How to Be a Green Parent

How to Be a Green Parent

It ain’t easy being a green parent. Virtually everything to do with a child puts pressure on the environment. We’re not talking about one-off items like a crib, car seat or baby blankets and bedding.

How to Be a Green Parent

It’s often those every day and disposable items that cause the problems. However, there are lots of things that you can do as a parent that will be helpful to the environment.

Here are a few of my top tips

Nappies and wipes are one of the biggest problems in terms of being green. There are two potential solutions to this; one is reusable cloth nappies which these days are quite different to those of the past, with different fabrics, shapes and colours.

The second option is eco-biodegradable nappies that degrade in landfill within a far shorter time. Equally with baby wipes, why not cut squares of microfiber from a half meter.

How to Be a Green Parent

These just wash in the machine and dry in less than a half hour hung up. Use them with plain water which is kinder to baby’s skin than the harsh chemicals in wipes.

The things you do and the way you do those them has a big impact on the world. Walking is good exercise, a great way for your child to learn about nature as well as road safety, and is far better for the environment than a gas-guzzling automobile.

How to Be a Green Parent

Visiting parks, farms and nature reserves make lovely days out for children. Why not identify a plot in your garden or even a window box or sill to grow your own organic food? This is a great way to be green and teach children about the value of nature and the life cycle of plants.

Organic fruit and vegetables make great purees and snacks for babies and toddlers. As they are pesticide-free, they are healthier for children and better for the environment too. Equally, home cooking your food allows you to control what goes in it.

a bowl of tomatoes

Pre-packaged foods and meals always contain obscure chemicals or high levels of salt or sugar that you just wouldn’t choose to feed to your child if you could see it. Cooking your own food is akin with the green lifestyle and there is nothing more exciting than eat your own home grown produce. Try it today!

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How to Be a Green Parent

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