What Are The Best Backpacks For School?

The time of cute trifles and backpacks with heroes and princesses is over. Being a teenager is a huge step ahead. They have different tastes and needs now.

They do not like cute pink lunch boxes with barbies or water bottles with Spiderman. Now your kids need stylish and popular items.

Speaking about a backpack, it still remains one of the most important things to purchase for school. It must be sturdy and with a bigger compartment as teens have a lot of stuff to carry.

What Are The Best Backpacks For School?

To tell the truth, it must be durable because you purchase it not for just one year of school. Children will not be out-growing their backpacks too fast. That is why it is important to get a high-quality and well-constructed one that will serve you for a really long time.

Best Backpacks For School:

So, here you go! We are glad to roll out a great collection of the hottest backpacks for schoolers. From now on, getting back-to-school supplies is a total breeze.


Even if your schooler is independent enough, they are still children inside. And sometimes they still need all those amazing colorful stuff to express their inner world, their personality, or their interests. If your child is that kind of, consider one of these super cool backpacks.

Sequin Backpack

Add a little bit of magic to your child’s tail school life with this amazing sequin backpack. When you swipe its surface, the shimmering sequins beautifully change the color.

Kids love this really a lot. Everyone in the class will definitely check it out and touch it at least once.

Children like playing with it, especially while waiting for the school bus. They like drawing hearts or an aircraft with a light swipe of their hand. We bet you will enjoy doing it either.

Well, enough about its enchantment. Have a look inside. The backpack is really roomy though it looks pretty small.

There is one big main compartment for books, notebooks, and even a comfortable laptop sleeve for the device. The straps are easily adjustable to your child’s size. They are padded and broad enough for easy carrying.

The choice of squid backpack colors is huge. There are different designs, even with some prints on the bag, like a unicorn for cute girls or a tiger for bold boys.


Spiketus Rex Backpacks

If you are ready for an extraordinary decision, then here you go!

The whole secret of this backpack’s popularity is hidden in its cool design of colorful spikes (well, not that hidden). Let’s have a look at some features of the rucksack in more detail.

Like every backpack, it has a big main pocket for all school stuff. The straps are padded. And there is one more strap at the front for comfort. There are also two side pockets for some trifles that must be at easy reach.

Dear mamas, there is one little nuance. The backpack is spot clean only, but it can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe (it is a big plus).

So, you need to be careful with it. Despite this little feature, the rucksack looks really cool. Your child will love it.


Minecraft Kids Backpack

If your boy is obsessed with Minecraft, this backpack will simply drive him crazy. The whole backpack is designed in Minecraft green style.

It is perfect for carrying school supplies, Minecraft toys, laptops. Your kid can also pack their stuff in there for camping or traveling.

This backpack is so roomy. Just have a look. It has a huge main compartment with a pocket for a laptop.

The next compartment is also capacious and includes four different smaller pockets to organize the items there. Kids completely adore putting each item neatly in a separate pocket. Seriously! This green bag will make many other backpacks step aside. 


Jansport Big Student Backpack

If this backpack is meant to be yours, you are a lucky one. Every JanSport backpack has a lifetime warranty. Woohoo! Knowing that in case something has been broken, it will be fixed or replaced by the company sounds really cool and respectful, doesn’t it?

These backpacks are known for their reliability. They are made from durable, high-quality fabric.

Have a look at the general design of at least one of them. You will see how stylish these bags look with all those zippers and straps.

The comfort of using this backpack is also guaranteed. The back panel is padded. And it has a web haul handle.

Surely, it has a roomy compartment or even two of them; side bottle pockets; and a special compartment for a laptop.

Once you try it, you will never want to replace it. It is capacious, comfortable to wear, stylish, and with a warranty. To be brief, it performs all backpack functions perfectly and even more.


Emoji Backpack

It is not a secret that we are all absorbed with social media. This emoji backpack is adorable by kids and looks quite stylish for nowadays life. There are different designs of such backpacks, and here we got one of the most popular.

This emoji backpack comes with a removable sequin lunchbox. The last is also in the shape of a smiley. A beautiful set isn’t it?!

Again, the backpack has enough space for all school items. It has a larger compartment for books and a smaller one for other trifles like wet wipes and earphones. Both of them are zippered. And there are side bottle pockets as well.

In general, the backpack is comfortable in use. Your kids will use it not only for school but for trips either.

No way to leave such a comfortable and stylish backpack at home while you are traveling! It will become their take-everywhere main item.


Cats Grade School Backpack

Cat lover? Then, please, choose this one. If your kid is obsessed with cats and plays with them all day long, then they will scream with excitement when they see this so-so cute cat backpack.

The colors and their mix looks absolutely amazing. Just take a peek at it, and you will understand everything without words.

The backpack is for elementary and middle school kids. It is very comfortable to wear as it has adjustable straps and a chest strap. The backpack itself has a capacious central compartment and side pockets.

If you take a look inside, you will see a small zippered pocket for trifles that are easy to lose. This feature is really helpful.

This backpack is durable. You can wash it multiple times in a washing machine, and it will not lose its form and colors.

It is cool indeed. And it fits 6-11-year old kids the best. Make your little one’s first days at school much more exciting with this wonderful backpack.


State Kane Backpack

Once you have one of these Kane bags, you will have a crush on it. If previous backpacks are roomy, then Kane bags are super roomy.

Most of them have seven pockets! Wow, it impresses. Kane Backpacks are really functional.

And even that feature is not the best part of Kane bags. The huge bonus is a lot of supplies for school that comes with the backpack together. It is a worth thing to purchase.



The next section refers to a chic, stylish backpack that will complete any look of your young fashionista. This collection of backpacks is for those who like to wear sober colors but at the same time be elegant in dress. The backpacks below with their muted cream, black, and white shades will be a perfect choice.

Herschel Pop Quiz

If you are looking for a pure but stylish classic, here it is. There are different colors and some sober prints in this collection.

Every member of your family will find a cool one for themselves, not just kids. When you explore this wide range of choices, you will definitely draw a bead on one of their backpacks.

Their designs are modern, classic, and versatile so that you can use them for school, weekend trips, or even for business. There is plenty of space inside to put everything you need, starting from a simple passport and ending with heavy books.

Comfortable carrying is guaranteed either. Padded shoulder straps, breathable air back padding, comfortable size, all these features make Herschel Pop Quiz backpacks super convenient.

You purchase it once and use it for years. Classic is never getting old. So, let one of these marvelous backpacks become a timeless addition to your wardrobe.


Adidas Originals Unisex Backpack.

If your teen is obsessed with this worldwide brand, then having their backpack for school will be something incredibly exciting for them. Their backpacks are also beautiful classics but with modern features that other classic backpacks lack.

First of all, it has a special separate tablet sleeve. Second of all, they have a beautiful Adidas branding at the front. And third of all, it is made from water-resistant fabric.

Believe us or not, but this backpack will serve your kids at school, and when they are in college, and even when it is long ago after graduation. All you need is to choose the color, and the best-parent-ever award is yours.


Herschel Backpacks

Herschel backpacks are quite popular nowadays. Hardly surprising as this brand gained popularity due to the quality of their backpacks. They have a “clean” style and are made of strong material.

Speaking about school backpacks, in particular, they are durable for everyday usage and are able to withstand the weight of books + a laptop (another question is if your kid can carry that much weight either).

If you have a look at the backpack’s construction, you will see that everything is thought out: the roomy main compartment, additional front zippered fleece pocket with internal organizers for glasses and accessories, waterproof zipper details.

The features are really cool, aren’t they? And the colors are so tender. You should definitely take a peep at the Herschel collection.


Flower Backpack

This flower school portable backpack will be a perfect addition to any outfit of your young fashionista. And mama, we bet that you will borrow it from your daughter to go for a walk. The backpack is great for casual life and looks elegant at the same time.

Let us have a detailed look at its multifunctionality. The large main bag is perfect for school supplies.

As in all modern backpacks, a laptop also has a separate place – a computer pocket with an elastic belt for double-protection. Then there are two side pockets and a middle-sized front one.

You see, everything is created for your comfort. Take to school, on the road, or for a walk.

This one is super convenient for any actions you take, starting from going to the grocery’s and ending with packing for a long trip. This backpack is a lucky find!


Under Armour Backpack

If your teen prefers an “elegant” sport style, then do not go any further. Choose a blue one for boys or a pink one for girls.

The construction of the backpack impresses indeed. It is quite capacious inside but looks so small from outside. Due to the padded back panel and adjustable straps, the backpack seems to be quite light even if you carry a lot of stuff.

Except for a big main compartment, the backpack includes a lot of interior organizational pockets to get your stuff organized. Kids adore sorting their items in the backpack even if they are not that “neat” in their room. Yeah, it is true!

Also, there are two side water bottle pockets so that the child does not forget to keep their water balance. Our favorite part is the reflective tap that increases visibility in the dark.

In fact, this backpack will fit any occasion, be it school or camping, shopping or traveling. Do not be afraid to pack it to the fullest as it is made from durable material. This fabric is also waterproof.

So, do not worry about the stuff inside of the backpack in the rainy weather. It is in a completely safe place.



Waterproof Davis Daypack

You will never go wrong if you stop on one of Davis Daypacks. It is perfect for middle and high school. And when college comes, it will still be in perfect conditions for daily use.

Davis Daypacks are built to last a lifetime! Each detail is sewn firmly. That is why if your fidget is super active and has adventures all the time, Davis Daypack is a perfect “companion” for them.

Their packs are quite large inside with a separate compartment for a tablet or a large school laptop. They feature front exterior and interior zipper pockets for quick access to necessary things like keys or a phone. 

Surely, the backpack is super comfortable to wear due to adjustable shoulder straps and the padded backside. In fact, it is one of the most important things because kids’ organisms and their back, in particular, are still forming. So, if you pay the most attention to a high-quality backpack for your teen, you are doing a completely right thing.

The backpack surely leaves an impact on the child’s health. And you, as a parent, can make positive adjustments by purchasing an appropriate school bag.


Under Armour Storm Hustle

We did not resist adding one more Under Armour backpack to this section either. And how could we?! It is 100% worth to be considered as a perfect backpack for your schooler.

Its exquisite and fully thought out features make Under Armour Storm Hustle one of the safest and most comfortable backpacks ever.

It is perfectly designed for daily school life or summer holiday adventures. Its material is waterproof; its bottom is resistant and tough. Everything is made to keep your stuff safe.

And there are several exterior pockets to keep things organized as well. A small plus as it may teach your child to keep everything in order.


Adidas Excel Backpack

If you wear a backpack literally everywhere, then you need a stunning one that will fit any occasion. Choose this Adidas Excel. We are going to explain why.

It is designed for people who always need to make different stuff. That is why this backpack is the most capacious one on this list.

It has multiple pockets of different sizes. There are 27 pockets in one backpack. Can you imagine it?

It holds two laptops at a time, and still, there is plenty of free space left. And a lot of zippered pockets serve as awesome organizers.

So, if you need something, you know where to find it immediately. In one word, it will become the most convenient, durable backpack in your life.


This guide is made to make parents’ lives a little bit easier. You are probably busy shopping and thinking about what else is needed.

Well, now at least the choice of the main school item – of a backpack – is narrowed down. And it is a choice that you will never regret about.

Bookmark this amazing collection for the annual back to school supply chore.

Be prepared, be smart, be cool, be inspired, and never be without your favorite backpack!

What Are The Best Backpacks For School?

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