10 Tips to Raising Smart Kids: How Parents Can Impact Their Intelligence

There is a myth that some children are born with a high level of intelligence and some, well, are not, and parents cannot change it or influence it somehow. In fact, scientists proved that it is 50/50. Indeed, intelligence depends on nature but only partly as parents also impact how intelligent their kids are.

10 Tips to Raising Smart Kids: How Parents Can Impact Their Intelligence

Yep, intelligence can be grown in your kids. However, it does not mean that you should overwhelm your tot with math drills or language classes before they are out of diapers. You’d better focus on what can develop their intellect and mind naturally.

The child’s brain grows with experience and the exercises it receives, but not automatically with age. That is why a wide range of activities may accelerate brain development.

10 Tips to Raising Smart Kids: How Parents Can Impact Their Intelligence

Kids’ intellect has a dynamic way of development. It does not remain still for a long time. It is either improving or vice versa – degenerating. Hence, it is significant to train and involve children’s abilities and talents as often as possible.

The experience from early years determines what kind of person your child will be in the future – how they get along with peers, how they behave themselves at school and in public, how they control their emotions, and even what kind of parents they are going to be.

As you see, how you help your kiddo progress intellectually shapes their adulthood.

And we are here to help you out. This article is dedicated to raising smart, amazing kids. If holidays are coming and you are still wondering about the gift for your child that will keep them engaged, learning, and playing, do not go any further. You are just at the right place.


This is a collection of fabulous toys that can be used multiple times in different ways. These activities allow kids to express their imagination and creativity; give rise to their “stream” and intelligence. 

So, let’s get started!

1. Adventure Mars Mission Rocket Kids Play Set

Your young engineers will scream with excitement when they discover what is hidden in the gift box. They are going to have a lot of fun building this giant Mars rocket that is around 2.5 feet tall.

This fantastic playset includes over 250 pieces to construct the rocket. Different schemes, gradual levels, a large scale, all that give your kiddo unlimited space for creativity and playful exploration.

This activity perfectly develops fine motor skills and problem-solving. Every next step requires thinking and building logical chains.

The set comes with two astronauts that have replaceable expressions to create fun and original stories. It is an excellent plus because storytelling intensifies creativity a lot. 

The rocket playset is recommended for children of the 7-11 age range. Kids will be involved in building both independently or together with other children.

Mostly, kids build the rocket through trials and errors. But the set also comes with step-by-step color instruction. And once the item is constructed, there are so many other ways to play with the rocket itself.

Adventure Mars Mission Rocket Kids Play Set

Anyways, it is going to be a great assembly experience. And when you need to occupy your kiddo with something, you will discover how engaging this activity can be. A long-term play is promised!

2. Bath Blocks

Bath play sets allow kids to have so much fun, build waterfalls, ball runs, mazes, and many other entertaining things.

Sometimes the simplest toys are the most educational because they have the largest space for encouraging young minds to create, think, and explore new logical chains. The possibilities are open-ended indeed.

Bath blocks bring a lot of joy to a simple building. A watery environment plus bathtubs equal fascinating play, building water towers, bridges, boats, or even floating airports.

So many incredible possibilities! Just have a look at this amazing water castle. The set consists of 20 adorable floating foam pieces that easily stack on the base or stick to tiles.

This set is designed for toddlers, but as recent experience shows, older kids are fond of playing with the water castle as well.

And so many skills are involved. Placing one block on the top of the other to see how high the tower can be before it splashes into the water is a great activity to practice the balancing act.

Kids stick, stack, or float the pieces accurately with their fingers that develop their motor skills. And, of course, imagination development is not left behind either.

So, if your child adores having a bath, you will never go wrong with water playsets.


3. Sensory Toy Set

You have probably heard about the advantages of sensory toy sets. If you have not, you should try it. And you will see that the benefits are numerous.

Such activities develop fine motor skills, nerve connections in the brain and have a tremendous appraising effect. If you need at least several hours of peace and quiet, a sensory toy set will be a perfect activity for your fidget.

Each package includes many activity items such as a magic rainbow cube, fluffy slime, sensory bottles, liquid motion, small balls, and some other exciting things to play with. Your child will be fully involved in making playdough creatures or rainclouds, playing with balls or cubes while you can go and do your business, being sure that your kiddo is spending time with benefit for their development.

Most of these items are designed to relieve anxiety and encourage better focus. Kids become more attentive and calm.

You will love the variety. You can easily switch the items down and let your kiddos choose new ones from the box to play. And their size will perfectly fit kids’ small hands.

Sensory toys can be used during classes. That is why if you often receive a complaint that your child is inattentive or a bit anxious while learning, the package with sensory toys is an incredible way out.

Sensory Toy Set

The toys are of pretty good quality and are not that pricey. Check it out!


4. Play Foam Letters

If your child has just started to learn letters, do not go any further. Your kiddos will quickly learn letters with this squashy set. Seriously, teaching letters from A to Z has never been that fun and easy.

Here is how it works. The set includes 13 double-side alphabet cards. Preschoolers see how the letter looks like and shape the play foam into this letter. In such a way, kids learn the proper letter formatting.

And our favorite part is that the foam never dries out. Create over and over again, and have endless sculpting and learning.

The play foam does not stick to clothing, furniture, or car seats; it does not leave stains so that you can play with it anywhere and anytime.

Worried that your kiddo can get bored? In fact, you can use play foam for multiple activities. Create balls, towers, bridges, shelters, and whatever you want and play with your creation like with a toy.

Playfoam letter practice is widely used in lessons. But there are no boundaries at all. So, you can keep your child involved, entertained, and learning outside the classroom. 

The play foam is colorful and bright. It is perfect for developing fine motor skills and spark creativity. We bet that once you get it for your kiddo, you will often join their play either. The play foam is engaging indeed.



5. Kitchen Science Lab

If you are looking for one package that you can use for many activities, check this out! Let your kiddo be a young scientist and transform your kitchen into a laboratory with a kitchen science lab. (We promise there will not be a lot of mess, and it will be easy to clean!)

You will find all the necessary equipment for the experiments in this kit. Just add some household ingredients and let the magic begin.

The set includes 25 items starting from a balloon and ending with a real kitchen sink. The kit comes with the activity book that explains what kind of science is hidden behind the joy of experiments. There are 40 science experiments for unlimited fun and learning.

Your child will learn a lot of scientific principles and complete a wide range of science projects. Like you will discover how to make the glow in the darkness, or a marble paper, or a walking rainbow.

If you experiment in the workstation, it will contain all the mess. It is super fast and easy to clean when you are done with your science lesson.

The kitchen science lab is designed for the 8+ age range. It is excellent for family plays, birthday, or sleepover parties. In short, these activities will fit any event.


6. Keva Contraptions

This set is a huge bunch of wooden planks that may seem quite simple among the wide range of modern, bright toys and activities. But it is not all that simple as it sounds.

Keva Contraptions

Keva contraptions will become your favorite way to entertain all your children. In fact, it is not just for fun. This is a toy that teaches.

There are 200 identical planks to be used for creating engineering marvels. There is no limit for imagination. Build towers and castles, paths, scaffoldings, or ramps, and so much more.

This activity will teach simple physics, develop logic and problem-solving. Who knows, maybe you are raising an architect-to-be or a future engineer. And these simple wooden planks will open their hidden potential.

All you need is to stack the planks. They are smooth with no connectors so that you can create countless combinations. The set includes two balls. So just build a labyrinth for the ball and get it rolling.

And if you do not know where to start, the kit comes with the idea book that contains project pictures and instructions.

So, go ahead and try out this fantastic activity altogether. 


7. Magnetic Puzzle Cube Set

These cute magnetic puzzle cubes are so adorable by the whole family (not only your kids!). SO MUCH FUN indeed! That is why if you are looking for a great screen-free solution, you should definitely try it.

This engaging activity will distract kids from gadget screens and replace digital games, TVs, smartphones, or tablets.

Start from basic constructions and level up to create really complicated designs.

This set of puzzles differs from the usual one with built-in magnets that prevent your creation from falling apart. Cubes are magnetized and comfortably connect to each other.

And be sure about the safety and quality of this set. It is BPA-free and is made with non-toxic materials.

The size of the cubes is perfect and makes them maximum portable on the go. That is why it will always be your child’s travel companion.

Experience shows that fun learning is the most productive learning. And here is what children benefit from this magnetic puzzle set.

They obtain a sense of colors, numbers, geometrical shapes, and 3D forms. And creativity is developing all the way through.

 Magnetic Puzzle Cube Set

Nowadays, imagination and critical thinking is the primary key to future success. And you have all possibilities to give your child a strong head start.

This set is designed for any age range or gender, from toddlers to creative adults. Puzzles will never go out of style. And magnetic puzzles will become more and more popular. You will never regret your choice.


8. Mini Magnetic Building Blocks

Yes, precisely! MINI magnetic building blocks. If you tried a magnetic puzzle cube set, you should already know the advantages of such activities. And here is a smaller version you will be totally obsessed with.

The set contains 60 mini pieces. Use them to build a long maze and let a little ball get through it.

It is more difficult to create labyrinths with large regular tiles. But it will work with mini blocks perfectly as they do not fall down that easily.

This set is really fantastic. So portable and colorful! Just through them in a small pencil pouch and take them with you wherever you go, whether it is to the doctor’s office, restaurant, or on the road.


9. Kwik Stix Paint Set

Are you tired of cleaning up the mess after every paint lesson? All those messy brushes and spilled paint that is running all over. From now on, wave goodbye to this disaster.

If you are looking for something special and new that the kids would love to use, the Kwik Stix paint set is a fabulous solution. With this amazing set, you do not need brushes and water. All you need to do is to twist and start painting.

It will work on different surfaces like paper, cardboard, or even wood. The best part is you need to wait only 90 seconds for the paint to be totally dry.

Finally, you ALL will love the art lessons, not just kids. Dear mamas, this paint is mess-free indeed. There is nothing to wash as you can easily wipe off the surface, and it is completely clean.

Try out this set, and your whole life will be changed!


10. Bath Sprudels for Kids

If your kids LOOOOVE having a bath, such bath bombs will turn out regular bathing into learning and joy at the same time.

Here are several reasons why there is no doubt these bombs will become your favorite.

First of all, they are made with non-toxic materials, no fumes or chemicals. As they are made with food-grade ingredients, these bombs are 100% safe for your kid.

Bath Sprudels for Kids

By the way, they have no fragrance. And also, they do not leave stains.  Second of all, they are not pricey.

Anyone can afford it and bring so much fun for their kiddo. And third of all, each bath bomb contains a cute surprise inside – a sponge toy. You will see how exciting your kiddo will be when they find out about it.

Usually, the set includes six bath bombs of different colors. And mystery sponge characters and colorful as well. If you use one bomb at a time, you will have six separate baths.

Such a fantastic kit will become a great start for learning colors — so easy and so much fun. You can also discover color mixing by putting two different bath sprudels in the bath simultaneously.

Kids will get obsessed with how these big bombs fizz and become so small. And then BOOM! A little toy appears. The view is fantastic.


So, these were ten cool ways to raise strong, unique, smart kids. Yeah! You CAN influence the growth of your child’s intelligence. And you have just read ten best pointers to begin with.

Parenting is always a great responsibility for a child’s future. And our main goal is to show you how you can raise a champion kid step by step, day by day. And this collection of toys and activities is designed exactly for this purpose.

You just need to know that being smart is not always about having dozens of expensive coaching classes from early childhood. It is all about what you do to focus on the behavior to develop their mind and intelligence.

Remember that forced learning will not do any good. Entertainment and fun should always accompany discovering the world.

10 Tips to Raising Smart Kids: How Parents Can Impact Their Intelligence

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