The Best Doll Gifts For Girls VS The Best Vehicle Gifts For Boys

Hi there! Again in thoughts about the perfect toy for your kid? You can relax because here you will find the gift that will get not only gasps of delight when opening, but the one that will become their bestie for next months or even years.

The Best Doll Gifts for Girls VS The Best Vehicle Gifts For Boys

When it comes to presents, the first question is: “Is it for a boy or girl?” Boys are mostly obsessed with vehicle toys in the same way girls are obsessed with doll gifts.

Whatever you are looking for, be it for your son or daughter, it must be safe, engaging, and of course, developmental. Sometimes, it is so difficult to choose the right toy that will match your kid’s interests, emotional and developmental stage.

The Best Doll Gifts for Girls VS The Best Vehicle Gifts for Boys

Is your son totally getting into vehicles, and is your daughter so fond of dolls and princesses, but you want to be super cool parents and get something really unusual and brilliant? In the list below, you will find the solution. Check it out and choose the perfect gift that will match your child’s gender, age, and abilities.

The toys are categorized by children’s age. So, it will be easier for you to get to the right section.

Whatever toy you pick up, you cannot go wrong with any of them. Kids will love it and take it wherever they go.

The first developmental stages are the most significant. And here, you will find a fabulous list of gift ideas from toddlers to preschoolers. Let’s start with cute babies of 6+ months.

The toys are categorized by children's age

Ball Rattle and Roll Car for Boys

It is a perfect beginning for playing with things-that-go. The car is made of soft and safe material. It is bright with finger holes that allow your tot to grip the car and maneuver easily.

When the car moves, rattle beads in the car wheels create a very amusing sound that raises curiosity in your little explorer.

This plaything is very convenient as you can use it as a toy, a rattle, or even a teether. So, it remains to choose the color of the car, and your perfect gift is almost in your bag.

Toy Snuggle Pot for Girls

This soft and cute snuggle pot is a perfect first serious toy for your daughter. Your girl will adore this soothing baby toy, and it will become her “take-everywhere” lovie.

Each pot has its small baby that fits the pot perfectly. There are different baby designs. It can be a pea, bunny, peanut, or bug.

Its appearance is very pleasant, with a slight smile on its face and sleepy eyes that make your kid feel calm and comfortable. The toy itself is made of delicate plush fabric that is very pleasant to touch.

We bet that this sweet pea in the pot will become a new bedtime companion. It is so easy for kids to cuddle this little pea with their little hands.

By the way, if you are looking for a present for twins, two soft baby dolls in two various pots will be a cool gift.

Toys for kids of 12+ months

The Best Doll Gifts for Girls VS The Best Vehicle Gifts for Boys

When your child turns 1, it is a great date, isn’t it? It is not a couple of months or half of the year. It is a FULL year already.

It is a new phase of their long life journey. And your task is to make the beginning of this stage full of new exciting discoveries.

Go Car for Boys

A go car is perfectly designed for 1-year old kids. Its size fits their little hands nicely. They can easily grab the car and push along.

And the cars are totally safe for those drivers who like using it as a teether as they are made from the highest quality ABS. The wheels are made of rubber that will save the floor and the furniture from scratches.

Most of all, kids adore car’s speed. It drives so easily on any type of surface, even on the carpets.

The go car develops kids’ motor skills, imagination, pretend play, and eye-hand coordination. It is also great for their physical confidence.

If you think that your enthusiastic driver is not ready for a big drive with their new go car, do not get upset. The car will look nice as a piece of art in the playroom. Later on, it will turn to your son’s favorite take-everywhere toy.

Baby Stella for Girls

If you choose between a doll or a stuffed animal, there is a better variant. Baby Stella is our favorite. It looks super cool and has so many features that amuse the kids and develop their creative skills.

First, baby Stella is ultra-soft and plush. It has a small pacifier that fits her mouth. Your daughter will place it on and off hundreds of times (they are so addicted to doing it).

The pacifier is tied to the doll with a ribbon, so it is almost impossible to lose kids’ favorite accessory.

Stella also has removable clothing and a diaper. So, your young mom can change the baby’s clothing and diapers. The doll is also designed with different skin tones and hairstyles and has a younger brother. Such a cute little family!

Baby Stella makes an impression of a real cute tot. The doll makes sucking noises when the pacifier is in her mouth; she giggles when her feet are pressed; she even says “mommy” when her hands are squeezed. Your little daughter will love the feeling of a grown-up mom.

Is your tot already 18+ months? So grown-up!

Playmobil Airport Shuttle Bus for Boys

If you try Playmobil once, you will become its big fan. As an example, you get the Airport Shuttle Bus. Just have a look at its features.

It has such a colorful design. Its items are rounded and small enough to fit your kid’s little hands.

This amusing toy consists of the bus, one bus driver, and three passengers. The shuttle itself is equipped with a luggage compartment.

As you see, the toy has so many interesting bright objects that your son will spend hours examining all of them. Your young explorer will learn a lot while having fun with their new favorite Airport Shuttle Bus.

Another Wow Toys for Your Son

Of course, it is very interactive and amusing to play with battery toys. They have a lot of buttons, do different automatic movements, and produce real-life sounds.

Yeah, it is amazing, and children love it. Well, all those noises can sometimes be tiring for parents and for kids as well.

Thank God these Wow Toys come to the rescue. They do not require batteries, and they are not that noisy. However, they are so fantastic.

You will find so many different variants: Police Plane, Emergency Car, Ambulance, Fire Engine, etc. Just let your little boy hold it for a second, and he will start driving on the floor or over your body, furniture, and other obstacles.

You should definitely give it a try, and you will see that kids will learn not less than they learn from battery toys.

Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin Grenadine Doll for Your Daughter

If you dream about a cute doll for your daughter, you should stop here. This cute little doll is so soft and looks so real. Her size is perfect for kids to cuddle their little baby in their little arms.

Just have a look at her beautiful face. Her blue eyes can close and open (kids find it very entertaining). One more interesting peculiarity of this doll is her scent.

She smells so sweet, like vanilla. Not every doll has a scent, agree?! Dolls from this collection are different, with various eyes color, skin tone, and clothing.

When you buy the baby doll, it already has the outfit, and it is removable. Kids love it and have so much fun changing the outfits for different events that they make up.

Melissa and Doug Dolls for Girls

If your choice is Melissa and Doug Dolls,100% happiness for your daughter is guaranteed! There are several dolls in this collection so that your daughter can play with her friends or siblings. These dolls look sooo real and sooo cute!

These babies have beautiful eyes that blink, and their rosy baby cheeks make everybody want to finger them.  

Dolls’ size is ideal, just 12 inches long. Kids can easily hold them in their arms, hug them, feed the dolls, and take care of them. Each baby also has a pacifier and can suck their thumb like a real one.

It makes kids very excited about their toy, and they love giving them a pacifier of feed with a bottle. And how much fun they have when they rock the dolls to sleep.

Kids are experiencing real baby care and sympathy. Also, children develop their social skills through role-playing. It is very important at their developmental stage.

Is your kid two already? Years pass so fast! And it is high time for the replenishment of their great collection of toys.

Bruder Roadmax for Boys

This collection has a cool design. And its vehicle is made of safe, high-quality materials. It does not have some tiny parts that can be easily parted or sharp ends that can hurt the child.

These toys are totally safe for your tot. Bruder Roadmax toys have bright green, yellow, red, and blue colors; black rubber wheels, and functioning features that can be maneuvered by kids’ little hands. This vehicle toy is so convenient to play both inside the house and outside on the playground.

These trucks are worth money and will serve you for a very long time to have a heavy play.

Lil Twin Dolls in a Stroller for Girls

It will be a wonderful gift for girls to have endless playtime fun. These dolls have so many babe realistic features. They have movable heads, hands, and legs.

Each doll has its own removable clothing. Your little fashionista will think up a lot of outfits for the dolls.

The set of twin dolls includes various items for different scenarios. There is a dish set for having a meal, a bath set to wash the baby dolls, and a stroller to have a walk. The stroller even has a tied piece of string so that your kids can have a real walk in the park with their favorite toys.

Such a gift for your girls will never be a waste of money, and kids will be absolutely over the moon.

What is best for 3+-year-olds?

Mega Race-Car Carrier for Boys

Finally, your boy is grown-up enough to maneuver not only one big car but play with a set of cars. This race-car carrier is something new and unusual. The carrier itself is wooden and massive but still has good size for little hands.

And it has two layers for racing cars. There are six of them. Each racing car is also unique.

Each has its own cool design, color, and number. So, it makes children count, differentiate colors and forms.

The carrier and racing cars develop imagination and creativity as there are so many play possibilities. This toy will inspire your kid to play and develop at the same time.

And you will need to make no effort for this, just give them the toy, and you will see it by yourself. We promise you’ll never regret this!

Barbie Career for Your Daughter

Barbies will always remain the main girlish toys. But what if to make them special and even educational. Barbies are always associated with beautiful girls in bright dresses.

Here we want to show you the other side of the story. Barbies remain beautiful with long hair and skinny body types but are busy with doing their job.

There are different sets: Barbie as a Gymnastic Coach with a little doll that can be clipped on the pull-up bar; Barbie as a Dentist with a small patient; Barbie as a Doctor at the hospital; or even Barie as a Firefighter or Beekeeper. All these sets include the equipment for performing the jobs as well.

Girls will explore various fields of professions. And as we know, role-playing always helps to socialize.

Doll Accessories

What if your little girl already has her favorite doll, and you do not want to break her heart by replacing the toy? The decision is to make playing with her favorite doll even more exciting. Think about doll accessories.

They allow your child to vary their playtime and develop their creativity. These accessories will make the doll alive. Come along, and you will find what your girl’s playroom lacks.

Have a look at this Little World set. There are so many items and designs of these tiny pieces of furniture for dolls.

The set includes a bed with a pillow and mattress, a chest of drawers with a chair, a wardrobe with hangers. All these give a variety and space for kids’ creativity where and what to play with the doll.

How about baby dolls? Girls adore taking care of baby dolls. Gift them this amazing changing station.

Role-playing of mother or nurse will develop nurturing skills in your daughter. The changing station has an elegant design. It is also furnished with a sink and a high chair.

So, your girl can feed and put the baby doll to bed right after a lot of playing together.

And now look at this! It is an incredible eat table chair for the baby doll. It can be easily attached to any table.

Your girl will have so much fun having a meal with her baby doll at the same table. If her favorite toy is a stuffed animal, this accessory will fit it too. She will even have a bigger appetite.

Toymail for Both Girls and Boys

Have you ever seen such a cool device?! It is a cute soft, talkie creature. Your kid will be so excited to play with this magic of sending and receiving voice records.

And distance is not an obstacle for their new little talkie. Kids can communicate with their grandparents, who live miles away, or with their friends, who live downstairs.

It is so easy to use. All you need is to set-up your kid’s talkie by using the Toymail application on your smartphone.

Create contacts that your kids can send and receive records from. And that is it. Go ahead and start communication.

It is so convenient when you allow your little one to stay at their friends’ place, but you still can be aware of what is going on there.

Kids get hot to use it very quickly either: press the contact button, choose the recipient, record, and send. Very easy!

It remains to choose the design and color of the Toymail and impress your kid.

Kids grow up so fast. And we know how important it is for you to make your cute kids full of happiness from the very first day. Hopefully, this gift guide gave you new cool ideas about how to encourage children to play and learn at the same time.

These neat collections of amazing dolls and accessories for girls and fast cars and trucks for boys will bring joy and 100% of happiness to your cozy home.

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