How To Wean A Baby From Breastfeeding: Tips To Make It Easier For You And Your Baby

If the labor went fine, the baby is immediately put on mom’s chest. Breastfeeding is the most amazing thing that the nature came up with. This is a moment of the incredible unit of mother and child.


And the moment comes when mom should wean away her baby from breastfeeding. Usually, it’s a period at the age of 1 and 2 years.

The first reason is mom’s tiredness to wake up during the night. Or baby’s sharp teeth, as they can bite mom’s breast when the baby is asleep.

How to Wean a Baby From Breastfeeding: Tips to Make It Easier for You and Your Baby

Here are some signs when the baby is ready to wean themselves off breastfeeding

If the baby has teething, or they are sick, the baby has been vaccinated or it’s heat outside, – it’s not the best period to wean the baby away from breastfeeding. Here some signs, when the baby is ready to switch to breast-free feeding. 

1. Doubling the weight of the baby

When the baby’s weight is doubled from the day of birth, you can try to wean them away from breastfeeding.

How to wean the baby away from breastfeeding?

2. Nutritious food

The baby receives all types of supplementary food and doesn’t need mom’s milk after eating.


3. The baby doesn’t need breastfeeding during the day

If the baby can spend 12 hours without breastfeeding, they are ready to a new stage. When both you and your baby understand that the kid is ready to end with breastfeeding, you should think about the way of weaning the baby.

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Methods Of Weaning The Baby Away From Breastfeeding

1. Gradual Weaning

This method is the mildest for mom and her baby. First of all, don’t breastfeed after the baby finishes eating. Then rule out breastfeeding during the day completely, but add a full afternoon snack and lunch.

The baby won’t feel hungry. The final stage is weaning the baby away from night breastfeeding.  The baby is used to waking up and eating.

In fact, they use breast instead of their pacifier.  Now, when the baby wakes up, give them a bottle with water or stewed fruit.

baby drinking milk from a bottle

In case, it doesn’t work, a pacifier and lulling can help. In a couple of days, when the baby realizes that they don’t want mom’s milk, they won’t wake up at night.

2. Leave The baby In Grandmother’s Place

An old and drastic method. Give the child to their grandmother for a couple of days. The baby shouldn’t see their mom.

Only father can visit the baby to calm them down. At this time, mom is experiencing a period of burnout of milk.

How to wean the baby away from breastfeeding

When the baby is back, mom’s breast is empty and uninteresting. It would be perfect if the baby doesn’t see mom’s breast for some time.

3. Pills

Mom should take special pills to stop lactation. Gradually, less milk is produced. And the baby understands that only mom’s milk is not enough.

Then the baby can use mom’s breast as a pacifier. Over time, the baby will switch to a regular pacifier. 

pills medicine capsules

4. “Mom’s Got Sick”

It’s a good method only when the baby understands everything well (when the baby is 2 years old or more). Mom can spread iodine on her nipples or put plasters. And she explains to the baby that her breast is sick, it hurts, it cannot no longer be touched.

And a pitiful baby will be ready to do everything to relieve mom’s pain. It’ll work during the day.

At night, it’ll be harder to explain to the baby why breastfeeding is not allowed. So, you should give a bottle with water to the baby instead.

Children are different. The method that you friend uses cannot be suitable for your baby.

So, when you decide to wean the baby away from breastfeeding, try several methods and choose the most appropriate one for your child. During this period, give the baby a lot of care and love.  

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How to Wean a Baby From Breastfeeding: Tips to Make It Easier for You and Your Baby