50 Amazing Christmas Gifts For Kids: From Babies To Teens

Having a hard time figuring out stocking stuffers for your kids this year? You are in the right place. Welcome to check an awesome list of wonderful gift ideas for children: from babies to teens.

This guide consists of many unique items you can FINALLY have a stocking for your little ones that are not full of dollar tree nonsense and sweets! When it comes to presents, they must be things your kids do not play with just once and throw away.

Do you have a tradition to give your children Christmas gifts? If not, you should start it this year.

50 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Kids: from Babies to Teens

You will see how they are waiting for Christmas with impatience because of the gift intrigue. Seriously, kids are waiting for Christmas. They believe in its magic.

The very first thing that the kids check at Christmas when they get up early in the morning is stocking stuffers. Imagine how excited they will be when they find a new non-toy gift but far from boring.

Collection of 50 amazing Christmas Gifts for Kids

Items for Their Own Room or Playroom

If children have their own room, it means that only they make rules on their territory. They choose the color of walls, blankets, and furniture. They choose the decoration and order of each item in the room.

They adore replacing and redecorating their room. So, give them this possibility and gift some cool trifles and accessories that they can use to make their room cozier and comfier.

  1. Sequin Pillows

A sequin pillow is a real catch. Children (and adults as well) adore playing with it.

It allows kids to draw with their fingers, write letters or words, play some games. It is a great way to train their skills, taking almost no effort.

This pillow is quite calming. So, use it before your kids are going to bed. They will fall asleep much faster and easier.


  1. Artwork

Only you can decide if this gift will have a place in your child’s room. It is quite a cute gift.

Choose the artwork that will not look out of the place. It should match with the color scheme and the style of the room.

  1. Custom photo art

It is a brilliant idea to arrange all drawings, photos, and pictures that your kid would like to hang on the wall. It is a cool stylish way to replace old frames for pics. You can also experiment with some sparkling, sophisticated hand-pressed photo art.

  1. Organizational Stuff

It is a great idea of a gift if your child does not like to sort things and keep them in one place. It will be a new involving activity for them to put their toys in boxes or stationary in magnet bars.

  1. A Piggy Bank and Some Money for it

Probably, you also had a piggy bank in your childhood, didn’t you? It is a great idea to teach your kids how to save money.

Choose the piggy bank that cannot be easily thrashed but can be easily opened. It will give the child the possibility to check how much is already saved.

If the child really wants something badly, but you do not think it is worth buying, then let the child save some money and buy it by themselves. A cute piggy bank is a perfect start for it.


  1. A Playhouse

Getting a playhouse is every child’s dream. It is their own place to hide, play games with friends, or curl up to read a book. Its modern design is impressive and fresh.

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Kids - A Playhouse

What about a teepee tent? The child will be ready to spend the whole day staying there. Your kid will go nuts over their new hiding place.

  1. A Kid-Size Chair

A kid-size chair is a nice place to have some rest, read a book, or sit in front of the TV watching cartoons. It is lightweight and convenient to move to the very place you need. The child can do it by themselves.

Your kid will be so much amused if you gift them a safe and soothing spot of their own to relax.

  1. Stuff’N Sit

You will be surprised how helpful this thing will be for both you and your child. It is very easy to use. It has a long zipper and a lot of space inside.

Your task is to unzip it, stuff it in with stuffed toys, maybe some baby clothing, costumes, and blankets. And that’s it. You have a new fun chair that you can easily move to any place in the house.

You find stuff’n sit very useful as it is a super cool way to make your kids tidy up their rooms. Everyone will benefit from stuff’n sit in the house. 


  1. Growth Chart

Children are always curious about their own physical development. With a growth chart, they can track how fast they grow every month. If you can get a personalized one, it will be gorgeous. 

  1. Budget for a Full Redecoration of the Room

Yes, such a present can be a bit costly, but your kid will love you forever for such a gift. The choice of wall paint, pieces of furniture, decorations, and patterns on the walls.

All that is going to be your child’s choice. Oh, it is super exciting.

You can wrap some recent catalogs with designs of the children’s room and spend the whole evening with your little one, choosing the best design for you.

Bathroom Items

Bathroom items will make your child feel like an adult and will be a very useful gift.

  1. Bathrobe

A bathrobe will keep your little one warm after a nice bath. They will be so amused to feel grown-up wearing a soft kid-sized bathrobe. Your kid will not want to put it off. Guaranteed!


  1. Hooded Bath Towels

A hooded bath towel is a great gift for children of all ages. If you personalize it with their name and make it exclusively theirs, it will bring plenty of excitement to your cute little one.

  1. Step Stool

Now your child can reach whatever they need without your help – WOW! A step stool is their helper now.

If they are grown enough to wash their hands and face, brush their teeth on their own, but they are still too small to reach the sink, it is not a problem anymore. A step stool is lightweight, and the child can carry it by themselves.

  1. Bath Crayons

Almost every child adores having a bath and splashes there for hours. Make this process much more entertaining with bath crayons. They are very easy to wipe off the wall and bring a lot of fun for your kid.


  1. Bath Toys

Children are so obsessed with various bath toys. They adore experimenting with them and see how water flows when they twist and turn the toys under it. 



When you have some trips, be it to another city or to granny, you should teach your child how to pack up.

  1. Their own Backpack

When you are packing up, your child would like to take a lot of stuff they will play with just once and forget about it. The same is about clothing. You often have different points of view on what is necessary and what is not.

A great gift is their own backpack. The kid can put their belongings there that they consider necessary. Let them carry it by themselves and feel responsible for their luggage.

  1. Mini Wheelie Suitcases

If you are planning to have a long trip, a mini wheelie suitcase will definitely come at handy. There is a great range of cool children’s suitcases.

Help them to pack up. The child will be so proud to carry it and have a sense of ownership of their stuff.


  1. Bags for Toiletry Items

When children have their own bags for packing, they pack up with delight. Gift them a personalized toiletry bag, and they will gladly help you to pack toothbrushes, shampoos, soap, and other bathroom stuff.


  1. A Bike

It is an extremely cool gift. Every child dreams about a bike to compete for speed with friends. If you are afraid of injuries, choose a tricycle bike.

  1. Flashlight or Headlamp

Do not underestimate such a gift. It is fun and keeps your kid busy all day long.

They will have so much fun playing monsters or searchers with their main tool – a flashlight. Make sure that it has a rubber grip and gives colorful lights.


  1. Their Own Small Umbrella

Indeed it is a very thoughtful gift. The child will be glad to have their own kid-size bright umbrella, and you will be sure that the child will stay dry.

The great idea is to add a cute raincoat and rainboots. It is an amazing set for bad weather. Well, it will not seem that bad after such a gift, at least for the child.



Baby clothing is always a welcome gift, especially if your kid adores cute wardrobe items.

  1. Extraordinary clothing

Of course, when you choose a clothing item as a gift, you prefer something practical. This time it should be something special, something that your kid has had their eye on for a long time. For example, it can be a costume, pajamas, dresses…

  1. Sunglasses

It is very important to keep children’s eyes protected from the sun, even if they are still toddlers. And they look so funny and cute wearing sunglasses. They will be excited to have a pair of sunglasses like grown-ups.

  1. A Watch

It is a nice accessory that the child should have as well. There are a lot of bright designs of digital ones for children of all ages.

You will see how proud they will be to wear a watch like a grown-up. Add a pair of sunglasses to your present. Oh, look so cool!


  1. Cool Pajamas

One more lovely gift is pajamas with kid’s favorite characters, motifs, and fun prints. One more soft pajamas made of natural fabric will always come in useful.

  1. Warm slippers

It is a great Christmas gift to keep your kid’s feet warm. Slippers should have Christmas motifs as well, for example, with reindeer or hats of dwarves.


  1. A Wallet

It is a necessary accessory when the child is grown-up and is more independent already.


Girlish Items

  1. Hair Accessories

Girls love it so much. If you gift your daughter a full package of hair accessories (clips, bows, headbands), the girl will be so elated.

Pick accessories made of velvet and soft fabrics. And they should be of different bright colors.

  1. Nail Polish
Girlish Items

Girls can spend hours making hairdos, doing make-ups, and painting nails. So, if nail polish is the gift that you are planning to get for your daughter, make sure that it is chemical-free.


  1. Lip Balm

Lip Balms with a sweet, pleasant scent is also a nice gift for your beautiful daughter. Make sure that they will cause no harm to the child’s skin.


  1. Locker Mirrors

It is a perfect gift for your daughter, especially if she has her own locker at school.



If you’d like to stop on a developmental gift, check the items below.

  1. Sticker Books

If your little one is 3-5 years old, a sticker book will be a lovely gift. They can learn ABC or whole words by playing with it. Seriously, it is a great way to start educating your child.


  1. Walkie Chalkie

It is a very funny chalk holder. Your children will be more motivated to play outdoors as they have to test this new item. They can draw pictures, create a labyrinth for a game while standing up.


  1. Smencils

Is it hard for you to make your kid sit down and do their homework? Try smencils. They can raise a desire to take a pencil and keep drawing with it as it smells so cool when you work with it.

Smencils can keep the aroma for up to 2 years. So, it will serve you for a long time.


  1. Eco-Dough

Children adore doing something with their hands. And you are much calmer when you are sure that this something is made with natural ingredients. If you have a newborn in the house, this gift is perfect for the older sibling as it will make them sit quietly and play for long.


  1. Ink-a-Do Tattoo Pens

These are gel pens that are used to draw tattoos on the skin. They are totally safe and can be easily washed away. Children like doodling on themselves.

And having ink-a-do tattoo pens, they will show their creativity and draw any patterns they want.


  1. White Porcelain Christmas Ornaments

Such a gift will give your kid the possibility to express their creativity. Paint ornaments in the color you want. Do it together with your kid.

Capture memories by indicating the upcoming year or the date of this Christmas. It will be the most atmospheric Christmas for your family indeed.

  1. Fingerprinting art set

The set consists of ink pads, rubber stamps to add faces and features, and colored pencils. Creating your own creature is always a fun activity for children, especially when they do it with their fingers.


  1. Fly Paper Airplane Kit

In the kit, you will find instructions on how to make different kinds of planes. Children can make several planes and play with them together with their friends. Some funny stickers, colorful paper, and a folding tool are also included.


  1. Coloring Washi Tape

Your child will love to decorate their school stuff with it and color it in the way they want.


  1. Gel pens

Combine gel pens with the coloring washi tape into a great gift for your schooler.


  1. Coloring Book
Coloring Book

If your child is fond of drawing, a coloring book is a perfect gift for their hobby.


  1. Poster for dreams

Your kid can hang it on the wall in their room and include pictures of places they would love to visit or things they will definitely implement in the future.

Books and Magazines


Children like collecting bookmarks. They adore having bookmarks for each Book separately.

Such as the mermaid’s tail, unicorns, Pockemons look so cute.


  1. Reading Light

It is very convenient as it clips onto a book. It can also encourage reading before going to bed.


  1. A Chapter Book

If your kid reads well, you can move on to the next step of reading chapter books. Now the story has a longer plot.

Such books are also interesting and have a lot of illustrations. You can gift a book light together with a new chapter book.

  1.  Books about Christmas
 Books about Christmas

Why not learn more about the upcoming holiday and learn a couple of carols.

  1. Jornal or Diary

Pick out a nice diary for your kid, where they can share their thoughts and dreams. It will be one of the greatest memories of their childhood.


  1. Travel Jornal

This gift is more suitable for older children. It will be very interesting for them to keep track of their trip.


  1. Magazine Subscription

Give your little one their first magazine subscription. Choose the one which will be interesting particularly for your kid. 

Hopefully, you found this list of Christmas gifts useful. It is quite long, so pin it and come back when you have more time.

Of course, every child is individual, and you know better what your kid needs. The main thing is to make them feel happy.

That’s it. So, good luck with it. And Merry Christmas to all your family!

50 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Kids: from Babies to Teens