25 Tips for Gift Ideas for Second Child

When mom expects the first child, there is such a great and various range of gifts for the first child and mom.

25 Tips for Gift Ideas for your Second Child

When it comes to the second child, choosing a gift is much more complicated as mom and the baby already have a lot. It becomes harder to find something new and unique.

Should you pick out a gift for the newborn this time? Or should you think about the gifts for mom already? Or maybe both?

25 Tips for Gift Ideas for Second Child

In fact, you can combine or pick up one thing from the list below to impress mom with the gift for the second child.

Presents particularly for the newborn

Of course, parents already have a lot of stuff left over from their first child. However, it does not mean that they do not need to replace the things or double up them.

Surely, some essential things they do have (e.g. swadling clothing, blankets, pacifiers). Even if you choose the gift from this category, it will never be out of place. After all, all these things will be worn out one day, and your new blanket as a gift will come at handy.

Check this gift list for the second baby that will work as a useful gift:

  1. Clothing.

It is the first thing which comes to our mind when we think about gifts for babies. It is not a problem if the size does not suit them yet. Color and the item itself, be it a baby bodysuit or a baby T-shirt, does not matter much either because such a gift will be in use for sure, maybe later or on special occasions. 

Today, we encounter more and more cute outfits for little ones. They look so nice and fashionable. So, even if the gender of both kids is the same and there are a lot of girlish or boyish clothing items left, a new small suite for the second baby will be a great gift.

You can get even a better gift if you choose pair clothing for both of the children. Think about cute writings on it ( e. g. Big sister & Little sister). Matching sets is a unique and cute gift.

Check it out by yourself: https://www.amazon.com/Brother-Matching-Outfits-Sibling-Charcoal/dp/B07X1KX6RH/ref

  1. Bottles and pumping items.

As a rule, bottle or pumping items have a long life and come in use for the second child. Though they can also get worn out as they have been washed thousands of times. It is a good idea to replace such things.


Another cool idea is to get a pumping bra for mom. Yes, it is not the gift for the baby, but it is directly connected with them. This thing will save mom’s time and make both of her hands free. Sometimes, it is so necessary when you have two little kids.


  1. Toys.
25 Tips for Gift Ideas for your Second Child

It is the most common and cute gift for the child. It will always be in trend. As a rule children share toys and they are mutual for both of them.

Also, if children are of different gender, it is not always convenient to have mutual toys. Girls cannot be so obsessed with vehicles as boys. Or boys are not that obsessed with dolls and castles as their sisters are.

It is better if the second child has their separate toy. They will take care of it, play with it, know that it is theirs. 

So, the toy particularly for HER or HIM would be a very appropriate gift for the second child.

  1. Other material goods.

Such things as cribs, swings, baby carriages, and so on can be used for the second child. And speaking about some things FOR cribs and baby carriages, here you can find a nice idea for a gift.

Think about a fancy outfit (for example, a warm knitted suite for walks). It can also be a nice stuffed toy, or a personalized soft blanket with the child’s initials.


  1. Books.

Books are like toys in this situation. Parents will use books left over from their first child to teach or read to their second one.

If children are of different gender, literature should be different a bit as well. The themes of stories can be different. Even if there are a lot of various books at home, a new colorful one will always raise a lot of interest in both children.

A sizable library is always a great thing to have at home. You can never have too many books. Even if the older child has a collection of books already, it would be nice if the younger sibling has one of their own as well.

Gifts for mom

Mom deserves to get signs of attention as well. Do not forget about her and get a gift for mom either.

She deserves it. She gave birth to the second child (not an easy thing to do!)

When she is pregnant all attention is hers, but when the baby arrives mom gets forgotten about as there is another small cute person in the room.

It might be offensive a little bit, might it?

So, while you are looking for the gift for the second baby, it would be nice to get one for the person who actually brought the little one into the world.

Check this list of gifts for mom that will make her feel needed, special, and happy.

  1. Comfy clothing.

After the labour mom needs recoverment. It will be easier if she has comfy clothing to wear at home. It does not matter what to wear, but comfort DOES matter.

Pajamas or nursing clothing is the best variant here. It will look nice. Mom will feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

25 Tips for Gift Ideas for your Second Child

A cooler idea is to get a nursing pajama set for mom that matches her baby’s onesies. They will look so cute wearing clothing of the same print and color.

If mom got used to wearing regular clothing, not pajamas, during the day, get her nursing shirts. It is super helpful if mom breastfeeds.


  1. Watching the baby.

You can come over and watch the baby or an older sibling. Mom will be forever grateful if you consider such a gift. This nonmaterial present is much more valuable rather than material one.

While you are watching the baby or even both children, parents can run their errands. You will give them the rare opportunity to have a date without children. You can even take children to your place, if you have such a possibility, and let parents have some private space.

  1. Massages.

During the pregnancy and after the labours, a second-time mom is quite tired. Her whole body can ache after carrying the baby during pregnancy.

When the baby arrives, she is holding the baby in her hands also a lot. Her back and shoulders can ache much.

A massage certificate is a great gift for mom to take some rest and improve her physical condition. She can even have a nap on the massage table. You can either come with her and relax as well, or babysit while mom has a massage.

Try this gift and you will be convinced that it is the best present for a second-time mom ever.

  1. A photo session.

Sweet memories are always a nice gift. Gift her a family photo session with a newborn and with both children. Such a present is an unusual and thoughtful one.

Parents will be grateful for having a possibility to get cute photos in high quality from their kids’ childhood.

Also, give her a frame for family photos for their bedroom. When pictures are ready, parents will frame them and enjoy sweet moments from realizing how happy they are together.


They will also enjoy canvas prints. Parents surely have some cute photos in their phones. Ask them to send such regular photos to you, and you can print them on canvas. It will look marvelous.

  1. Giving her a nap.
25 Tips for Gift Ideas for your Second Child

Sleepless nights make mom quite tired and stressed. In fact, mom does not even sleep deep as she is listening through the sleep if the baby is not crying.

Only when she is sure that the baby is taken care of, she can finally have some rest. A few hours of a nap will make mom rested and full of energy.

So, if you have not decided yet, what the best present for a second-time mama is, consider giving her a few hours of sleep.

Are you a dad, who has no idea what gift to prepare for your wife and mother of your children?

Here is the list of gift ideas FOR MOM FROM DAD!

  1. Do the cleaning.

Yes, dady, it can seem so easy and even not like a present. In fact, it is a real treasure for mom who takes care of two children already.

Keep it simple! Cleaning the house, cooking dinner or breakfast, washing the dishes, taking care of the older child, all these things are the best gift for your wife (and it is not that costly). Mom will appreciate everything you are doing around the house and she will ask for no other gift but your help. 

  1. Give her a massage.

Be attentive to her and devote some time on her. Offer your wife to have some rest while you are giving her a massage. Her whole body aches and your massage will be a great relief.

She spends so much time and effort taking care of your children and wealthfare of the whole family. She deserves such a gift from her beloved husband.

  1. Give her some deep sleep.

A few hours of sleep and a message can do marvels. Sometimes it is all that she needs.

Seriously, the best gift from your side as her husband and father of your children is to take care of your kids and let mom have a few hours of deep sleep, especially at night. You can get up to the baby to change diapers or rock your little one to sleep.

Sometimes mom considers taking care of the baby as her responsibility mostly. In fact, it is the responsibility of both of you.

Offer her splitting night time duties. She will love you forever for such help from your side.

  1. Personalized presents.

On top of all the gifts offered above, think about something special for her. Personalized jewelry is a very cute gift for your wife.

25 Tips for Gift Ideas for your Second Child

A ring or necklace with your baby’s name or their date of birth is a nice manifestation of your love. Such a gift will show the importance of her motherhood and make her feel loved and special. 


Do not leave the older sibling aside!

When the second child is about to arrive, parents are concerned about their first child’s psychological condition. They spend a lot of time explaining to their child that a brother or sister will be born soon; that mom and dad will love both kids equally. Still, parents think about different scenarios on what impact the newborn will have on their first child.

The older sibling requires attention and love just as well. So, when you think about gifts for the newborn, do not forget about their sibling.

  1. Quiet toys.

When we talk about children, it is always about screaming and noise in the house, but everyone should be quiet when you have a newborn. Of course, you cannot force your older kid to behave quietly and keep the noise down.

Quiet toys will come at handy as children do not understand why they must be quiet. It is a very thoughtful gift for the older sibling, especially if they are still a toddler.

So, here are some good ideas for quiet activities: put together a puzzle, play with eco dough, color books and draw in the album, play with bubbles.

  1. Items of clothing.

Matching outfit idea is always a cool gift. A new item in the wardrobe of the older sibling will definitely amuse them.

Make it special for them. You can print some cool quotes or even a photo on it.

  1. Play time!
mother Playing with the child

Playing with the child brings a lot of fun for everyone. It is a cool gift both for parents and their older child.

If you can take the older sibling out for a couple of hours to play together, that would be amazing. The child will feel awesome and special as they receive all your attention and love. At the same time, parents will have a great possibility to stay together at home and fully devote this time to the newborn.

If you are afraid of taking the child out, then come to their place and play with the child near or in the house. Parents will be sure that their child is OK and having a lot of fun playing with you. Isn’t it cool?!

Why is food also a cool gift idea? – Because we all need it. When the second baby comes there is less time for cooking. So, this is where you can help.

  1. Homemade dishes.

Homemade hot meals smell like a cozy home. Noone wants to live on fast food and deliveries, especially if there are small children in the family.

Even if it is something simple, it will satisfy everyone’s belly. The fact that the meal is homemade already makes it so tasty and special.

  1. Lactation cookies.

If mom breastfeeds her baby, lactation cookies are a great idea for a present for her. The baby will be fed and satisfied as well.

If cookies are homemade, it will please mom even more. If you do not know how to prepare lactation cookies, there are many cool recipes on the Internet. Mom will be positively surprised.

  1. A snack basket.
A snack basket

Being so busy with both children, mom has no time to spend it on cooking. At the same time, nutrition is very important as she may still breastfeed.

A snack basket will always be in her reach when she is very hungry. It should not contain something super special. You can put some cold snacks like dried fruits, cookies, nuts, fresh fruits, crackers, etc.

  1.  Meals from the freezer.

This is a very thoughtful and convenient gift. Mom will need just to bake the already-made food or warm it up, and voila! The meal is ready.

If you stop on this gift, you should make sure that parents have enough space in their freezer to keep you present there.

This list of presents is a long one. Probably, you have found the gift that will suit you. It should not be very costly.

Parents with the newborn will be enormously happy to receive any help from your side. They will be forever grateful.

When choosing a gift, be it for the newborn, or the older sibling, remember that all children are different. And if one gift can work with your child or the child of your close friend, or even the older sibling, it does not mean that it is the best gift for the newborn.

Every kid is unique. So, you need to experiment. Give it a try and you will see for yourself which gift is the best one.

25 Tips for Gift Ideas for Second Child

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