62 Baby Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Voice of the heroic past where gods, titans, humans, and other creatures lived side by side sounds loud and clear in the names that are now perpetuated in history and myths. Which baby name can be better than the one that belonged to a hero or even a god?


Names Inspired by Greek Mythology:

The list below will provide you with:

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You can also find the meanings of the names and a small sneak peek into the history behind them. Therefore, get comfortable and dive into the world of old Greece. I am sure that you will find what you are looking for. Enjoy! 

62 Baby Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Boy Names

AchillesOne of the most courageous heroes in the Trojan War. he had only one vulnerable are on his body – the heel. The arrow hit right into it, and he died.

AdonisA young and handsome shepherd. The name means “lord.”

AdrastosHe was a great king of Argos. The name means “not running away.”

Ajax – a hero who fought in the Trojan war. The name means “mourner” or “earth.”

AlexanderHero Paris was occasionally called Alexander. The name means “Defender of the man.”

ApolloGod of art, poetry, music, wisdom, beauty, law, medicine, and knowledge. The name means “strength.”

ArgusThere were a few men with this name. One built a ship called “Argo,” and another was a creature with fifty pairs of eyes. The name means “shining.”

Atlas Atlas is a Titan who was punished and made to carry heaven on his shoulders for the rest of eternity. The name means “to endure.”

Damon – Legend has it that Damon was a true friend. He risked his life for Pythias. The name means “to tame.”

Diomedesalso one of the greatest heroes who fought in the Trojan War. Name is a combination of “to think” and “of Zeus.”

ErosSon of Aphrodite. His arrows made people fall in love. In Roman mythology, it is Cupid. The name means “Love.”

HectorHe was a Trojan prince and a great warrior. The name means “to hold, possess.”

HeliosYoung god of the sun, who rode in his chariot across the sky. The name means “sun.”

HermesGod of trade and travel. The name means “boundary-maker.”

HyperionOne of the original 12 Titans, brother of Cronus (father of Zeus) and father of Helios (god of the sun), Selene (moon goddess), and Eos (goddess of dawn.)

Jasonhe was a leader of the Argonauts (great warriors). The name means “healer.”

Leanderhe was in love with priestess Hero. Every night he would swim across the Hellespont to meet her. The name means “lion” and “man.”

LinusThe son of Apollo, a great musician and a teacher to Herakles. The name means “flax.”

LykosName means “wolf.”

MentorOdysseus asked Mentor to guard his house and family and left for the Trojan War. He was a trusted and wise guide. The name means “strength and mind.”

MidasA king who had one wish granted by Dionysus. He wished for the ability to turn everything he touched to gold.

MylesKing of Laconia. Name meaning “mill.”


Baby Names Inspired by Greek Mythology You’ll Love!

Neilosthe name of the god of the Nile River. The river was a vital source of commerce and life.

NestorName means “homecoming.”

PanHalf-goat, half-human. The name means “protector.”

ParisHe abducted Helen of Troy and hence started a Trojan war. Paris defeated Achilles (powerful hero.)

PatroclusHero that fought Trojans. The name means “glory of the father.”

PriamKing of Troy during the notorious Trojan War. Paris and Hector were his sons, among many other kids of the ring. The name means “redeemed.”

PrometheusTitan, who gave fire to humanity. The name means “foresight.”

TheseusHe was a courageous and great king of Athens. Legend has it that Minos (Cretan king) demanded that King Theseus sacrificed seven girls and seven boys every seven years. They were supposed to be devoured by Minotaur. Theseus refused and went to kill Minotaur. He did it with the help of Ariadne. The name means “to place.”

Xanthos Name means “yellow.”

ZephyrGod of the west wind that brought about summer and spring breezes.  

ZeusThe God of thunder, the highest of the gods, ruler over people. The name means “shine,” “sky.” 

Girl Names

Aella Amazon warrior, who fought Herakles to protect her queen Hippolyta’s waist belt (symbol of her authority as the Amazons queen). The name means “whirlwind.”

AthenaGoddess of wisdom and warfare. She was also a patron of the capital of Greece – Athens. The name means “flower” or “blossom.”

CalypsoA Nymph from Greek mythology who fell in love with the hero Odysseus. The name means “she that conceals.”

CassandraTrojan princess, who got a gift of prophecy from Apollo. The name means “to excel” and “to shine.”

ChloeName of the early spring plant, which was used to describe the goddess Demeter. The name means “green shoot.”

CirceSorceress that changed Odysseus’s whole crew into hogs. The name means “bird.”

ClioOne of the Nine Muses who inspired people to create music, art, poetry, etc. Goddess of heroic poetry and history is believed to be the one who introduced the alphabet. The name means “glory.”

CoraThe second name of the goddess Persephone. The name means “maiden.”

DaphneShe was turned into a laurel tree. This way, she could escape Apollo. The name means “laurel.”

DioneMother of Aphrodite. The name means “goddess.”

ElectraShe helped her brother avenge her mother’s death by killing her love and their mother. The name means “amber.”

GaiaGoddess, mother of earth. The name means “earth.”

Harmoniathe daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. The name means “harmony.”

HelenOne of the most beautiful women in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Leda and Zeus. Paris abducted Helen and started the Trojan War. The name means “torch.”

Hermione ­– daughter of Menelaus and Helen, named after Hermes (the messenger of gods).

IoneSea nymph. The name means “violet flower.”

IrisMessenger of gods and the goddess of the rainbow. The name means “rainbow.”

LarissaEither mother or daughter of the Pelasgus. The name means “citadel.”

MedeaSorceress that helped Jason capture the symbol of power and kindship – the Golden Fleece. She took brutal revenge as Jason betrayed her. The name means “to think and plan.”

MelainaA nymph. The name means “black or dark.”

Melia Daughter of Okeanos, a nymph. The name means “ash tree.”

Girl Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Names Inspired by Greek Mythology:

MetisZeus’s wife. The prophecy said that her children would be much wiser than Zeus would. Therefore, as she became pregnant, he swallowed her. However, Athena (their daughter) appeared out of his head fully grown.

Pallasa friend of Athena, whom she accidentally killed. After that, in honor of her late friend, Athena took the name, Pallas. The name means “maiden.”

PenelopeWife of Odyssey, rejected all suitors and waited for her husband to return from Troy. The name represents faithfulness and loyalty in relationships.

Phoebea Titan who was associated with the moon. The name means “bright.”

RheaA Titan who was the mother of the first Greek gods (Zeus, Demeter, Hera, Poseidon, Hestia, and Hades).

SeleneGoddess of the moon.

ThaliaOne of the nine nymphs. Pastoral poetry and comedy were her specialties. The name means “to blossom.”

ThemisTitan, who ruled over natural law and customs. She was depicted blindfolded, holding scales in her hands. The name means “divine law” and “law of nature.”

62 Baby Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

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