Preschool Supplies List: Must-Have Items

Getting ready for school is such a thrilling period. It is going to be a new experience for both you and your preschooler. And when you see a little kid carrying that heavy backpack that nearly drags the child down, the only thing you want is to throw that rucksack away.

That is why before you purchase must-have items for preschoolers, pay great attention to the backpack in the first place. Make sure that it perfectly fits the child’s proportions.

FYI here are some tips on how to select the right size of a backpack for your little one.

Number 1: its bottom should sit not more than 4 inches below the child’s waistline. Number 2: the point where the bag and its straps cross must be 1-2 below the top of the child’s shoulders. Number 3: the perfect weight of the backpack is 10% of their own weight.

Preschool Supplies List: Must-Have Items

Preschool Supplies List:


  • Toddler Backpack

You will love this collection of modern backpacks for preschoolers. They have a perfect size that will perfectly fit little kids. Have a look at the design.

At first glance, they may seem simple, but in fact, it just has nothing odd. The colors of the print are bright. And there are not too-much prints here.

These are also convenient in use: one big zippered pocket, two side pockets, a good reinforced bottom, and even a chest strap that will make carrying the backpack so easy.

Dear mamas, if it needs to be washed, simply throw it in the washing machine. And do not be afraid that it will be spoilt because it won’t. It is made of high-quality materials.

  • Urban Toddler Packie Backpack

This one is sturdy but so lightweight! This modern backpack is made of laminated fabric.

If your child is super active, you will not have to bother yourself with washing it manually or in the washing machine every time. It is fast and easy to clean with a wet wipe.

The prints are marvelous and colorful. It also has a big interior pocket and side pockets. But its best part is the exterior art silo tube for carrying kid’s artwork.

Due to these awesome features, this backpack gained the name “Packie.”

  • Zoo Backpack

Oh, these zoo backpacks look so cute. Just have a look at their adorable animal designs. Your kiddo should just choose the one that makes their heart flutter.

The zoo backpack is not only extremely nice from the outside but also very convenient in usage. Its biggest pocket is quite capacious. And there is a front pouch to keep their lunch warm.

And of course, there are suitable side bottle pockets.

  • Mini Backpacks

If your kiddo has not a lot of stuff to carry, do not go any further. These mini backpacks are absolutely adorable, fun, and cute. They’re must-have items for preschoolers who need no more than a snack and changeable clothing.

They are also great and comfortable to wear as they have padded back panels and adjustable padded shoulder straps.

  • Bixbee Backpack

Bixbee backpacks look so original and creative that your child will definitely want one. Each bixbee backpack has a twist (yes, we mean it).

The backpacks have a horizontal design that gives children the possibility to reach supplies easily. It can be in the form of a butterfly for girls or a rocket for boys.

Like all backpacks from this list, the bixbee one is also popular for its quality and comfort in use. There are tons of pockets (kids adore sorting the stuff), easy-to-grab zipper pulls, and a reinforced base.

All these features will make the backpack kid’s favorite one.

  • Backpack with Cooler

At first sight, this backpack looks like a regular one for every schooler. It also has a big main compartment with a number of pockets. It also has a good padded breathable back panel and padded straps.

However, the front pocket is specially created for keeping snacks and lunches. It is cool indeed. Such a convenient thing.

You do not need to have a separate lunch bag anymore. So, if you are seeking a comfortable storage-for-everything galore, this backpack sounds like a great option. By the way, its design is so lovely either.


Now, when you have finally found a perfect backpack, the second important item is a lunch bag, right? There are so many great designs of lunch bags that we warn you it will not be an easy choice. We will show you some.

  • Doggie Lunch Bag

This doggie lunch bag will make many lunch bags step aside. First of all, it keeps the right temperature of the food until mealtime. Second of all, snacks and sandwiches are securely closed inside.

And third of all, it has a soft handle to attach it to a rucksack, stroller, or any other bag.

  • Lama Lunch Bag

It looks very cute, and it is quite roomy. This lunch bag will never let your snacks get spoilt. The central compartment has enough space not only for a lunch box but for juice and fruits either.

It is comfortable to take with you everywhere as it also has a handle to attach it to other bags.

  • Elephant Lunch Bag

The design of the elephant lunch bag impresses the most. Just have a look at this silvery color and a little pink elephant. And it has a cute peculiarity.

There is a tag near the pink elephant to write down the name of the bag owner. This lunch bag can be easily attached to a backpack and has a perfect size for a lunch box.

  • Epessa Kids Lunch Bag

From the outside, these bags look like regular simple ones. But when you have a look at how it is designed on the inside, you will be totally satisfied with your choice. There is a seamless liner inside that allows cleaning crumbs of food and juice spill so easily.

Hooray! Finally, you can forget about all those skinny seams that are impossible to get clean.


  • Beatrix Bento Lunch Box

You will definitely adore these cool lunch boxes of Beatrix. It is cool both from the outside and from the inside. It is made from free-from-chemicals materials that are totally biodegradable.

Now, have a look inside. These containers are super convenient. There are removable dividers that allow you to pack your snack as you want.

And its elastic strap keeps warm air for a long time. This lunch box has a perfect size to fit into any preschooler’s backpack and any lunch bag.

  • Yumbox Minisnacks

Once you discover these cute YumBox MiniSnacks, you will never want to replace them. They are designed for preschooler’s mid-morning snacks. Their best part is the leakproof seal that allows them to pack yogurt next to crackers.

  • Bento Lunch Box

We are so obsessed with these bento lunch boxes from Green Sprouts. Their size is perfect for preschooler’s mid-morning snacks or small lunches. The lid is tightly closed with the side latches that can be easily maneuvered by a 3-year-old kid.

There is a pleasant bonus inside – it is a fork and a spoon attached to the lid, and two layers so that kids can share their meal.

Also, the lunch box comes with a tray so that you can separate different snacks but in one container. This feature makes it convenient indeed.

And dear parents, it is made from durable and unbreakable material from safe plastic. It will serve you many years.

  • Skip Hop Food Jar

This one will impress you the most. Just look at this colorful design. There is a cool range of colors and depicted animals.

Just pick up your kid’s favorite one. And you will be totally obsessed with how it is comfortable to use. It comes with a so-called spork that is attached to the food jar with a special utensil holder.

It keeps food warm for a long time, up to 7 hours. Or it can also keep snacks cold for up to 5 hours either. From now on, there will be no troubles with how to pack, how to warm up, or how not to forget utensils.

You see, everything is gathered together here. You just need to put snacks inside, and that is it.

  • Silicone Cupcake Molds

If you have a lunch box with one compartment, silicone cupcake molds will come to the rescue. If your kid does not really like food touching, use these molds to create separate compartments.

  • Sandwich Pouch

Finally, there will be no more complaints about cleaning lunch bags if you have these cool silicone snack pouches. They are extremely easy to clean. Just put the pouch out of the baggy and quickly rinse or throw it into the dishwasher for a full sanitize.

And voila! It is ready for usage. Sandwich silicone pouches are of different sizes so that you can choose the best matching one.

And they can be easily closed or opened with little kids’ hands. You purchase it once, and it serves you for many years indeed. These pouches are quite durable.

Sandwich Pouch
  • Food Picks

Of course, you want your child to eat nourishing food. But sometimes nourishing is not equal to favorite. We know how to make things better.

Put any of these animal food picks into your kiddo’s plate with not-so-favorite food, and you will see that the meal will be eaten up. It really works.

Though you are an adult already, you will like these cute picks either. They are so colorful and in the form of different animals like a dog, giraffe, cat, monkey, bear, and many others. Your little will like it 100% and will beg you to collect the whole zoo.

  • Raspberries To-Go Snack Container

If your kid adores berries, then they need some separate space not to be mixed with sandwiches or get smashed at all. These small containers in the form of raspberry or blueberry are ideal for keeping berries as a quick nibble. The container has a disk at the bottom to protect squishy raspberries while on the go.

The box contains enough berries for an individual portion for your kid. If you choose a raspberry shaped container, you will never regret it: your kiddo will always have a healthy berry snack.

  • Kids Bamboo Utensil Set

Having their own set of utensils is always a great idea. Well, kids adore having something that is only theirs. This kids’ bamboo utensil set perfectly fits kids’ lunch boxes.

What’s included? The set includes a spoon, knife, and fork, which come with a recycled holder. Besides, it has a carabiner to attach to the lunch bag. Very convenient and cool indeed.

  • Reusable Cloth Napkins

Napkins will turn out to be one of the necessary things for little kids. Of course, it is not guaranteed that napkins will save their clothing from stains, but at least they will use it to wipe their sticky peanut butter fingers instead of doing it on their pants. The napkins are 100% cotton.

Simply throw them in the washing machine, and they are ready for usage again.×18/dp/B07PSGLCC4/ref

  • Vacu Vin Forks

Here is one more cool utensil set for your kiddo. They will simply go bananas over these cool “monster” forks. The set includes eight colorful kind monsters.

From now on, having a meal, even a not-so-favorite one, will turn into an interesting spectacle. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see no food left on the kid’s plate. And you will see that eating is not always a disaster, but food CAN be fun either.


  • Thermos Water Bottle

It is a win-win. They are so colorful with kids’ favorite cartoon heroes. The lid is so easy to manipulate.

Just push the button, and it is opened. There is also a soft silicone straw for comfortable drinking. And the bottle itself is comfortable to grip.

It is made from stainless steel, which is quite easy to clean. This thermos water bottle keeps the beverage cool for up to 10 hours. Very convenient, especially in hot seasons.

  • Juicy Drink Box

If your child is a juice lover and you are eco-friendly parents, the juicy drink box will be worth buying. Its modern design impresses. It is easy to open and close the silicone cover.

It also comes with a silicone straw for comfortable drinking. Its size is just perfect for any lunch bag or a picnic basket. A real must-have!

  • Cozy Can Water Bottle

We would like to bring to your attention a super cool modern, cozy can water bottle! Yeah! You will like it, and your kids will do even more.

Kids will be so excited to feel like grown-ups drinking from cans. It has a removable cap and a sippy straw for easy drinking. The can bottle keeps the beverage cold for up to 10 hours.

And the bottle designs impress as usual. Check it out!


You have probably faced this confusing situation about school-age kids: at least one child in the group has the same backpack, thermos water bottle, or lunch box as your kiddo has. That is why in order to avoid uncomfortable situations, personalize child’s goods with cute labels.

  • Orbit Labels

It is high time to say goodbye to all those permanent markers that rub off the bottle in a couple of days. These stretchy personalized bands make gripping a thermos, bottle, or food jar much easier.

Having a cute pink or blue lable with your child’s name will prevent you from a lot of troubles, starting from the confusion of whom a bottle belongs to and ending with split juice. Once you try it, you will regret not having it earlier.

  • Mabel’s Labels

Kids love these things very much. They will beg you to have not only for their backpack or lunchbox but for everything they have. These labels easily fit almost any zipper pull.

Just attach it to the child’s lunch bag, and it will never be confused with Peter’s one, who is going to have a sandwich with chicken today. What we love about Mabels’ collection of labels are their designs. The choice is really huge.

And here you are, at the end of this list. Did you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fun by reading the descriptions of all these childish things? We hope you did.

And probably you felt like you were a child either, right? Well, if your answer is yes, then no doubts that you will make the right choice because now you definitely know what your kiddo would like to have.

We are here to help you in making your littles a bit happier. And every item on the list will surely come in useful. Our goal is to collect only those that will make you ask this question: “Where was that when I was little.”

Well, now, take a moment of silence and realize that preparation for school is not a catastrophe anymore, but all about having fun and entertainment.

Preschool Supplies List: Must-Have Items

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