15 Non Toy Gift Ideas for Making Memories

This collection of non toy gift ideas is a real finding for a bit grown-up kids who will understand the value of non-toy gifts. They are focused on creating life-time memories for your kiddos.

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Making Memories

It is so essential to make their childhood full of happiness and pleasant memories. Not only children will be amused, but you as well. Parents are happy when their kids are happy, aren’t they?

We bet that when your little one is not already little, but a grown-up son or daughter, they will have some vague memories of toys they played with in their deep childhood. And if you start your story with the words “When you were a little kid, you had your first fishing with your Dad. Do you remember?” – they will definitely remember it.

15 Non Toy Gift Ideas for Making Memories

Their first times of watching “Alone Home” for Christmas, falling down at the skating rink, being so high in the mountains, or dancing their way through Ed Sheeran, is something that will stay with them forever. And actually, it is what a spirit of gifts means. It is all about excitement, happiness, and memories that provoke a smile.

1. Coupons

Your little one will shout with joy when they see what is inside of their gift box. Having a coupon in their hands means having a choice and control in their hands.

What can be even more delightful?! Being in charge of what is going on is such a rare case for kids.

Here is the list of fabulous coupons that you can get for your kid.

  • A one-for-one outing. Give your child an opportunity to choose a place that they would like to visit. It can be going ice skating, bowling, dancing, drawing, or a visit to the zoo, theatre, cinema, or park.
  • Coupon booklet with their own choices. Give them a pile of fun choices that you usually do not allow them to do. For example, let them choose a film to watch together or a meal for today’s supper. To make it even more exciting, create an additional “treat” section and crude there some “forbidden” activities, like staying up 1 hour past bedtime, having cake after supper or breakfast, or asking parents to do one of the kids’ chores instead of them.
  • Spending time together. First, give them a choice of activity. It can be “fishing with Dad,” or “cooking sweets with Mama,” or “knitting lesson with Granny.” Pick a suitable time to get the necessary supply for the activity and devote 100% of your time to your little one and implement their small dream. Parents do not spend much time with their kids with today’s pace of life. Kids feel a lack of attention. And if you consider this memorable gift for your tot, they will be super excited.

If you do not have time to create coupons, you can find already made cute ones. They have different designs, for example, birthday or Christmas designs. As a rule, they already have some unusual ideas but also include empty templates so that you can insert your own cool ideas.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are an unusual gift. Beautifully designed invitation cards for an event is so much fun. Your little one will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Invitation to the child’s favorite restaurant. Food is always a great idea. Be it McDonald’s or a cozy family cafe. It does not matter. Having a great time altogether – that is what matters the most. Do not forget to include this idea in your coupon for a one-on-one outing.
  • Frozen yogurt or ice cream eatery. Organize a masterclass of cooking. This ups joy and excitement even more. What can be better rather than to make yogurt or ice cream with your own hands? And then eat your delicious masterpieces with pleasure.
  • Art center. For example, to point their own pottery. It is a double win-win. Why? Probably, you know the answer. First of all, all kids are mess lovers. Let them enjoy it but outside your house. Second of all, it develops fine motor skills and imagination. Kids love it as this activity is something between grown-up and childish stuff.

3. Adventures

If you run out of ideas on how to impress your hyperactive child, here is the clue – a gift-emotion. This collection is perfect for older teens, and those who are already are already grown-up for kid-stuff.

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Making Memories

So, check this list. You will definitely find the best activity for your kid that can possibly turn into their life-time passion or a great hobby. Your gift can turn their life upside-down.

  • Helicopter ride or hot air balloon ride. No doubts, it is a super-super-super exciting gift. Probably, you have not tried it yet either. Then, why not implement your dream also and have fun all together?
  • Horse ride. If your kiddo is an animal lover, a horse ride gift is a big hit. They will surely like it, and you will come back over and over again. Another option is a horse-drawn carriage ride. It will carry them 300 years in the past. It would be great if you prepare some interesting historical facts or legends from the Middle Ages.
  • Rock climbing. That will be a cool adventure for your kids. If they like it (and they will definitely like it!), rock climbing can become their hobby. It trains their stamina and physical strength. It can even arouse passion for the sport. It would be amazing as sport equals health. Think about it.
  • Race car driving. Kids adore feeling the power in their hands. Let them do it through the game of race car driving. 
  • Water rafting. This activity will bring a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Kids will release all their energy and will have so much fun. If you tried it once by yourself, you know that it can be hard for the first time, but in 10-15 minutes, your boat takes the right direction, and everyone works as a team.

4. Tickets or One-time passes

Book tickets or purchase one-time passes, and you will hear “that was awesome” millions of times afterward.

  • Concert tickets. Alive music arouses a lot of pleasant emotions and excitement. Make sure that it is their favorite type of music or singer.
  • Tickets to see their favorite sportsman. If your son adores playing and watching football, why not buy tickets to see their football player. Or if your daughter is obsessed with ballet, it will be an amazing surprise for her to see or even talk to her favorite star.
  • Dinner at medieval times. If your kid loves history or adores adventure films about knights, you should stop here. It will be an awesome pastime and a pile of impressions.
  • Circus tickets. Every child dreams about visiting a circus. And every child believes in magic. So, let them see this magic in their own eyes.
  • Carnaval tickets. Let them see the “open-air” theatre and enjoy the smiling faces, laugh, and sparkling costumes.
  • Yoga class. Yoga has a lot of advantages for kids. It will be a great introduction to the sport for your kid. It will train their stamina and release stress. You can purchase two yoga classes – one for your kid and another one – for yourself. After classes, you will have so much fun sharing your impressions.
  • Spa day. Oh, your princess will be so-so excited. Sitting in a spa chair with a face mask feels soooo good. Gift this amazing day to your daughter, and you will win the-best-parent-ever award.
  •  Tickets to Disneyland. Show them wonders they have seen only on TV before.

5. Memberships

If you already know kid’s major passion, you should think about a yearly membership to their favorite place. Grandparents will love such a gift either. They will be so eager to hang with their grandchildren and have so much fun at the same time.

When kids grow up, they lose interest simply to stay at granny’s place. They need to be involved in activities. Otherwise, they will be bored and will not want to visit their grandparents often.

A yearly membership will come to the rescue. It is a reusable gift. Literally! You purchase it once and use it over and over again for the whole year. A very beneficial deal isn’t it?!

In the list below, there is an amazing collection of membership ideas. Just choose the one that is popular in your area.

  • Aquarium
  • Park
  • Zoo
  • Amusement park
  • Children’s museums
  • Dolphinarium

6. Family Trips

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Making Memories

It is probably the best present. Sometimes, it is so hard to find time to get away from work, household duties, and daily routine. However, the good news is that people started to value pastime together with their families more and more.

They organize long trips on their vacations or holidays or even smaller overnight adventures out of town. Such a non-material gift would be perfect for older kids who value a warm getaway in the middle of cold winter.

Lasting memories are promised. We gathered a collection of cool options where to go if you run out of ideas:

  • Camping in the mountains or on the beach
  • Overnight at the hotel with the pool
  • Trip to Disney World or any other Theme Park that you can visit.

In the collection below, you will find something very memorable and very cute. This is a collection of sentimental keepsakes.

7. Keepsake box.

There are so many cute designs of keepsake boxes. They are in different colors and materials. Wooden ones are really cool and will “live” forever.

Give your little one their special one where they can keep all valuable trifles like their first tooth, hospital bracelet, family photos, or kid’s photos with small stories written on their reverse side, important tickets, cassettes, and disks.

 It would be great if you save some important things for your kid and put them in the box when you gift it. Your child will be so excited.


8. Christmas Tree Ornaments.

That would be a great tradition to gift your child a new ornament to hang on the Christmas Tree every year. Put in some special meaning in each tree ornament. For instance, it symbolizes the year or kid’s age.

If you like doing crafts with your hands, you can make a gift by yourself. It will be so special and much more valuable.

Perhaps, it can be an ornament with fairy Bloom as a keepsake for your family trip to Disney World; or a car ornament for their first drive, or an aircraft for their first trip somewhere, or a truck that signifies a child’s favorite toy. We are sure that you have plenty of cool events and adventures in your life that can serve you as awesome ideas.

9. Jewelry

Your kids will never forget such a gift. Of course, it will be a cute one for teens already. They will value it and wear jewelry.

Special pieces like a beautiful locket with a hidden photo inside, or a charming personalized bracelet, or a cute personalized pendant will be a great start for having jewelry and will be so meaningful and unique. An exquisite jewelry box will complete your perfect gift. 


10. Hand-Knitted piece of clothing (sweater, socks, scarf, or blanket)

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Making Memories

Especially if it is for Christmas, especially if it is made by your own hands! Wow, that is going to be such a memorable gift.

Hand-knitted things are always made with plenty of love and warmth. These cherished pieces will definitely be added to your family history.

So, if your hobby is knitting, do not hesitate to put your skills to good use and make something unique and special. When it is so cold outside, it is so pleasant to wear a warm sweater or get under the soft blanket that is made by mama or granny.

Whether your kid wears the scarf/sweater or not, they will adore the love and care that you put into it. That is all that matters.

11. A special thing to pass down

It can be your heirloom or any other valuable for your family thing. It can be a piece of jewelry from Grandma, or war medals from Grandpa, or the family memory book with old photos of your great grandparents.

When you wrap the gift, it would be great if you add a note with a description of its value or a “family legend.” And when you present the gift, it would also be cool if you tell your kid a long story of your family background.

12. A quilt

Your kid will keep this gift forever. Use your kid’s favorite T-shirts or pajamas that they do not wear any more to turn them into a quilted blanket. It is a great way to reuse old things and preserve cherished memories at the same time. It is an absolute treasure both for you and your kids.

13. A bike

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Making Memories

Every kid dreams about having a bike. Your child will have so much fun to have their own vehicle. Now they can cycle with their friends. And you can ride a bike together with your son or daughter when you are back from work or on the weekends.

You can have so many adventures. What about having a picnic outside the city, or to go fishing, or to bicycle to a historical place somewhere on the outskirts of the town? Such moments are precious and will stay in your child’s memory forever. https://www.amazon.com/Royalbaby-RB12B-6B-Freestyle-training-children/dp/B005LAZDMY/ref

14. A sleeping bag

Every child is absolutely fond of having a sleeping bag. There are so many occasions to use it. If you adore active rest like hiking or mountain climbing, camping, and overnighting under the open sky, a sleeping bag is one of the most necessary and crucial things.

You will see how much fun kids will have to hide there or make a shack to play in there. A sleeping bag is 100% one of the most awesome top gifts for kids.


15. A telescope, microscope, and binoculars

If your little one is so fond of detailed discovering the world, why not make this process much more interesting and with cool equipment. Collect a set of a telescope, microscope, and binoculars so that the kid can enjoy not only watching backyard birds or examining stars and planets but also play their favorite imaginary spy game.

And how cool it is to have a real microscope to be a real scientist?! – Yeah! Kids will love it. These things are really worth buying.




Have you found the perfect gift idea for your kid? We hope you have. All those ideas are great for kids of different age ranges.

In fact, the gift does not matter much. How much love and care you put into this gift – that is what matters the most. One way or another, a very important thing is spending time together as much as possible, because precious memories and smiling faces on photos will stay with you forever. So, good luck and have a great time together.

15 Non Toy Gift Ideas for Making Memories

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