep the baby’s bottle warm.

New Mom Tips You Haven't Heard Before

Whenever a child leaves a bottle unfinished, you can keep it warm until the next feeding. All you need to do is put a bottle into a big cup and fill it with hot water. The water will keep it warm, and a child can finish the eating later.

NOTE! Always remember to check the temperature of the bottle before giving it to a baby.

Golden Hour of Sleep

In time, free from eating and showering you with dirty diapers, babies sleep. Therefore, create a perfect environment for a little one’s sleep.

In order to do so, make sure that the crib is free from all stuffed animals, heavy blankets, animals, and other materials that might cause suffocation.

Get blackout curtains made of thick materials that don’t let the light from the outside get into the room.

Also, you can get a white noise maker. This machine produces a sound similar to the one a baby is used to hearing in the womb. This way, a child can fall asleep faster.

Is it necessary?

No, but the choice is entirely up to you. Some mothers find it useful and some – waste of money. Therefore, do a mini-research and think whether it is something you need.

Time for Tummy Time

It is an essential ritual in the life of each newborn. Put a little one down on a quilt or a blanket whenever they start to cry. Children like tummy time, so use this to calm a baby down.

Also, if a baby has problems with gas, put a little one on its tummy. This position will help to push out the gas.

Gripe Water

This water is a fantastic find for newly minted mothers! It helps a baby to deal with colic, hiccups, and gas in a matter of seconds.

NOTE! Before using it, you should consult your pediatrician! Please note that it is necessary to keep a little one safe and sound.

Keep Some Toys on Baby’s Changing Table

You might find the process of changing a child’s diaper challenging if a little one is tossing and turning all the time. In order to keep a baby busy and “do your job” quickly, give a little one a toy.

It is best if they are in hands reach, so I chose some small ones and found a little space for them on the table.

New Mom Tips You Haven't Heard Before

New Mom Tips

Band-Aid for a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a savior for mothers and fathers! You can get one with the video or one that transmits sound only.

In case you decide to buy a baby monitor with video, you might encounter a little inconvenience – you might not be able to get the picture.

Why can’t I see my little one on a baby monitor?

If a sensor is exceptionally sensitive, it might consider the room to be too bright. Therefore, you can cover a sensor with a Band-Aid. This way, the picture will be clear, and you will see what the baby is doing.

Sing Lullabies

It does not matter if you’re a born singer or if your voice makes people cover their ears. One way or another, a little one will love your voice! Therefore, sing to your child and soothe a kid this way.

It will be much easier for you to calm a baby down, especially when a child is not in your reach (for instance, in a car).

What Works for Your Baby?

All babies are different. Even at such a young age, all of them are individuals. Therefore, be patient and observant.

With time, you will notice your little one’s habits, preferences, and peculiarities. It will help you in many ways and make life comfortable for both a child and a family.

Pickup and Delivery

One of the most convenient ways to go grocery shopping is if someone does it for you! Some shops offer grocery pickups, and it is THE BEST. Why? Because you save yourself time (that seems like an eternity when walking around the shop with a usually dissatisfied child) and it is more convenient.

New Mom Tips You Haven't Heard Before

One of the time-saving features is food delivery. Nowadays, especially during Corona times, people use delivery more and more. Whenever you feel dog-tired or running out of time, you can use this feature and have a hot meal within 30 minutes served at your kitchen table!

Do Household Chores Together

How difficult is it to satisfy your child?

Some might say that “mission impossible” is just the term for it, but I’m not one of those people.

The best way to entertain a baby would be to take a little one with you around the house. Whenever you clean up the mess or do some other activities, you can take a baby with you. Put a child into a bouncer or a carrier and make small talk. Or shall I say a monologue?

Early Bedtime

The schedule is essential for babies, mostly because they cannot talk about their needs and wishes. Therefore, organize the baby’s day and try to incorporate early bedtime.

When teaching a child to fall asleep early, you will free yourself some time. Consequently, before going to bed, you will be able to rest or finish some work.

sleeping infant

New Mom Tips:

Stock Up for Sick Days

Children have a habit of getting sick very unexpectedly. Therefore, you should have a first aid kit, vitamin water, and maybe other medicine that your pediatrician would advise you to get. 

NOTE! Always consult a doctor before giving a child medicine, especially when it comes to dosage and the right pills.

Accept Help

Accepting help is not a bad or shameful thing. Whenever you feel tired, you can delegate care for the baby to your partner, relatives, or friends, who are willing to assist you in taking care of a little one.

Read to a Child

Whenever you read to a child, a little one starts to imagine the fairytale world, where it is possible to fly like a Peter Pan and create dresses like a fairy godmother. It develops a child’s imagination and makes a little one think in brighter colors.

mother and child reading a book

Is reading to a newborn also important?

No doubt it is! This way, you will familiarize a baby with your voice. Besides, it is a positive influence on the baby’s brain and helps to develop speech.

Go Slow With Changes

Even the smallest changes in a baby’s schedule or life, in general, are overwhelming. Even changing a crib to a bad can be overwhelming.

Therefore, go slow with changes and make sure you adapt to the kid’s pace. This rule applies to all ages, so be sure to pay attention and be considerate.

For instance, if you are “moving” a baby from a crib to a bed, you should help a baby get used to it. First, sit together on the bed and read stories. Once you see that the child is used to it, you can make a change.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

Very often, we get lost in ideas and try to guess what went wrong. However, all you should do is trust your feelings, and you will know what to do. Do not overthink it.


You are already the best person for your child, so there is no need for you to try to jump over your head. Motherhood might be challenging, but it is most certainly worth it.

I hope that these new mom tips above will be useful and will make your life easier. Follow them, try to adapt them, or come up with your own and enjoy your time with your little bundle of happiness!

New Mom Tips You Haven't Heard Before

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